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I created a template for blogging out of one of my blog posts.

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Template for blogging

  1. 1. Blogging template I made this template out of one of my current blog posts as a guideline for thing to include in a blog post. Your results may vary! Looking back at the year we became Dell Data Protection This year, the acquisitions Dell made in backup and recovery IP (AppAssure, NetVault, LiteSpeed, Ocarina, and vRanger) came together into one data protection portfolio. Let me tell you, this has been one interesting ride. We’re talking the bringing together not only 5 products, but more importantly 3 companies (Dell, Quest, and AppAssure). No small task, especially when you layer being part the world’s biggest startup on top of that effort! But before we look forward to what’s in store for Dell Data Protection in 2014, it’s interesting to look back at what we did in 2013. We shared our news with you on the Quest Data protection community last year. That’s one change you’ll see soon – we’ll be blogging here in the Dell Tech Center, in a revamped Data Protection community. Here are the 10 most popular posts from last year: 1. Obviously lots of interest in backup applications for SQL Server! LiteSpeed for SQL Server v7.5 – What’s New 2. This was the official announcement for the Backup.U program, a vendorneutral social driven educational effort about the practice of backup and recovery. Backup.U Announcement: Dell Data Protection partners with StorageIO for a new education series 3. Our team’s activity at VMWorld US: Backup and Recovery team gets back to basics at VMworld 4. Our team’s activity at TechEd : Come see us at Microsoft TechEd in New Orleans! 5. We hosted Tech Field Day 9, we actually had the opportunity to first talk about our portfolio here: Tech Field Day 9 @Dell 6. Part of Backup.U are Google Plus hangouts: Join Us on September 24 for #Backup.U Data Protection Fundamental 201 G+ Hangout 7. Y’all love your SQL Server…: LiteSpeed for SQL Server v7.1 – What’s New 8. We do talk about all of our launches in our blog, this post was about the DR appliances (the Ocarina IP) and Netvault: A Superhero Duo: The Dell DR Dedupe Appliance & NetVault Backup 9. In case you missed it, at Dell World we announced pretty significant improvements for NetVault: Live From Dell World: Introducing NetVault Backup 10 10. We spent a lot of time over in SpiceWorks this year, but still blogged about some of the more frequent questions on AppAssure: AppAssure 5.3.1 drive filling up - troubleshooting tips Comment [RG1]: Title should be short and compelling. We’ll probably tweet the title, so make it sound like something that would interest you enough that you would click on it Comment [RG2]: Intro – warm up your readers. Lead them into the concept you’re going to discuss. Comment [RG3]: Your post has to have links. It can be to older content we’ve posted, it can be to another post you’ve read. We can embed video. But support the point you are making by referencing the work of others. Comment [RG4]: Main content. Your entire post should fit on 1 page of a word document. If it’s longer, you may have more than one blog post on your hands. You should be discussing one idea, one topic. Think about how you would talk to a friend about the topic over lunch – you know how when your friend is really passionate about at topic but they ramble on in 2 or 3 really interesting directions? Don’t do that. Make it 2 or 3 interesting blog posts.
  2. 2. Obviously we’ll keep blogging about releases, what we’re doing at events, and that sort of thing. But what would you guys most like to see from us? What would you like to hear? Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2014. Tags: Ocarina, DL4000, NetVault, AppAssure, data protection, DR4100, dr6100 Comment [RG5]: Call to action. Always ask your readers to DO something. Ask for their opinions, their experiences, their observations. Ask them to download something, to watch a video, to make a comment. Comment [RG6]: Conclusion. Wrap things up, thank them, tell them what you’ll write about next. Comment [RG7]: Tags. What topic did you talk about in your post? If people search the Tech Center for your content, what word would they use to search? Those are your tags.