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My presentation for #ISFSU 40th year celebration, explaining how I used instructional design principles to design a successful content marketing program (#backupu).

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  • Learning is everywhere

    1. 1. In Instruction is everywhere
    2. 2. What does a product marketer do, and what does that have to do with ISD? What is content marketing? Dell Data Protection’s Backup.U program – example of content marketing guided by ISD principles.
    3. 3. • FSU Alum • 2001 (Information Studies) • 2010 (Instructional Systems) • I live in Austin TX • I blog, listen to live music, garden, can, and hang out with Fred the Dog me Fred the Dog
    4. 4. I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Dell
    5. 5. What does a Product Marketing Manager do Evangelize the product – internally and externally Orchestrate outbound product launch activities Train sales
    6. 6. Getting a software product to market takes a team Product marketing manager PR AR Channel marketing Digital marketing Customers Product manager Engineering Legal Support Business Develop ment Program manager Build and release management Engineering
    7. 7. I’m an educator! And a techie!
    8. 8. Isn’t marketing just training your customers about your product?
    9. 9. How do customers know they have a need?
    10. 10. How do companies know their product’s capabilities matter to customers?
    11. 11. Customers fill over half of their need for information before they ever speak to a company. . Due diligence = self-learning to fill an identified need using products, services, or companies
    12. 12. What is content marketing
    13. 13. • Creating & distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract & acquire a clearly defined audience • Objective: driving profitable customer action Source: Content Marketing Institute
    14. 14. What is instructional design & technology?
    15. 15. • The analysis of learning & performance problems • The design, development, implementation, evaluation, & management of instructional & non-instructional processes & resources; • Using systematic instructional design procedures & instructional media. Source: Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology, 2nd Edition
    16. 16. Using ISD principles to create a content marketing program Dell Data Protection’s Backup.U
    17. 17. Analysis • What do customers need? • What can my product offer?
    18. 18. Backup.U Goal: Create a thought leadership program to teach customers how to evaluate and purchase data protection products
    19. 19. Design • What do customers need to know to understand my offer? • Do customers understand the required underlying concepts? • Does this content already exist? How will customers access the content? • How will this be measured? • What other teams need to be involved?
    20. 20. Monthly backup topics Live online • Webinar • Google+ Hangout Worksheets based on topic Links to other info on topic (not product centric) Discussions in social spaces • LinkedIn • Twitter • Facebook • Community Data Protection Fundamentals Data Protection for Applications Data Protection for Virtualization Data Protection for Cloud Data Protection for Hybrid Environments Crowd-sourced Data Protection Topic
    21. 21. Development • Create the content • Create delivery mechanisms • Set up required measuring devices
    22. 22. Content • Downloadable content from an outside expert - book chapter • Webinar and G+ hangout outlines, recorded videos • Worksheets • Blog posts Delivery • Email • Social media Measuring devices • Leads generated • Social media growth • Downloads/visits
    23. 23. Implementation • Company: Listen, engage, act consultatively • Customer: Directs, controls interaction with content
    24. 24. Customer interaction • Do I attend live event? Do I ask questions (participate) or lurk? • Do I watch recorded videos? Download additional content? • Do I engage (talk to account manager, email, interact in community?) Company interaction • Creates content based on gaps between customer need and product capabilities • Responds to further requests for information - in venue preferred by the customer
    25. 25. Evaluation • Are customers more informed about your product offer? • Asking sales better questions • Less level one support questions • What have you measured? • Are sales up?
    26. 26. Results 8 live events attended by 781 participants 4 data protection topics covered Confidential31 4/25/2014 710,400 social media reach obtained 249% increase in mentions, 143% increase in impressions, 407% increase followers (YouTube, G+, Livestream) Results: unexpected pipeline from 2 events 3:1 ROI
    27. 27. A D D I E
    28. 28. Think big. Think different. Connect all.
    29. 29. Connect with me! http://ginaminks.com/wordpress http://software.dell.com/backupu http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/data-protection @gminks http://about.me/gina.rosenthal