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Online Power Point 4 17 2011


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Online Power Point 4 17 2011

  1. 1. Computer NetworkingSystems<br />Garrett Milks<br />Professional Career Portfolio<br />
  2. 2. Preface<br />Portfolio Of Garrett L. Milks<br />Productivity | Responsibility | Integrity | Dedication | Excellence<br />Thank you for taking the time to review my career portfolio. I have designed this book to exhibit my resourcefulness and dedication to being a Professional in the Information Technologies and Computer Networking based Industries. By appraising this portfolio, viewers can gather an in-depth view of my skill set, values and philosophies that guide me forward with a commitment to excellence in obtaining an education, and maintaining high tech employment for the 21st century.<br />
  3. 3. "We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible." <br />-Vince Lombardi<br />
  4. 4. Introduction<br />
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Productivity, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence    <br />At this time, I have completed my degree in Information Technology (Computer Networking Systems) at ITT-Technical Institute with a GPA of 3.96. As an evolving technical professional, I am learning new ways to add value to an organization by applying the technical skills I’ve honed at ITT-Tech and in the workplace. I am confident that this training gives me an insightful perspective to complement any organization. I have made the sound decision of going to ITT-Tech for obtaining the technical skills that are in demand for the 21st century.<br />My education has provided me with experience in Windows 2003 Server, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP Professional, and operating systems like Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. At ITT I have also taken classes covering Cisco routing and switching; studied Internet protocols and their applications like TCP/IP, POP, and IMAP; and learned about applying the ANSI-TEA-EIA standards for structured cabling.<br />I assumed the role of Network Administrator at Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics, the world’s leading manufacturer of reinforced fabrics, two weeks after starting the internship for which I was hired for. Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics manufactures products for uses such as repairing drywall cracks, strengthening airport runways and fortifying sailcloth.  As Saint-Gobain’s Network Administrator, I supported approx. 200 network users, installing, configuring and maintained a variety of computer equipment including servers, printers, PC’s and mobile communications equipment with an asset inventory of over 300 computers. In this position, I was able to take the concepts I've learned in the classroom and apply them to real world scenarios that Network Administrators are faced with every day in the technical field. One of the most important things I've learned was how an organization utilizes a network to increase work flow, and to expand services to customers for greater profitability throughout multiple sites located around the country and across the world.<br /> Currently, I am employed at Yahoo!-Inc.  Yahoo! is an international web hosting company with a new datacenter located in Lockport, NY. as part of a team responsible for delivering and supporting a world class Data Center environment for internal and external customers,  I help implement and maintain the production and networking servers and services hosted in the 181,000 square foot, six structure complex. Working closely with the System Administration and Network Engineering teams, I help ensure the maintenance of global standards, processes and procedures are maintained across the entire YAHOO! Inc. and Data Centre environment. <br />  <br />
  7. 7. Action is the foundational key to all success. <br />Pablo Picasso <br />
  8. 8. Career Goals: <br />become a Qualified Professional in the IT industry. <br />become essential to an organization through specialized training and certifications. <br />
  9. 9. Yahoo!<br />I started a new professional career at the Site Operations department at the data center located in Lockport, NY. YAHOO! Provides content including the latest news, entertainment, and sports information.<br />As part of my responsibilities I work to implement and maintain the production and networking servers and services hosted in the 181,000 square foot six structure complex as part of a team responsible for delivering and supporting a world class Data Center environment for internal and external customers.  My Team mates and I also work closely with the System Administration and Network Engineering teams to ensure global standards, processes and procedures are maintained across the entire YAHOO! Inc. and Data Centre environment. <br />
  10. 10. IT Internship<br />PC & User Support<br /><ul><li>Create, authenticate and authorize network users to access the network and network resources.
  11. 11. Add and remove computers on the domain.
  12. 12. Provide direct support to employees on security issues, and account permissions. 
  13. 13. Reimage network client PC's to the company standards and specifications.
  14. 14. Install, configure and support PC desktop and production applications. 
  15. 15. File transfers from network drive mapping.
  16. 16. Direct connect data migration through network drive mapping and also using tools like universal SATA and IDE to USB transfer cables.
  17. 17. Support end users both remotely and physically, to trouble shoot and resolve technical issues. </li></ul>Technical <br /><ul><li>Installed, configured and mapped server mounted database software for production Plant for accurate tracking of machine maintenance and repair records.
  18. 18. Onsite Technical for the server migration project from a physical machine to becoming hosts in a virtualized environment.
  19. 19. Setup, installed the operating system and applied the configurations of LAN servers for proper performance and emergency troubleshooting.
  20. 20. Map network drives at the Server Level.
  21. 21. Mobile Communication Support for remote sales office and traveling users.</li></ul>Administrative <br /><ul><li>IT Technical Administrator of the company's ticketing system to track duties and performance of the IT Dept.
  22. 22. Work closely with other Network Administrators to inventory equipment, map replication and ensure proper group policies are placed where needed.
  23. 23. Generate new employee ID's using the company (E.I.D) Enterprise Identifier Database system.</li></ul> I Assumed the role of Network Administrator, at the world’s leading manufacturer of reinforced fabrics, 2 weeks after starting the internship. Supporting approx. 200 network users, Installing, configuring and maintain a variety of computer equipment including servers, printers, PC’s and mobile communications equipment with an asset inventory of over 300 computers. <br />During this time as the acting Network Administrator I was able to take the concepts I've learned in the classroom and apply them to real world scenarios that Network Administrators are faced with every day in the technical field. One of the most important things I've learned was how an organization utilizes a network to increase work flow, and expand services to customers for greater profitability at multiple sites located across the country and across the world.<br />
  24. 24. ITT-Tech Work Study<br />Student Tutor <br />It’s about working smarter not harder. I currently tutor students having academic difficulties while acting as a School Ambassador to serve as a positive role model for other students. As an older student returning to college after a break longer than some of my fellow students have been alive, I realize that being successful in life as well as in school depends not only on excellence in academics, but on time management, proper organization, and consistent study habits. <br />Lab Assistant   <br />I assist intructors during the hands on lab section of the Windows 7 operating system class room instruction<br />“ITT-Tech deployed the Microsoft Windows 7 course for the first time throughout their one hundred plus locations and provided the local Instructor with a lab assistant. I was that local Instructor and this successful deployment was directly aided by Mr. Milk’s involvement and input as the Lab assistant.” – Norman J. Zindle, ITT Technical Institute<br />Adjunct Instructor<br />
  25. 25. Education<br />
  26. 26. Course Descriptions <br />GE117 Composition | <br />This course covers phases of the writing process, with special emphasis on the structure of writing and techniques for writing clearly, precisely and persuasively. <br /> <br />GE127 College Mathematics I <br />This course will include, but is not limited to, the following concepts: quadratic, polynomial and radical equations, linear functions and their graphs, systems of linear equations, functions and their properties and triangles and trigonometric functions. Activities will include solving problems and using appropriate technological tools <br /> <br />GE184 Problem Solving<br />This course introduces students to problem solving techniques and helps them apply the tools of critical reading, analytical thinking and mathematics to help solve problems in practical applications. <br /> <br />GE192 College Mathematics <br />This course will include, but is not limited to, the following concepts: exponential and logarithmic equations and functions, graphs of trigonometric functions, trigonometric equations, polar coordinates, oblique triangles, vectors and sequences. <br /> <br />GE217 Composition II<br />This course focuses on appropriate rhetoric structures and styles for analytical and argumentative writing. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, reading skills and elements of research in the information age. <br /> <br />GE273 Microeconomics<br />This course introduces the economic way of thinking as it provides the basic principles of microeconomics. It is the study of choices made by households, firms, and government and how these choices impact the market economy. <br /> <br />GE347 Group Dynamics<br />In this course, students examine elements of successful teams and small decision making groups. Emphasis is on communication, critical thinking, and group process techniques.<br /> <br />IT103 Operating Systems<br />This course serves as a survey on typical internal functions of a generic computer operating system. The computer’s ability to manage such resources as memory, device, I/O, files and user interfaces, etc., is discussed to rationalize how a computer takes a users command and accomplishes the task. Some typical user interface of popular operating systems will be introduced.<br /> <br />IT104 Introduction to Computer Programming<br />This course serves as a foundation for understanding the logical function and process of computer programming in a given language environment. Basic computer programming knowledge and skills in logic and syntax will be covered. Coding convention and procedures will be discussed relevant to the given programming language environment. <br /> <br />IT109 Microsoft Desktop Operating System<br />This course introduces general knowledge and skills required in installation, configuration and management of popular Microsoft operating system(s) for standalone and network client computers. <br /> <br />IT113 Structured Cabling<br />This course provides the study of industry standards and practices involved in wiring a computer network, including media and protocol specifications, connection topologies, installation, testing and troubleshooting.<br />  <br />IT203 Database Development<br />Students will be introduced to database design and implementation. Topics include database history, structure, objects and introductory Structured Query Language (SQL). <br /> <br />IT220 Network Standards and Protocols<br />this course serves as a foundation for students pursuing knowledge and skills in computer networking technologies. Major concepts such as OSI and TCP/IP models, network media specifications and functions, LAN/WAN protocols, topologies and capabilities will be discussed. Industry standards and a brief historical development of major networking technologies will be surveyed in conjunction with basic awareness of software and hardware components used in typical networking and internetworking environments.<br />
  27. 27. Course Descriptions <br />IT221 Microsoft Network Operating System I<br />The current Microsoft networking server operating system will be the focus of this course. Coverage includes installation, configuration and management of a popular Microsoft network server in relation to its clients and to other servers. Aspects of typical Microsoft client-server network administration functions are discussed. <br /> <br />IT222 Microsoft Network Operating System II<br />This course serves as an extension on Microsoft network server technologies. Issues on infrastructure administration are discussed. Aspects of active directory technologies will be introduced. <br /> <br />IT250 Linux Operating System<br />Installation, configuration and management of a Linux operating system will be explored. Focus will be on functions that resemble the UNIX environment. Directory and file management, user account management, and certain device management (such as drives, printers, interface cards, etc.) will be discussed. <br /> <br />IT260 Networking Application Services and Security<br />This course explores common network-based services such as Web services, email and FTP in a given server operating systems environment. Related security issues will also be discussed. <br /> <br />IT302 Linux System Administration<br />This course covers intermediate to advanced system and network administrative tasks and related skills required by a Linux based network. Functional areas include the setup, configuration, maintenance, security and troubleshooting of Linux servers and related services in a complex network environment. Tools and scripting skills associated with these areas will also be discussed. <br /> <br />IT320 WAN Technology and Application<br />This course discusses typical Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies along with survey on existing services and applications. Introductory router configuration skills will be included. <br /> <br />IT321 Network Technology and Service Integration<br />Discussions on areas where computer networking and telecommunication technologies converge in today’s networking and internetworking industry. Concepts and case studies of how voice, data and video can be integrated on to one network will be discussed. Extended coverage on router configuration will be included. <br /> <br />IT331 Network Development Capstone Project<br />Network design and implementation project to be jointly agreed upon by the student and the faculty member. The project includes major process of product lifecycle such as data gathering and analysis needs assessment, planning, designing, testing, implementation, documentation, etc., in addition to actually building a simulated network using existing equipment. <br /> <br />TB133 Strategies for the Technical Professional<br />The course reviews characteristics and trends of the global information society including basic information processing, research and computer skills used by the technical professional. <br /> <br />TB143 Introduction to Personal Computers<br />Organization of a typical Personal Computer (PC) is examined in a given popular operating systems environment. Terminology and concepts related to major PC hardware components and their functions will be discussed consistent with industry standards and practices. <br /> <br />TB332 Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development<br />Students are required to plan and compile their projects in the form of a portfolio. Instruction on interviewing procedures and writing business communications is also included in this course. <br /> <br /> <br />Course decriptuions are from the ITT website<br />
  28. 28. Project Management<br />
  29. 29. “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” <br />Vince Lombardi<br />
  30. 30. Network Development Capstone Project<br />
  31. 31. Capstone Project Software<br />
  32. 32. Network Development Capstone Project <br />Selected by peers to the position of Project Manager for the Network Development Capstone Project where I am currently planning, organizing, securing and managing our team’s resources to bring about the successful completion of the capstone project’s goals and objectives. <br /> <br />Project Description<br />Five doctors decide to form a partnership and to consolidate their businesses to leverage their investments and provide better service to their patients. Each of the existing five offices will remain intact. There is one located in the center of the city, one in the north, another in the south, and the remaining two on the east and west sides. Each of the lead doctors would like to be able to see their patients at any of the sites, and access any of their patients’ information from any of the sites<br /> <br />Network Solution Requirements<br />From a hands-on perspective and an application approach, we are incorporating the available LAN/WAN equipment in the network lab. every team must successfully complete and present the following:<br />A site LAN logical topology with an IP addressing scheme<br />o Site WAN and LAN diagrams depicting the conceptual, logical, and physical<br />views of the proposed systems for each location specified within the RFP<br />A systems requirements document detailing the connectivity strategy for LAN and WAN:<br />Protocols<br /> Hardware<br /> Software<br /> Implementation and post-implementation procedures<br /> WAN diagrams<br />Physical topology<br />Logical diagram with an IP addressing scheme<br />A prototype environment of the following equipment:<br />An installed and configured Windows 2003 server with running Active Directory<br />An installed and configured Web and FTP server (IIS) function<br />An installed and configured Red Hat Linux server<br />A minimum of two installed and configured Windows XP workstations<br />An intranet home page, posted on the Web server, that reflects the client’s products and services.<br />A database using Microsoft Access or SQL<br />
  33. 33. Goals and objective<br />Identify and outline the project progress and tasks to be completed by all team members who are all actively engaged and have taken ownership of this project. <br /> <br />Team Name | Advanced Technologies<br />Team members and their roles:<br />Garrett Milks – Project Manager – Provide team leadership, focus the team on the tasks at hand or the internal and external project requirements, Coordinate team logistics, Communicate team status, task accomplishment, and direction. <br />Mark Huff – Technical Coordinator - Provide technical expertise as well as director of applicable technologies, resources including but not limited to software and hardware.<br />Bryan Hamilton – Hardware Coordinator | Technical Asset – Provide technical expertise on hardware, Operating Systems, configurations and technical specifications for all servers, PC’s both Linux and Windows based.<br />Genaida Salgado – Information Logistics Coordinator - Establish meeting times, places and agendas as well as establish coordinate the database development process and rollout.<br />Stephanie Poole -Team Scribe| Database development Coordinator - support the team's requirements and communication lines for team members. Coordinate the review, presentation and release of design layouts, drawings, analysis and other documentation needed resources. <br />  <br />Team Progress Specifications<br />Advanced Technologies is a dynamic team that will flex and distribute or redistribute our given resources as needed. Many of the tasks have or will be assigned are based on the area of expertise that an individual team member brings to the team collective or has liking, skill, talent toward. Some tasks maybe started by one team member and completed by another, as long as the lines of communication are open and accessible, as we strive to move forward there is always things that present obstacles and through open communication we can overcome them as a team.<br />
  34. 34. Military Background<br />
  35. 35. U.S. Army<br />The U.S. Army is the most powerful and sophisticated military force in the world. A vital part of that comes from the Soldiers of the Army Reserve. We have provided the specialized manpower, brainpower and skills the Army needs — when our country needs it. As a civilian and a Soldier, I continued my career while I trained close to home and stood ready to serve with valuable job skills. I was Honorably discharged with new traits like Self Confidence, Teamwork, Leadership, Command Decision Making and Problem Solving that have stayed with me for my adult life.<br />United States Army, 98th Div. (Training Support Battalion) <br />United States Army School of Armor – Ft. Knox, Kentucky <br />Area of Study: Tank Systems Mechanic (63-N) <br />Discharged with Honors.<br />Awarded the Army Achievement Medal for outstanding performance in the work place while in support of the 58th Transit Battalion, FT. Lenard Wood, MO. for Achieving 100% mobilization readiness. <br />Performed unit maintenance and recovery operations on M60A1/A3 tanks, including the automotive, turret, fire control, and chemical protection systems. <br />Participated in the United States Army Non-Commissioned Officer Development Program (NCODP) by conducting classes to maintain soldier preparedness skills. <br />Basic training - Ft. Jackson, Sc.  <br />Fort Jackson is the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the U.S. Army, training 50 percent of all Soldiers and 80 percent of the women entering the Army each year.  Providing the Army with trained, disciplined, motivated and physically fit warriors who espouse the Army's core values and are focused on teamwork is the post's primary mission.<br />Advanced Individual Training - Ft. Knox, KY.<br />Fort Knox is a United States Army post in Kentucky is a 109,000-acre (44,000 ha) base.  It currently holds the U.S. Army Armor Center, the U.S. Army Armor School, and is used by both the Army and the Marine Corps to train crews on the M1 Abrams main battle tank.<br />Training Mission Deployments:<br />Ft. Leonard Wood, MO<br />Ft. Drum, NY<br />Seneca Army Depot, Seneca, NY<br />
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Recent Work<br />
  38. 38.      <br />“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”<br /> Benjamin Franklin <br />
  39. 39. Stress & Time Management<br /> <br />Stress and time management have taken on an entirely new meaning for me. I will never forget the first two weeks that I spent in basic training for the United States Army. I learned a lot in the Army, but never more than I did the first day I was there, like always being late, even though I was on time. “Beat me here, don’t meet me here!” was all that was ringing in my ears after a thunderous bellow one inch from my face. If you are prepared and set to go and arrive too early, then you are subject to getting singled out for not helping your “battle buddies” get ready. There was no getting it right for the first few weeks, no matter how right you might be. I’ve taken away with me skills that I still use to this today. Handling stress is something everyone works on differently, I can usually handle it quite well, now that I’ve not been forced to deal with anything in life that can match the high stress atmosphere of military training. Another great skill I’ve taken away from my experience in the military is time management, “Hurry up and wait” is still something I find myself doing to this day. There are many aspects of life that cause that cause stress on a daily basis that sometimes escalate into much larger issues from time to time, but I continue to use the same straight forward approach to conquer each one of the potential problems or stress as they arise. As a result I’ve come to understand that not everyone place the same amount of importance on their stress and time management skills as I have and understanding that in of itself is a tool I use to help keep my stress to a minimum level.<br />
  40. 40. Online Career Portfolio<br />
  41. 41. Summary<br />