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Adg stl oct 15 2012


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Adg stl oct 15 2012

  1. 1. “Luck favors the mind prepared.” Louis Pasteur
  2. 2. The Parcel Guy Jerry Hempstead
  3. 3. Why am I here? •In 1761, J.Collyer said: “If a boy has enough intelligence, he should consider entering university and perusing engineering, unless when he goes to college he is given to drinking and carousing.... in which case he ought to consider sales.” I was in that 10% of my graduating class……
  5. 5. 7
  6. 6. INSANITY Doing The Same Things Over and Over – Yet Expecting Different Results If You Keep Doing What You Are Doing, You Will Keep Getting What You Got
  7. 7. DO YOU WANT A JOB?
  9. 9. How do you differentiate yourself
  10. 10. How do you differentiate yourself
  11. 11. Does anyone aspire to be a package delivery driver
  12. 12. He joined UPS in 1977 as a Delivery Driver
  13. 13. $3 Million is a good year Non-Equity Incentive Change in Stock Option Plan Pension All Other Salary Awards Awards Compensation Value Compensation TotalName and Principal Position Year ($)(1) ($)(2) ($)(3) ($)(4) ($)(5) ($)(6) ($) D. Scott Davis 2011 1,022,865 9,455,012 450,807 566,996 1,516,686 40,732 13,053,098Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 2010 1,000,000 7,798,973 437,514 232,000 1,227,435 30,097 10,726,019 2009 1,000,000 3,890,437 437,511 130,523 752,239 31,345 6,242,055 David P. Abney 2011 473,097 3,614,104 148,937 209,431 606,037 14,931 5,066,537Senior Vice President and Chief Operating 2010 462,500 3,037,551 144,533 107,300 2,120,391 8,104 5,880,379Officer 2009 462,500 1,523,098 144,534 62,900 106,154 8,269 2,307,455 Kurt P. Kuehn 2011 427,137 1,865,518 136,299 191,660 535,154 29,815 3,185,583Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer 2010 400,000 1,631,710 125,015 92,800 494,949 22,374 2,766,848 2009 400,000 963,909 125,006 54,400 289,639 22,612 1,855,566 David A. Barnes(7) 2011 418,137 1,566,642 132,558 186,386 485,169 14,648 2,803,540Senior Vice President and Chief Information 2010 400,000 1,407,412 125,015 92,800 1,588,489 7,994 3,621,710Officer John J. McDevitt 2011 429,621 1,633,122 135,248 190,183 168,010 13,796 2,569,980Senior Vice President, Human Resources and 2010 420,000 1,477,730 131,259 97,440 175,609 7,146 2,309,184Labor Relations 2009 420,000 943,485 131,259 57,120 104,461 8,054 1,664,379 Someone has to be at the top
  14. 14. If you want to stay a truck driver
  15. 15. Patrick R. Donahoe• Began his 37-year career• as a clerk in Pittsburgh, PA.
  16. 16. Patrick R. Donahoe Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer• The chief of the U.S. Postal Service• received $384,229 in compensation last year
  17. 17. ED RAPP• Ed Rapp is a group president and CFO of Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria, Ill. Rapp has responsibility for the Finance Services Division, Human Services Division, Global Information Services Division, Global Purchasing Division and Financial Products Division, as well as Strategy & Business Development, Corporate Auditing and Investor Relations.• Joined Caterpillar as a pricing analyst in 1979,• Rapp has held positions related to pricing, production scheduling, marketing, dealer development, manufacturing and product development. In 1987, he transferred to the North American Commercial Division where he held positions in Planning Support and as district manager of the San Francisco district. He later transferred to Johannesburg, South Africa, as area manager and then on to Geneva, Switzerland, where he was the department manager in Building Construction Products, and Europe Region Manager. In 2000, Rapp became an Officer of Caterpillar as the vice president of the Europe-Africa-Middle East (EAME) Marketing Division. Prior to becoming a group president in 2007, Rapp served as vice president of Caterpillars Building Construction Products (BCP) Division, based in Cary, N.C.• Rapp has a B.A. in finance from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a graduate of the University of Illinois Executive Development program.• He is a member of the board of directors of FMGlobal and Junior Achievement (J.A.) USA. Rapp is also a member of the University of Missouri College of Business Strategic Development Board.
  20. 20. George Buckley Alain J.P. Ken Chanult Randall3M Company Belda American Stephenson Alcoa Express AT&T INDUSTRIALS DOW JONESBrian Jim McNerney James Owens David OReillyMoynahan Boeing Caterpillar ChevronBank ofAmericaMike Corbett Mutar Kent Ellen Kullman Rex TillersonCitigroup Coca Cola Dupont ExxonMobile
  22. 22. LAST 12 YEARS3M DuPont McDonaldsAlcoa ExxonMobil MerckAmerican Express General Electric MicrosoftAT&T Hewlett-Packard PfizerBank of America The Home Depot Procter & GambleBoeing Intel TravelersCaterpillar IBM United Technologies CorporationChevron Corporation Johnson & Johnson Wal-MartCisco Systems JPMorgan Chase Walt DisneyCoca-Cola UnitedHealth Group Verizon
  23. 23. Google Alerts 28
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Invest in a nice picture of yourselfCREATING YOUR BRAND
  26. 26. 32
  27. 27. Who should have a web domainand what you might do with it
  28. 28. Create your own buzz
  30. 30. Who can put content on YouTube?
  31. 31. THERE IS ONLY ONE FIRST IMPRESSIONThink And Act Like You Are President of Your Own CompanyBecause When You Think About It, You Are Self Employed
  33. 33. BE-ATTITUDE 39
  34. 34. How Are You Doing?• I’m Wonderful – Splendid – Fantastic – Terrific• Tomorrow I’m – Significantly better than Awesome• Try to say this each and every time someone asks you “how are you doing.”• Both you and they will be uplifted.• And then look the person asking in the eye and sincerely ask them, “How are you doing?”• Researchers at the Mayo Clinic reported in a story in USA Today that optimistic people live about 19% longer than pessimists do.
  35. 35. Music can change your attitude
  36. 36. SHARPENING YOUR SAW• The Greater Your Vocabulary, The Higher Your I.Q.• Read• Books On Tape• Seminars• Classes
  37. 37. Habits take 30 days to develop, and 3 days to break
  38. 38. • Invest in yourself – There is but One Constant – Parcel Shipping & Distribution, Global Logistics – Traffic World, World Trade, MAIL• Read Read Read
  39. 39. Sign Up•
  40. 40. There are Free Personal development sites
  41. 41. Worth a listen
  42. 42. Social Networking
  43. 43. Social Networking
  44. 44. Social Networking
  45. 45. I don’t get it But you can’t ignore it 955 million monthly active users at the end of June 2012.552 million daily active users on average in June 2012. 543 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products in June 2012.
  46. 46. Linkedin
  47. 47. Is there value in social networking
  48. 48. Warning !
  49. 49. Twitter Horror• FRIDAY, JAN 16• This Guy Probably Got Fired for Offending All of FedEx•• Heres a story that will be used as an example of why its vitally important to watch what you say on Twitter. A representative from Ketchum New York (a PR and Marketing firm) heads to Memphis to give a big presentation to their big client, FedEx, and totally offends everyone who works there before even stepping foot in the building.• Upon landing in Memphis and getting a lay of the land he tweets, "True confession but Im in one of those towns where I scratch my head and say, I would die if I had to live here."• Someone from inside FedEx was following Capt. Footinmouth, whose Twitter name is keyinfluencer — quite possibly the douchiest nickname of all history — and that person sent the letter we posted below. Youll want to read it, because not only is it amazingly poignant, but because it was copied to "the FedEx Coporate Vice President, Vice President, Directors and all management of FedEx’s communication department AND the chain of command at Ketchum." Thank you Peter Shankman for sharing this story.• "Mr. Andrews,• If I interpret your post correctly, these are your comments about Memphis a few hours after arriving in the global headquarters city of one of your key and lucrative clients, and the home of arguably one of the most important entrepreneurs in the history of business, FedEx founder Fred Smith.• Many of my peers and I feel this is inappropriate. We do not know the total millions of dollars FedEx Corporation pays Ketchum annually for the valuable and important work your company does for us around the globe. We are confident however, it is enough to expect a greater level of respect and awareness from someone in your position as a vice president at a major global player in your industry. A hazard of social networking is people will read what you write."
  50. 50. Google+
  51. 51. PINTEREST I don’t get it But you can’t ignore it 57
  52. 52. Visual Curriculum Vitae Xing
  53. 53. Make Sure you are up to date
  54. 54. MONSTER CAREER BUILDER & Yahoo HotJobs 50% of all the HR recruiting $ spent todayWARNING
  55. 55. Most People• Are Underpaid• They get what they will accept not what they are worth• Do you know what you are worth?• Most set very low goals for themselves• Move the bar – You are worth it
  56. 56. One Just Can’t Imagine How Fast Your Image Can Change Is there someone watching your back?
  59. 59. Stay Positive• The most important thing when searching for a job in tough economic times is to retain a POSITIVE ATTITUDE• Even in a job market with 10 percent unemployment,• there’s 90 percent employment• There is an average of over 3 million jobs available in the US per month -- and each job seeker is looking for one. Those are pretty good odds. Beginning in 2011, about 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 years old everyday. About 60% of them are expected to retire - that is, about 6,000 per day.
  60. 60. StayAPositive of 30,000 people uncovered several trends • recent IBM survey that speak to the dawn of a new day in consumerism. • Some 90% of those polled are changing what they spend to some degree. That may seem like a no-brainer to many of you. • Consider, however, that 90% of the general population is not facing hard times. • Whats happened is that our psychology has shifted to a place where were all worried and feeling pinched even if were not in reality. • The biggest revelation from the IBM survey is that 30% of those polled have become what are called "shifters." That means they have absolutely no brand loyalty; they just want the most for their money wherever they can get it. • Of course, that also means 70% are still brand loyal, but the best deals will obviously flow to the 30%. • One final thought: Just because were facing tough times, it doesnt mean that things will always be this way. That kind of belief -- that our economy will just keep going further down -- is called "inertia bias" in psychology and economics. • But its not true. So its not a question of "if" the economy will recover -- its a question of "when." NOT EVERYONE IS SUFFERING IN THIS ECONOMY JUST ASK AMAZON
  61. 61. 70
  63. 63. PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS • PERSONAL HAPPINESS • I can say that money is not the most important thing – But its right up there with oxygenEVERYONE WANTS TO BE NOTICED, APPRECIATED, ENCOURAGED, RECOGNIZED
  64. 64. If you like what you heard• and would like more information or assistance:• Jerry Hempstead• Cell: 407- 342-3825• 1724 Buckhorn Pl• Orlando, Fl 32825
  65. 65. NETWORKING• Plan your networking activities. Define the groups to attend, the types of people you need to meet, and think of what you can offer others. Make lists of new contacts including ways to meet them. Arrange a networking activity and time every week.• Join organizations and become a visible contributor. Serve on committees so other members know and recognize you. Make efforts to help others whenever possible, so they in return will be happy to help you.• Develop a 20-second introduction that reveals your name, job title and a brief summary of your work expertise and background. Dont assume people know what you do and what your best talents are, tell them.• Never ask for a job. Instead, ask for no more than 15 minutes of advice to direct you on your job search. Reassure the person that, although you are job hunting, you dont expect them to know about or have a job for you. This alleviates any uncomfortable expectations and allows the contact to be more at ease and helpful. Always ask for referrals and send a thank you note.• Develop a list of 15-20 companies that have the job you seek. Share the list with your contacts and ask them for other companies that you should also consider. Follow-up by asking if they know someone who works at any of the companies on your list - and then contact the referral.• Start networking with people you know. Anyone can help you - neighbors, family, friends - everyone knows someone, so dont limit yourself to just colleagues in your field
  66. 66. RESUME• Fix No. 1: Edit your personal information• Anytime you include personal information, such as your hobbies, race, age or religion, youre setting yourself up for bias. Though its illegal for employers to discriminate against any of these, the fact exists that some will do so regardless. Plus, while some might think its impressive that your favorite pastime is skydiving, others wont call you to interview for fear that your hobby will get in the way of your work.• Fix No. 2: Dont guesstimate your dates and titles• Theres a vast difference between working as an executive assistant or an assistant executive. If youre unsure of exactly how long you worked somewhere or what your title was when you were there, call your previous employer to ask. Otherwise, when your future employer does a background check, it will seem like you lied on your resume and youll be eliminated from consideration.• Fix No. 3: Have a less-selfish objective• Employers are trying to determine whether youre a good fit for their organizations, so everything on your resume should point to your experience. Employers would rather see a summary of qualifications that displays your accomplishments and background than a generic objective statement like "To gain experience in..."• Fix No. 4: Focus on accomplishments, not duties• Employers dont care so much what you did in your previous work, but what you got done. Rather than listing your job duties, show how each duty contributed to your companys bottom line. For example, anyone can redesign a companys Web site, but if you demonstrate how your redesign increased Internet traffic by 150 percent, the hiring manager will be more impressed.• Fix No. 5: Make sure you have the basics• Silly as it sounds, many people get so caught up in formatting and proofreading that they dont check for the most basic information, such as an e- mail address, phone number and address. Double check that your resume has this information -- none of your hard work will pay off if no one can get a hold of you.• Fix No. 6: Dont sell yourself short• It may not seem like you have a lot of experience in the field youre applying to but you probably have more than you think. Work is work, whether you have been paid for it or not, so include any volunteer work youve done. Awards youve received and your education information should also be listed. And, dont forget about any transferable skills youve learned in previous positions.• Fix No. 7: Watch for inconsistencies• Once you choose a format for you resume, stick to it. If you decide to include periods at the end of your sentences, make sure they are at the end of each one. Use consistent fonts, sizes, bullets and other formatting options. Employers will notice your attention to detail and assume your work quality is of the same standard.• Fix No. 8: Fill in the gaps• Most people will tell you to wait to explain any gaps in your work history until you get to the interview. Theres a good chance, however, that you wont get that opportunity if there are gaps in the first place. Explain what you were doing during lapses between jobs, even if you spent time with your family, had a long-term illness or traveled for a while. The employer will know you arent trying to hide a sketchy past.• Fix No. 9: Stay relevant• If you worked in a fast-food restaurant in high school but arent currently applying to a job in the food industry, leave it off your resume. Many job seekers try to fluff their resumes with irrelevant job experience when they think they dont have enough know-how for the job for which they are applying. Keep your resume to one-two pages and only include your most recent and pertinent work history.• Fix No. 10: Keep it simple• No one wants to look at a resume on fluorescent paper, covered in crazy fonts and symbols. Dont try to impress an employer with your graphic design skills. Find an uncommon, yet attractive and simple layout to catch the eye instead.
  67. 67. • How you think IS EVERYTHING – Always be positive. – Think success, not failure. – Beware of a negative environment.• Decide Upon Your True Dreams & Goals – Write down your specific goals and develop a plan to reach them• Take Action – Goals are nothing without action. Don’t be afraid to get started now. – Just Do It !
  68. 68. • Never Stop Learning – Go back to school or read or listen to books. – Get training and acquire skills.• Be Persistent and Work Hard – Success is a marathon, not a sprint. – Never Give Up• Learn to analyze details – Get all the facts, all the input. – Learn from your mistakes
  69. 69. • Focus your time and money – Don’t let other people or things distract you• Don’t be afraid to innovate, be different – Following the herd is a sure way to mediocrity• Deal and communicate with people effectively – No person is an island. Learn to understand and motivate others• Be Honest & Dependable; Take Responsibility otherwise numbers 1-9 won’t matter
  70. 70. The Elevator Pitch• Hi my name is: ___________________• I have ____ years of experience in the ____________ industry as a _________ .• My specialty is ______________.• I have a ___________degree in _______________ at _____________University.• My strongest skills are _______________, _______________, and _______________ and they are perfectly matched with your company’s objectives which include ______________, __________________, and ____________________.• Because of this I would be an excellent candidate for your _______________ position.
  71. 71. Networking Events• Hi my name is: ___________________• I’m a ___________ in the ______________ industry for ______ years now.• Then immediately follow it up with questions for the other person. Remember, people love to talk about themselves, so ask these very open ended questions:• • How did you get into the ____________ business?• • What do you like most about your job?• • What do you have to do to be successful in your _________ industry?
  72. 72. • Reason #1: They are open ended questions, which gets the other person to do most of the talking.• Reason #2: They are very positive questions. We want to maintain an upbeat atmosphere. That is why I didn’t list the question: what do you like least about your job? That isn’t going to get the person to think happy thoughts. And when people aren’t happy, they don’t want to network and they don’t want to open doors for others.• Reason #3: People love to talk about themselves and when they do, and you listen to them, they think you are fascinating! People who think you are fascinating will introduce you to their friends and the networking will continue.
  73. 73. A study from McGraw-Hill showing the statistics of sales from follow-up. It said:TENACITY When follow-up occurs:• 48% of salespeople never • 2% of sales are made follow-up with a prospect. on the second contact.• 25% of salespeople make • 5% of sales are made a second contact and on the third contact. stop. • 10% of sales are made• 12% of salespeople only on the fourth contact. make three contacts and • 80% of sales are made stop. on the fifth to 12th• 10% of salespeople make contact. more than three contacts. 82