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PD 100CB - Lifelong Success - Introduction


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Introduction slide show for pd 100, lifelong sucess class, at Southwestern College

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PD 100CB - Lifelong Success - Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Textbook ByMarshaFralick
  3. 3. What Do I Want from College
  4. 4. What is this course about?
  5. 5. Success As You Define It
  6. 6. Reaching Your Dreams
  7. 7. Commitmentto Change Your Lifethe Way You Want
  9. 9. Who Should Take This Class? Transfer Student New Student Undecided Students Students Who Get Good Grades Students Who Need to Improve Grades
  10. 10. What Will You Get Out of ThisCourse?
  11. 11. What Will You Get Out of ThisCourse?  Super Learning Techniques  Self Knowledge  Communication Skills
  12. 12. What Will You Get Out of ThisCourse?  You will learn about yourself and apply this knowledge to your career and personal life.  You will have fun.
  13. 13. You will get what you put intoit.
  14. 14. Grading Policy
  15. 15. Recommended Materials  3 Ring Notebook  Notebook paper (Spiral notebooks not recommended)  Highlighter  Pen
  16. 16. The Course Calendar
  17. 17. What is in the Syllabus?
  18. 18. College Success Web
  19. 19. Take a Look at the Web Site
  20. 20. Course Credit General education credit for California State Universities, Area E Associate degree credit
  21. 21. Course Objectives Read these on your own
  22. 22. Assignments Read (or at least skim) the chapters to be covered before you come to class We will read approximately one chapter per week
  23. 23. Contact me if you need help  E-MAIL  IN PERSON (after class)
  24. 24. How to make the instructor happy
  25. 25. Arrive on time However, better late than never!
  26. 26. Attendance is essential You will be dropped for missing class
  27. 27. Respect other students
  28. 28. Appreciate Differences  Culture  Race  Language  Academic Ability  Physical Disability  Lifestyle
  29. 29. Be prepared Read the material before you come to class. However, come if you’re not prepared. You will miss a great deal of material if you are not here.
  30. 30. How to irritate the instructorand other students Talking while another student is talking Talking while the instructor is talking Cell Phones
  31. 31. Academic Accommodations Let me know privately if you have any disabilities so that I can provide assistance and understanding  Learning disability  Hearing or vision problems  Health problems  Other situations which may affect your academic performance
  32. 32. Group Activity:How to be an “A” student
  33. 33. Assignment:Measure Your SuccessSuccess Wheel