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Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Technology


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Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valve are made from high quality raw materials such as carbon steel, iron, aluminum and stainless steel with standard features and benefits using latest technology.

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Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Technology

  1. 1. Double & Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Technology
  2. 2. Butterfly Valves The Function of butterfly valves are similar to the ball valves, which allows for quick turned off. Butterfly valves are made from various high quality materials, such as carbon steel, iron, aluminum, PVC and stainless steel. Butterfly valves usually come in wafer or lug options and These valves are available in double offset, triple offset, American Water Works Act (AWWA) and 3-way. Butterfly valve options in various dimensions between 1" up to 48" - lead free with equipment owner or conventional manage handle for guide method with the option of butterfly valve automated.
  3. 3. Double Offset Butterfly Valve Technology Double-offset butterfly valves techniques are of a special development for surprise water run-off. Standard development for the valves package. EPDM chairs and control with available stainless-steel disk. The double offset butterfly valve is rated to a full 285PSI working pressure. Power actuation comes in various power provides including 24VDC, 12VDC,120VAC, 24VAC, 240VAC and many others. Dual D base relationship for valves 2" - 30" in size allows for easy increasing of manages, gear box & operator.
  4. 4. The Benefits of Double Offset Butterfly Valves: The double-offset butterfly valves are a device that has 2 make up for differences and the concentric butterfly device. The primary stability is the pole that is identified not in the center of home dish yet found on somewhat behind the group. This balance will make the device has a unlimited solving surface on the group. Automatic sealing system with surrounded and pressure-supported information sealing ring. Possible to replace profile sealing ring without taking apart the disk.
  5. 5. Features of Double Offset Butterfly Valves: ● Valves designed to accomplish bi-directional tight closed off for dimensions up to 3000 NB ● Anti Blow out stem design ● Wafer , Lugged and Double Flanged design ● Wide choice of various seat moe: EPDM I VITON I PTFE I RPTFE (GFT) I SS316
  6. 6. Triple Offset Butterfly valves Technology The Triple Offset Butterfly Valve has 3 individual offsets. Two of the offsets connect with the place of the base according to the centerline of the carried and the centerline of the disc/seat closing areas. The third offset is the style in the axis of the seat cone position.
  7. 7. The Benefits of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves: 'Right angled' and 'Cam-action' conical sealing design guarantees that the steel sealing elements are never in contact until its final level of sealing – this results in repeatable sealing and a greatly prolonged device life. Metal-to-Metal closing guarantees bubble tight shut-off, resulting to zero-leakage performance. Relevance to severe media – development of the valves features no elastomers or materials typically suffering from corrosion. Geometrical style of sealing elements provides friction-free patting throughout the valve. This expands the device life and allows a reduced torque-actuator to be fixed.
  8. 8. Features of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves: ● Laminated Seals ● Metal to metal Tight shut-off ● Anti Blow out stem design ● Inherently Fire Safe Design ● Appropriate to handle high temperature and rough application ● Double Unusual Disk design provide very high Edge to suit various challenging applications
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