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Occupational health and safety


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Brief description of occupational health and safety and its valuable importance.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Occupational health and safety

  1. 1. Occupational Health and safety Why is occupational health and safety important?
  2. 2. The importance of health and safety can’t be overemphasized. If workers are not healthy and strong, they can’t work. Health and safety implementation in an organizations will create a loveable environment to work and above all improve productivity. The practice of health and safety will reduce extra cost to the company that can came as a result of accident or injured or sick employee.
  3. 3. Possible Hazards in an organization without health and safety policy. Hazards in a workplace are so numerous and the roles of health and safety personnel is to prevent these hazards from occurring.
  4. 4. Arms and legs injuries.
  5. 5. Work related hazards and accident. • Common hazards in a work place.
  6. 6. Loses incurred due to work place accident. When an accident occurred, there are three main factors that the organization may faced; The moral factors; injury or accident affect the moral of the employee, they feel unsafe and this might affect the organization negatively. The legal affect; the company or organization may received enforcement orders, sue and claims from the legal department.
  7. 7. Consequences of a bad health and safety culture. There is also economics factors; when there is an accident, the company have to pay money for sick leaves, repair of damaged equipment, pay money for claims and meet up with enforcement orders. There are indirect cost on the company like investigation time, injunction order and even recruiting and training a new staff in case where there is serious injury to an employee and he can’t resume duty immediately.
  8. 8. Work accident. Work related accident is serious hazard. You must be careful at work. Report near misses, Take precaution while working. Wear suitable PPE.