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The one-of-a-kind "Employee Grapevine" earned five years of employee communications awards from PRSA, IABC and NAHRO. It was created by George S. McQuade III, who presented his low tech dial-in radio news cast via voicemail at national conference sponsored by Ragan Communications, Chicago, IL. McQuade Spoke at the annual Corporate Communciations Conferences in Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles, CA.
McQuade earned international recognition in a corporate atmostphere and later found it was a successful tool in a government atmostphere. The methods, technology and internal communication just had to be more simple and as McQuade describes it, "Shorter, Sharper and Stronger." Call McQuade to find out how you could be the beta or testing ground for the Employee Grapevine of the 21st Century. This low-tech communications tool was created and founded long before technology and the Internet took off. McQuade also led a campaign to launch the first Linux Operating Sytem Software 6.0 in America. Using dial-up and AOL 1.0 v email McQuade earned "Product of the Year" and "Best Product of the Conference" in San Jose, CA. Now, the penguins and Open Source Development is everywhere, especially in smart phones today.

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  • The Employee Grapevine – Shaping and building successful employee behavior
  • Employee%20 grapevine[1]

    1. 1. Employee GrapeVine PRSA – IABC – PCLA Award- Winning Interactive Strategy for shaping employee behavior with effective communications by MAYO Communications12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 1
    2. 2. GrapeVine Objectives  Improve communications relationship  Increase flow of timely information  Build credibility and participation  Quell the rumor mill12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 2
    3. 3. Steps for a GrapeVine  Technical Needs Assessment  Benchmark costs internally vs. externally  Designate a special Grapevine phone line  Expand from 19 to 100 message capacity  Phone track system12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 3
    4. 4. Employee Grapevine Company format Talk from the employees perspective – not yours. Keep messages simple.12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 4
    5. 5. Employee GrapeVine How to grow a bumper crop  Get early commitments from supervisors  Respond to frontline supervisor concerns  Set expectations with supervisors  Build phone mail internal list12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 5
    6. 6. Growing a GrapeVine Plant and cultivate before you harvest Understanding company issues Select knowledgeable/credible line managers Verbal messages faster with feelings Timing is everything12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 6
    7. 7. GrapeVine Target Customer Primary Customer – Employees Their work stations or meeting places Secondary Customer – Senior Mgt. Management feedback Usage habits – how often do they call12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 7
    8. 8. GrapeVine Key Features Comparative system Analysis User Friendly – No instruction – call 24/7 Everyone has access to a phone Convenient – GrapeVine is heard on a speaker phone Cell Phone in the field Updated when issue or story changes12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 8
    9. 9. Grapevine Promotion Getting employees to call Match the voices contest  Offer money, prizes or time off  Use well-known supervisors Other promotion methods  Employee paycheck envelopes  Posters and 1X2 inch stickers  Employee Newsletters cross-promote12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 9
    10. 10. Company Market Analysis  Opportunities to share information One-stop communication center  Policy changes quickly disseminated  Keeps employees on top of new info.  A great way to praise good employees12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 10
    11. 11. Emergency GrapeVine T h e G r a p e v in e b e c o m e s a 2 4 h r . h o t lin e d u r in g a n e m e r g e n c y o r c o m p a n y c r is is s it u a t io n N o rd s tro m C o rp o ra te H e a d q u a rte rs announcem ent L o s A n g e le s In te r n a l lin e O ra n g e C o u n ty S u p e r v is o r s Feedback S u p e r v is o r s M a n a g e rs S e n io r m a n a g e r s M a n a g e rs C le r k s S u p e r v is o r s c le r k s12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 11
    12. 12. Employee GrapeVine Awards 1995 - 2002  Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)  International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)  Public Communicators of Los Angeles (PCLA)  National Assn.Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)  International Communicator Awards12/25/12 MAYO Communications copyright 1995 12