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Warof 1812 slideshow pdf version


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The War of 1812 impacted the burgeoning community of Upper Canada( Ontario) including small communities

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Warof 1812 slideshow pdf version

  1. 1. A Funny Thing HappenedOn The Way to Montreal Presentation Glenn McKnight and Robert Bell, FBSC
  2. 2. “Strike wherever we canreach the enemy, at seaand on land. But if we fail,let us fail like men, lashourselves to our gallantgars, and expire together inone common struggle,fighting for free trade andseamans rights.”Henry Clay,House Speaker,US SenateDuring the War of 1812
  3. 3. Table of Contents War of 1812 Oshawa Project Big Picture of the War Local Activities Impact of the War History One
  4. 4. The Project
  5. 5. The ProjectHeritage Canada selected the Foundation forBuilding Sustainable Communities, FBSC to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 Launch of website. mobile augmented reality videos, 10 part video series, articles and presentations
  6. 6. The ProtagonistsThe Aggressors The Targets  8 million Americans  80,000 settlers  Three types of – 35,000 Loyalist soldiers, – 25,000 Later Loyalist The Idealist, – 20,000 Direct British Opportunists and the 3/4 former Americans Blood Thirsty  14,000 Militia  10,000 Natives  British Forces deeply involved in the European theatre
  7. 7. Declaration of WarAmerica Britian Divided country on the  Britain, its former colonial war effort ruler, was the most powerful Angry over the empire in the world, with impressment of US  An army of 48,000 Sailors into the British  A navy of 600 warships Navy  Preoccupied with a long  An army of less than war in Europe against 12,000 Napoleon 1803-1815.  A navy of 16 ships  According to Pres. Thomas Jefferson, The war was a `mere march to Montreal
  8. 8. Major Battles 1813 January 22 – Frenchtown April 27 – York (Toronto) April 28 - May 9 – Fort Meigs May 25-27 – Fort George (Niagara) June 6 – Stoney Creek1812 June 24 – Beaver Dams August 2 – Fort Stephenson (Ohio)June 18 – Declaration of War October 5 – ThamesJuly 17 – Fort Mackinac October 26 – ChâteauguayAugust 15 – Fort Dearborn (Chicago) November 11 – Cryslers FarmAugust 16 – Fort Detroit December 19 – Fort NiagaraSeptember 3-6 – Western RaidsOctober 13 – Queenston Heights 1814 March 4 – Battle of Longwoods July 3 – Fort Erie July 5 – Chippawa July 17-20 – Prairie du Chien July 25 – Lundys Lane August 4-5 – Michilimackinac August 15 – Fort Erie November 5 – Niagara Peninsula December 24 – Treaty of Ghent
  9. 9. Cost of the WarBritish US 8,600 Deaths  11,600 Deaths Captured Michilimackinac,  Captured Amherstburg and Fort Niagara and much of Sandwich (now Windsor eastern Maine  $90 million dollars or 2.2% of GDP 1523 ships lost or 1.553 Trillion Many prisoners  The US Senate figured it would cost 25 Millon pounds to the another $56 million to continue the national debt war and the US Treasury only hadCanada $15 million Untold personal property  1,523 US Ships seized during the war loss from burning and  Serious financial loss to commerce looting of property in the New England states Human pain and suffering  Near bankruptcy
  10. 10. LOCAL STORIES Local Militia Trade and Commerce Buried Treasure Attack on Oshawa Harbour US POW Camp
  11. 11.  Local Militia John Kerr 14,000 Provincial  First settler located at Militia the current site of Ages 15 to 63 years old Parkwood Estate Local militiaswere Noadiah Woodruff,Mathew Terwelleger in the training prior to the war1st Regiment YorkMilitia, Roger Conant Ebenezar Ranson John McGregor
  12. 12.  Thomas Henry  Paid as a substitute to become a guard in the war  Settled in Oshawa end of war buying 100 acres from proceeds of selling weekly militia rations for $40
  13. 13.  Moode Farewell  Moode Farewells Tavern at King and Harmony Streets  Watering hole for troops, dispatch riders to and from from Kingston to York and beyond  Closed tavern at end of war
  14. 14. Moode Farewell
  15. 15. Buried Treasure US pursuit of the paymasters sloop the Mary Ann sailed into the Western portion of Oshawa Ship abandoned and Americans burned ship British sailors shirted away the payroll of $100,000 and buried and it has never been retrieved
  16. 16. Attack on Oshawa Harbour
  17. 17. US POW CAMP
  18. 18. U S Prison Camp-Fire US Prison Camp in Oshawa
  19. 19. Impact of the War Americans  Huge financial cost  Canadians  Unsuccessful in campaign  Birth of legends  Formation of a professional army  Forging of an identity  Licence to expand west  Military experience proved to be  Open season on Native lands critical in the formation of  Building of the Erie Canal communities  Bolster US manufacturing and  Building and completion of the cotton production Rideau Canal to bypass the St Lawrence in 1832 from US blockade  Tougher stance on US immigration and intolerance to Republican sentiments  Seeds set for the Rebellion of 1837
  20. 20. A February 2012 poll foundthat in a list of items thatcould be used to defineCanadians identity, the factthat Canada successfullyrepelled an Americaninvasion in the War of 1812places second (25%), onlybehind the fact that Canadahas universal health care(53%)
  21. 21. Websitewww.1812waroshawa.comHistorical GeocachingAugmented Reality10 Part Video Series
  22. 22. Website
  23. 23. Video Series Propaganda and an American Soldier Robbery of Local Homestead by Militia  Compensation to local farmers  US POW Camp  Conant`s Gold  Attack on Oshawa Harbour  Tecumseh  The Amputation  General Issac Brock  Mary Henry, The other Heroine
  24. 24. Augmented Reality All five of the Geocache locations have a short AR video viewable from a smart phone
  25. 25. Thanks Heritage CanadaFoundation for Building Sustainable Communities Oshawa Community Museums Imperial Film Productions Oshawa Little Theatre Pickering Village Clarington Museum Digital DeceptionsPictorial Oshawa, Thomas Bockley