The Internet is Dead, Long Live Mobile


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A mashup slideshow integrating mobile trends and the rise of the importance of Mobile Apps.

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The Internet is Dead, Long Live Mobile

  1. 1. M ob i le g Li veLon
  2. 2. 1.1 billion smartphone1.1 billion smartphone users users
  3. 3. In 2012, 24% of all onlineshopping on "black Friday" in theUS was done via mobiles (up from 6% two years ago
  4. 4. 20% ofPresidentialfundraisingcame from Mobile donations
  5. 5. A third of US adults now own a tablet or e-reader (up from 2% less than three years ago
  6. 6. Do you have a Mobile Strategy?
  8. 8. "People using a smart device dont think ofthemselves as computer users, thereforeyou cant use the same conventions youduse in developing desktop software.
  9. 9. Drop-.down menus and elaborate help screens justdont work on a smart device –its more like working an ATM machineat the bank
  10. 10. Why Pick Mobile?● Build membership loyalty● Reinforce the “brand”● Increase your visibility● Increase your accessibility● Increase exposure across mobile devices● Connect you with on-the-go consumers● Generate repeat business● Enhance your social networking strategies
  11. 11. Mobile Apps: Function offlineMobile Web Sites: Don’t Mobile Apps: Function offlineMobile Apps: Sites:le Push Mobile Web Enab Don’tNotifications for Direct Contact Mobile Apps: Enable Pushwith Customers Direct Notifications forMobile Web Sites: Don’t Contact with Customers Mobile Web Sites: Don’tMobile Apps: Always visible onyour phone’s home screen Mobile Apps: Always visibleMobile Web Sites:homealways on your phone’s Not screenvisible Web Sites: Not always Mobile visibleMobile Apps: Appear in theApps Stores Appear in the Mobile Apps: Apps StoresMobile Web Sites: Don’t Mobile Web Sites: Don’tMobile Apps: Allow full access Mobile Apps: Allow full hones hardware
  12. 12. FEATURES Some Features Push Notifications of content Notifications of special events, launches,meetings, webinars etc One-touch access to your contact information Geo location features Fast, seamless appointment scheduling Automatic recording of your next event etc Automatic reminders Embedded QR Code Scanner Free one-on-one Chat
  13. 13. Mobile 101● A mobile application can be built for all platforms: Iphone, Ipad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Tablet● Native mobile applications are different than your website● Information delivery is more just in time approach
  14. 14. Decisions:Outsource, Do it Yourself, Get Volunteers
  15. 15. Contracting Out .
  16. 16. .● Expertise to ● High Cost to create a produce Professional ● May need to app charge● Higher volume endusers to of downloads cover costs
  17. 17. .● Learn new skill ● Learning curve● Low direct Technology cost investment in cross platform● More control ● Lack of human resources ●
  18. 18. Doing it yourself● Register as a developer with Apple, Google Play, Microsoft and Blackberry.● Cost varies per year from $25 to $99 per year● Iphone and Ipad apps require a Apple computer with 10.7 Lion OS to upload binary files● Can use user friendly app creation sites ie. Http:// Etc Free with advertising or $99 per year
  19. 19. .● Expert help ● Working with● Experience other peoples● No learning schedules curve ● Difficult to● Registration manage people with developer sites
  20. 20. To Learn More● Mobile Trends w.aspx?c=87261● Apple Developer● Google Android Developer● Death of the Internet 09/smartphones-boom-bad-for-internet