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ISOC Overview and ISOC Canada


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A short slideshow overview on ISOC

Contact for ISOC Canada

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ISOC Overview and ISOC Canada

  1. 1. The Internet Society
  2. 2. Global Dedicated Independent ResponsiveExperienced Credible Thought-leaderInternet Advocate ConnectingAuthoritative Transparent Accessible Trusted Cause-drivenCollaborative MultistakeholderOpen Consultative Sharing
  3. 3. Our Mission To promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.3
  4. 4. Our Strategic Objectives Foster Advance Enable Empower an open, policies and a vibrant and people through innovative, and strategies that vital global unencumbered trusted Internet strengthen the community to Internet use worldwide Internet’s advance the growth and Internet’s future evolution4
  5. 5. How We Work Operating at the intersection of policy, standards, and education allows us to be a thought leader in the Internet ecosystem.5
  6. 6. African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF)  Gathers more than 100 technical and policy experts from around the world  Fosters African Internet community and content  Promotes African IXPs and interconnection Photos: © Internet Society/Shoot the Earth/ Nyani Quarmyne6
  7. 7. World IPv6 Launch  Permanently enabling next generation Internet Protocol to connect billions more people and devices  Thousands of web companies, ISPs, and home router vendors around the world participating7
  8. 8. World Conference International Telecommunications  A United Nations conference that gathered more than 1000 people from around the world  The Internet Society focused on ensuring continued support for the Internet’s successful multistakeholder model  Activities included providing information to and convening policy makers, industry, and civil societyPhoto: © Stonehouse Photographic8
  9. 9. INSERT SLIDE Create your own slide/s to communicate relevant examples of your work (in our three focus areas: Policy / Technology / Education). Your examples should educate your audience and illustrate your message. Example 1: Policy – WCIT, Human Rights, Accessibility Example 2: Open Internet Standards – IPv6 Day Example 3: Development Capacity Building – AXIS9
  10. 10. Priorities The opportunities and challenges facing the global Internet are as diverse as its 2 billion users.  Digital Content  Internet Governance Management  IPv6  Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC)  Open Internet Standards  Human Rights  Online Security  Intellectual Property10
  11. 11. Programmes Beyond our priorities the Internet Society offers a number of programmes that benefit the Internet Ecosystem. Awards Grants  Internet Hall of Fame  Community Grants  Jonathan B. Postel Service  ICT Innovation Award  Individual Fellowships  Applied Networking Researching Prize (ANRP)11
  12. 12. Europe North America Global Support Africa With five regional Asia Pacific bureaus across the Latin America globe, the Internet and the Caribbean Society is able to effect positive change that benefits local, regional, and national communities.12
  13. 13. Your Membership is Vital Internet Society members achieve change through a range of partnerships and technical expertise. Join more than:  55,000 individual members  90 global Chapters  130 Organization members Your membership to the Internet Society gives you a powerful voice.13
  14. 14. Chapters Play a Key Role Internet Society Chapters form a community that advances our mission through:  Engaging and energizing  Educational events members through a common global vision  Public Policy issue advocacy  Technical workshop and training  Networking events classes14
  15. 15. Get Involved There are so many ways to support the Internet. Explore how you can make an impact.  Become a Member  Join a Chapter  Attend an Event This is your Internet. Join it! www.internetsociety.org15
  16. 16. Get involved with ISOC Canada Email Website htttp:// Http://