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Gen join a6-20121228-en


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Gen join a6-20121228-en

  1. 1. Join Today a worldwide community of Internet technologists, policy makers, standards developers, and more. Become an Internet Society Canada chapter member today.Credit: Photos@Nana Buxani, http://www.internetsociety .caYannick Grandmont/Internet Society
  2. 2. Support & promote an open, unencumbered, and globally accessible Internet, and its transformative effect on economic development, social equality, health care, and education. By joining the Internet Society you become part of an active, global network with tens of thousands of individual members and more than 90 Chapters around the world. Internet Society members: • Access announcements, briefings, and newsletters • Participate in conferences, fellowships, and educational events • Join in active discussion groups and surveys • Connect with a global community with a common vision for the continued development and growth of the Internet. www, ( Canada Chapter) info@internetsociety.orggen-joinA6-20121228-en