Smarter Computing Big Data


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Understand the likely impact of Stream Computing and Big Data on your business and data center.

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Smarter Computing Big Data

  1. 1. Smarter ComputingUnderstand the likely impact of StreamComputing and Big Data on your Businessand Data CenterHow to control costs, improve performance, and mitigate riskthroughout the data lifecycle
  2. 2. IT needs to reinvent itself in order to enter this new era ofcomputing Entering New Era of Computing Driven by… • Insatiable Demand Centralized Distributed Smarter Computing Computing • Unsustainable Computing Economics • New Technologies Efficient Innovative Efficient & Innovative but … but … Limited access Fueled sprawl & & flexibility increased TCO 1
  3. 3. The information supply chain Transactional & Collaborative Analyze Business Analytics Applications Applications Content Integrate Analytics Big Data Master Data Manage Cubes Streams Data Data External Content Warehouses Information Sources Streaming Information Govern Security & Quality Lifecycle Standards Privacy2 2
  4. 4. What is ‘BIG’ Data 4 Billion 10x # of cell phone users worldwide Growth in digital data every 5 years 2 Billion 5% # of Internet users worldwide New Information that is structured“ When physical assets such as cell phones, traffic sensors, cameras, PCs, RFID tags etc. become elements of an information system with ability to capture, compute and communicate information themselves on a massive sensor scale using common TCP/IP protocol. -- Internet of Things by McKinsey Global Institute, 2010 “ The Industrial Revolution of Data. -- Dr. Joe Hellerstein, UC Berkeley 3
  5. 5. The opportunity for real-time analytic processingis everywhere … Stock market • Impact of weather on securities prices • Analyze market data at Law Enforcement, ultra-low latencies Defense & Cyber Security Natural Systems • Real-time multimodal surveillance • Wildfire management • Situational awareness • Water management • Cyber security detection Transportation Fraud prevention • Intelligent traffic • Detecting multi-party fraud management • Real time fraud prevention Manufacturing e-Science • Process control for • Space weather prediction microchip fabrication • Detection of transient events • Synchrotron atomic research Health & Life Sciences • Neonatal ICU monitoring Other • Epidemic early warning Telephony • Smart Grid system • CDR processing • Text Analysis • Social analysis • Who’s Talking to Whom? • Remote healthcare monitoring • Churn prediction • ERP for Commodities • Geomapping • FPGA Acceleration 4
  6. 6. Evolution of technology frontiers Dat a in M ot ion Real Time Analytic Processing (RTAP) to improve business Data at rest response Analysis of historic data to improve business Stream Reporting and transactions Computing human analysis on historical data Data Warehousing 2003 Operational Databases 1983 1970 DB2 v11968 Relational databaseHierarchicaldatabase OLTP OLAP RTAPOnline Transaction Processing Online Analytical Processing ‘Real-Time’ Analytical Processing 6
  7. 7. The Big Data Challenge• Manage and benefit from massive and growing amounts of data• Handle uncertainty around format variability and velocity of data• Handle unstructured data• Exploit BIG Data in a timely and cost effective fashion COLLECT MANAGE Collect Manage Integrate INTEGRATE Analyze ANALYZE 7
  8. 8. IBM offers a comprehensive and integrated set of solutionsfor many types of BIG Data processing needs Str e ams BigInsights filteNon-Traditional rs in com i ng dData ata ere WAREHOUSE foSph lytic s In S Ana Traditional use S s re or SP m se Data a Stre ehou r Wa els d mo Persistent In-Motion Data Data 9
  9. 9. The Big Data ecosystem: Interoperability is key BigInsights User results WAREHOUSEData Sources Data can flow into one or more of the environments (even simultaneously) 10
  10. 10. IBM InfoSphere StreamsStream RTAPAnalytics In-Motion Ultra Low Non- Analytics Latency Results Traditional / Non- Relational Data Sources OLAP / OLTPTraditionalAnalytics Traditional / Relational Data Sources At-Rest Database Results Data Analytics 11
  11. 11. InfoSphere Streams for companies who need to … Real-time delivery ICU Environment• Deal with Gigabytes of data each Monitoring Monitoring second Algo Powerful Telco churn Trading Analytics predict• Work with application, sensor Cyber Smart Security Government / Grid and internet data, video/audio Law enforcement• Deliver insight in microseconds to analytical applications Millions of events per Microsecond• Support complex scenarios using Latency second C++ or Java code• Integrate with existing analytics Traditional / & data warehousing investments Non-traditional data sources 12
  12. 12. Cyber security example – Detecting botnets Real-time Data-at-rest Analytics Analytics BigInsights Custom Retain Visualizations Aggregate + Results Real-time Window Real-time Data (Traffic Capture, Alerts, Logs, …) Data-At-Rest Window Aggregated TRAFFIC + DNS + Secondary Information Alerts etc. PCAP/ Now Aggregated Past PCAP/ Netflow Netflow Alerts IBM Commercially Sensitive 15
  13. 13. IBM is uniquely positioned to help organizations handle their“BIG Data” analysis and management challenges Integrate Automate Secure • Scale to petabytes and thousands of users • Deep integration with Cognos and SPSS • Integrated analysis and analytic model consistency 17
  14. 14. Thank You! Automate Integrate Secure Efficient and Innovative IT for Improved Economics 19
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