Let’s build a smarter planet smarter water management


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Smart is: Developing and integrating processes to improve operations, deepen insight and enhance value delivered to customers

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Let’s build a smarter planet smarter water management

  1. 1. George Mattathil -10/14/2011Let‘s Build a Smarter PlanetSmarter Water Management © 2011 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementExecutive Summary Water -a critical resource that affects every major global system in the world, will eventually reach an era of scarcity. Balancing water "supply" and "demand" in the coming decades will be a painful process – Hence management, preservation and long term sustainability of water is essential The Need There is also a need to manage availability of accurate water information, prevent wastage of water and prevent disasters like stormwater overflow, floods through effective water management Therefore, there is an unprecedented imperative to leverage new technologies to build intelligence in the way the world manages a natural resource like water The three key imperatives that water management agencies have to consider are:  Ensure data on water is accurate and available real-time to improve intelligence in water The management operationsImperatives  Develop and integrate processes to improve operations, insight and customer experience  Use the right tools to manage water systems, monitor quality and protect water resources Our differentiation in the Water Management Space:  Solid base of Smarter Planet References IBM  Centers of Excellence in water management (5 centers in different water solution areas)Expertise  IBM‘s water conservation and treatment experience is based on its in-house manufacturing systems  Strong Water Ecosystem (strong base of business partners, innovations from IBM Research, participation with environmental groups, partnership with universities, our open standard approach with leading groups/agencies)  Ability to apply and adapt business processes and technical architecture based on needs of client2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementCompelling facts on usage of water today! It takes more than 2.5 gallons of water to make one sheet of paper! It takes almost 39 gallons of water to make one cup of coffee! It takes 172 gallons of water to make one pound of wheat! It takes 2,868 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans! It takes 2,048 gallons of water to make one pound of beef!Source: IBM S & D Solution Brief – IBM Water Management Overview – Who thinks about Water? You should and IBM does!,3 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementInefficient water use, inadequate infrastructure, access to safe waterare key issues in water management ~60% of 2500 trillion 50% loss ~2.8 billion people Global agriculture wastes an Municipalities lose as much The UN estimates that by 2025, estimated 60% of the 2,500 as 50% of their water forty-eight nations, with trillion liters it uses each year supply through leaky combined population of 2.8 infrastructure billion, will face freshwater ―stress‖ or ―scarcity 1.4 million deaths Waterborne diseases cause nearly 1.4 million deaths in children every year ~1 billion people Nearly one billion people lack access to safe waterIn reality 97% of all the earths water is saltwater, 2% is held in snow and icebergs leaving only 1%available for human consumption, therefore it is imperative that we get smarter at managing water4 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water Management Smarter approaches to the management, operations and long-term sustainability of water is critical  Growing urban populations increasing the stress on supplies and infrastructure Gaps in Services  Customers and Regulators are demanding improved operational efficiency, better service and greater accountability  Economic growth and water use planning are disconnected  Significant need to enhance long term provisioning of water for public and commercial use Sustainability  Allocation of water must be managed to ensure conservation  Integrated data must be available to support intelligence based decisions on water allocation  Insufficient intelligence on water and water systems resulting in: Measurement, monitoring, – Fragmentation of information; inaccurate, incomplete, redundant data and reports control  Reliance on manual processes reduces efficiency and increases costs  Increasing regulatory requirements also drives up costs Legacy Assets/  Assets and infrastructure have aged to such a degree that maintenance costs are rising faster Managing cost of then revenue assets  Budget pressures are forcing agencies to lower the cost of operating and while maintaining service levelsWaste Water Treatment,  Threats to public health are making the management of waste water a high priority Stormwater Overflow  Significant urban growth makes proactive storm water management a vital necessity 5 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementWater management agencies are focusing on five key imperatives tomanage water and ensure sustainability Pain Points Sustainability  Optimize water usage, monitor quality and protect water resources (optimize and protect other resources like energy too) Lack of data/ water  Develop processes to ensure accurate data on water usage intelligence is accessible and available  Enhance theunderstanding, measurement. provisioning Measurement, and management of water so that regulatory requirements monitoring and and demands can be met control  Revitalize water delivery infrastructure Upgrade of legacy assets  Protect the supply and delivery of water for citizens and industry Gaps in Services6 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  7. 7. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementTechnology can make water management simpler and smarter! Issue Description How tech can enable Smarter Water  Climate change  Downscaled Climate models  Fragmentation of water  “Collaboration platforms” - Integrate multiple sensor networks and resource management/ data data sets  Application and data integration  Surface Water Contamination,  Water flow and quality, run-off management sensing & systems Ground Water Contamination  Groundwater resource mapping  Availability of water  Land-use tools  Water accounting systems  Agricultural practices  Precision irrigation  Run-off management sensing and systems  Social attitudes, water pricing  Smart metering for water (to enable differential pricing)  Leakage, losses  Leak detection and management systems  Loss of water because of theft or miscoded customer (commercial customer not paying commercial rates because of mistake)  Risk of levee failure  Sensing for structural health – “smart levees”  Storm surges  Topological models  High resolution weather forecasting7 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementWhat can we do better today?Seize the opportunity to leverage new technologies and adopt collaborative approaches tobuild intelligence in the way we manage water Ensure data on water is HOW? accurate and available real-time “Smart” imperatives Develop and integrate processes Manage water systems WHAT DO WE HAVE? Smarter Water Management Solutions: IBM’s offerings are designed to assist water agencies in the management, preservation and efficient allocation of water resources WHY IBM? Our expertise: Substantiated through our work with clients, Smarter Water resources, and Water Centers of Competency8 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmarter Water Management: SMART IS SMART IS 1 Ensuring data on water is accurate and available real-time to improve intelligence 2 Developing and integrating processes to improve operations, deepen insight and in water management operations enhance value delivered to customers SMART IS 3 Using the right tools to manage water systems, monitor quality and protect water resources9 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Ensuring data on water is accurate and availablereal-time to improve intelligence in water managementoperations 1How will you… Receive accurate/up-to-date system status and resource utilization reports in a timely manner to make informed fast decisions? Model scenarios and do what-if analysis to understand the financial and operational impact of decisions? Ensure visibility in to water usage and revenue variances? Comply with regulatory issues with respect to water use, water treatment? What percentage of water is being accounted for? Manage the rising cost of operating and maintaining your assets? Reduce your asset and system downtime?10 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementIBM water management solutions offer innovative capabilitiesfor supplying intelligence ‗when and where‘ needed 1 Ensure data on water is accurate and available real-time Information Agenda for Water: Intelligent Water Operations Center: Comprehensive array of solutions to Solutions manage, protect, process and support the management of entire natural analyze unprecedented volumes of water systems, levee systems, water structured and unstructured data - creating infrastructure, water utilities and water insight that drives innovation and business treatment facilities. optimization Water Asset Management (Maximo): Customer Information System: – Single software platform for managing assets - Optimizes processes and activities that is designed for transmission and distribution - Unified, up-to-date and accurate views of – Manages important aspects of asset‘s life cycle information real-time (acquisition, work management, inventory control, - Direct simultaneous access to dynamic purchasing) business intelligence through a single window – Facilitates regulatory requirements11 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Responding quickly to demands for accurate,complete, actionable information 1 Information Agenda for Water Establish End-to-End Vision & Business-Driven Value Establish an information-driven strategy & objectives to enable Align People, Process & business priorities… InformationDiscover & design trustedinformation with unified tools andexpertise to sustain strategic valueof information over time… Accelerate Projects for Short & Long-Term ROI Accelerate information- intensive projects aligned with Architect an Extensible the strategy to speed return Information Infrastructure on investments… Deploy open and agile technology and leverage existing information assets for speed and flexibility…12 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Assisting in the Visibility and Management of Assets 1 Water Asset Management MRO For example: County Department of Public Works IBM Asset Management improves service for 10 million residents with Maximo Asset Management  Productivity  Reliability County agency responsible for roads, bridges, airports, sewers, flood control and water facilities.  Process Regulatory Standardization Compliance  Ability to Adapt Operational Control Value The Challenge: for  Strategic system robust enough to accommodate Agency the wide variety of facilities and maintenance work  Scale on one database and multi-asset flexibility The Benefits:  Increased planned work from 30% to 66%  Modern, Standards-based  Investment Accuracy  Reduced employee training cost Technologies  Resource Allocation  Saved labor costs by balancing contractor &  Cost and Complexity staff work13 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Enabling Intelligent Water Operations withVisualization and Advanced Analytical Tools Intelligent Water Operations Center 1 Extended Collaboration Platform Current Collaboration Platform Weather Icon – click on it to get forecast details Numerical Data will be displayed wherever appropriate. (River Listed levels, tank levels, etc). Mapped Alarms Screen to be refreshed alarms automatically every 15-30 minutes) The current operating conditions of the system (Operator Updated text) Operator Chat Planned outages, maintenance and important information (Operator updated text) The extended Collaboration Platform supports multiple Emergency Operations areas:  Preparedness  Communications and Information Management  Resource Management  Command and Management – Incident Command System, Multi-agency Coordination Systems and Public Information Systems  Ongoing Management and Maintenance14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementClients improve water operations with improved responsetimes, enhanced reporting metrics and greater visibilityinto operations 1Smarter Water Infrastructure Asset Management: Smarter Water Infrastructure Asset Management:Cape Fear works with IBM and IBM Business Partner ESRI to The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), isimplement IBM Tivoli Maximo Asset Management software using IBM software to help reduce pollution in water Reduced turnaround on pump station run time; meter reading  SFPUC has improved visibility into their maintenance collections reduced 99 percent - from 4 days to 30 minutes operations and physical infrastructure Improved system uptime and minimized disruptions to  Near real-time status, allowing them now to resolve customers using preventative maintenance issues within 24 hours Reduced overall costsWater Information Exchange:Sonoma County Water Authority used a single portal integrating Customer Information Systems:SCADA systems of SCWA, Santa Rosa, Cotati and Rohnert Denver Water implemented Cognos solutions resulting in:Park resulting in benefits:  Uniform reporting to water board Data from the intelligent meters can be analyzed to help lower costs,  Improved project management; budgets and rolling adopt efficient and sustainable consumption patterns, and forecasts, automatic calculation and reporting, cost overrun improve usage identificationBy addressing water issues as a system, citizens can make  Improved collaboration across groups (engineering,smarter decisions about how and when they use limited water resources budgeting, and construction management)15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Developing and integrating processes to improveoperations, deepen insight and enhance value delivered tocustomers 2How will you… Obtain real-time data on water consumption? Identify areas for energy efficiency related to water? Address leakage or water theft detection? Create and use an optimization model to yield cost reductions? Ensure easy detection of anomalies, understand behavioral models and provide usage predictions?16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementImplementing processes to manage costs and operations 2 Develop and integrate processes to improve operations Intelligent Water Management: Smart Water Analytics:  Understand usage patterns and detect  Offers granular data on usage trends  anomalies on leakage, theft or faulty meters  Accurate meters aids in capital & operational investment decisions  Explores ―optimal‖ location of leak(s); creates  Provides alerts on immediate and longer term optimization model to yield cost reduction problems  Use of optimization model to find the optimal number of valves, to enable the effective pressure management Analytics Driven Asset Management (ADAM):  Leverages advanced analytics and optimization technologies to turn the vast amounts of EAM / Metering /Sensor data into actionable insight, foresight and prescriptions17 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Enabling homes/businesses with advanced devicesto track and report water consumption data 2 Smarter Water Meter Management Meters report as frequently as IBM installs or provides as a IBM Maximo / SAP enables Install advanced every 15 minutes either via service the main billing meter management and wireless meters in homes cellphone or Wimax, or less system, or can run the entire maintenance - meter and businesses frequently via short range protocol billing service on an performance and failure to a drive-by reader outsourced basis can be tracked remotely Meters can provide the home or More accurate meters provide The system as a whole provides business owner with immediate better information in assets to more granular data on usage data on water consumption. inform capital & operational trends and can alert of immediate This is known to promote water investment decisions and longer term problems conservation. The offering can be cloud-based or premise-based18 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Detecting leaks and thefts via optimization modelsto reduce operational costs and wasted resources 2 Intelligent Water Management Leakage or Theft Detection at Leakage Detection at the the Residential Level Network Level using optimization Find ―optimal‖ location of leak(s) to explain Understand usage patterns and detect anomalies for low and high consumption difference between actual measurements and to detect leakage, theft or faulty meters model predicted measurements Leakage Reduction using Optimal Valve Placement for Dynamic Pressure Control Pressure Reduction Use an optimization model to find the optimal Create optimization model to adjust the number of valves, and their location, so as to pressure dynamically so that only the enable the most effective pressure management required flow will be supplied yielding cost reduction in energy and water achieved19 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Leveraging analytic platforms to deliver insights andpredict outcomes in asset management Analytics Driven Asset Management (ADAM) 2 Addresses three key challenges in asset management20 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementIBM - partnering with clients to increase efficiency in operations 2Smarter Water Workforce Optimization AnalyticsDC Water worked with IBM and its business partners to modernizeinfrastructure management and gain greater visibility Smarter Water and Energy Metering:into critical operations With Enemalta, IBM is developing a new smart grid with Resulting in 36% reduction in customer calls 250,000 meters that integrates both water and power systems Increase percentage of emergency investigations dispatched in - Allows utilities to more intelligently plan their investments in 10 minutes the network, increase operational efficiency, and reward Significant reduction in asset downtime customers who consume less energy and water Smarter Water Use and Energy Efficiency:Smarter Water Meter Usage Analytics IBM itself has realized dramatic economic and sustainabilityCity of Dubuque implements a new, smarter system that will benefits implementing advanced water management systems.analyze data collected from more-sensitive water meters and Using Green SigmaTM methodologies, IBM has implemented aother devices to alert consumers via the Internet on issues like smarter water management solution in IBM Burlington‘swater waste and enable them to take corrective measures - Semiconductor Fab that allowed us to realize $3 million in costresulting in cost and resource savings savings and reduce water consumption by 27% while increasing production.21 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Using the right tools to manage water systems,monitor quality and protect water resources 3How will you… Proactively obtain information on watersheds and pending issues in order to take timely actions? Generate maps, gather weather statistics with specifics on potential impacts due to stormwater inflows? Detect weather fluctuations, mitigate storm water impact and proactively take measures for the prevention of natural disasters?22 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementUsing advanced analytics to predict, and prevent uncontrollablesituations and optimize water consumption 3 Using the right tools to manage water systems, monitor quality and protect water resources Natural Water Systems Management: Intelligent Wastewater and Stormwater Management:  Draws on real-time monitoring systems to  Detects sewer flow levels predict and mitigate situations before  Manages maintenance requests they occur  Generates accurate flood maps with specifics on impact areas, quick actions through advanced analytics for flood avoidance Deep Thunder Weather Modeling:  Generates local, high-resolution weather predictions customized to business applications for weather-sensitive operations days ahead of time23 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Leveraging sensor and communications technologyfor real-time decision making 3 Natural Water Systems Management Innovative wireless technology Dynamically adjustable City-wide collection system Monitoring Large numbers of sensors Innovative technology merges with existing Aggregation of infrastructure information Predict outcomes with large scale models Fraction of the cost of traditional solutions Controls react Key decisions based real time for optimal on fact not assumptions performance24 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementSmart is: Mitigating flooding incidents and managingwastewater effectively Intelligent Wastewater/Stormwater Management 3 High resolution weather and flooding models are used to generate accurateInnovative technologies such as Smart Manhole flood maps with specifics on impact areasCovers are used to detect sewer flow levels Wireless network links monitoring devices to central command center Stormwater Management Command Center Data can also drawn from more traditional SCADA/sensors systems. Advanced analytics and optimization engines generate recommended actions for flood avoidance Search for all assets of the Type „natural channel‟ with condition = 3 in this area. Valves, pumps or inflatable Results are highlighted in blue dams are controlled All assets of the same type in this area dynamically to balance inlineSewer system data can also be highlighted in blue sewer storage and avoidlinked with asset & workflow tools potential overflows.to manage any specificmaintenance requests25 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water Management Smart is: Integrating forecasts in to decision-making to optimize business processes 3 Deep Thunder – Forecasts for Weather-Sensitive Operations Issue: Weather-sensitive business operations are often reactive to short-term (3 to 36 hours), local conditions (city, county, state) due to unavailability of appropriate predicted data at this scale Solution: Application of reliable, affordable, weather models for predictive & proactive decision making & operational planning – Numerical weather forecasts coupled to business processes – Products and operations customized to business problems – Competitive advantage – enhanced efficiency, safety, security and economic & societal benefit 26 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementClients worldwide have gained benefits through watermanagement prediction and protection 3Real-time Monitoring System : Smarter River and Estuary Protection :Galway Bay uses real time monitoring system, sensors and Working with the Beacon Institute, IBM is helping enablecomputational technology to collect and disseminate minute-to-minute monitoring of New Yorks Hudson River viainformation on coastal conditions, marine life, pollution levels, an integrated sensor network, robotics, and computationaland is able to better predict weather threats, rogue waves, technology throughout the 315-mile river to understand andand provide pollution alerts predict the effects of global warming, the movements of migrating fish, and transport of pollutantsSmarter Levee Management and Flood Control: Smarter Weather Management:In Netherlands, IBM is working with partners to build smarter IBM is applying high resolution weather forecasting capabilitylevees and flood management solutions that enable called Deep Thunder to predict damage ahead of time andauthorities to monitor infrastructure and changing flood optimize processes so that they can better mobilize resources,conditions, utilize advanced decision tools to help prevent reduce restoration time, communicate more accurately, andavoidable flooding incidents reduce emergency management costs27 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementWhy IBM?  IBM understands both thebusiness processes and the technical architecture required for an effective Smarter Water Management program  Breadth and depth of resources: Advanced analytics, real-time monitoring systems, sensors resolve the ―world‘s most complicated water management problems‖ (For Example: Deep Thunder Weather Modeling, World Community Grid, Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland)  IBM has recognized that its solutions be tailored to smaller organizations through cloud technology and application of open standards approaches  IBM has expanded water management capabilities around the world by establishing Centers of Excellence (COE) for Water Management  IBM has built establishing a Smarter Water Ecosystem with leading partners on sensing technologies, software models, engineering consulting expertise, other innovations  IBM provides assetsto leverage customer-preferred Geographical Information System (GIS) applications.28 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementIBM‘s experience includes working with water, electric and gasutilities across the globe IBM Burlington: IBM itself has realized dramatic economic and sustainability benefits implementing advanced water management systems. Using Green SigmaTM methodologies, IBM has implemented a smarter water management solution in IBM Burlington‘s Semiconductor Fab that allowed us to realize $3 million in cost savings and reduce water consumption by 27% while increasing production. In a pioneering research project, for the first time, Flood Control, scientists at IBM and the University of Netherlands Aberdeen have collaborated to ―see‖ the structure Hudson River of a marine compound from the deepest place on the Earth using an atomic force microscope (AFM). The results of the project open up new possibilities in biological research which could lead to the faster Galway Bay development of new medicines in the future. IBM Electric and Gas Utility Implementations29 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  30. 30. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementOur solutions portfolio is complemented with our thought leadershipstudies, the Centers of Excellence…Smarter Water Management Solutions Home Page COE (Centers of Excellence)http://www.ibm.com/green/water COE Smarter Water Management AreasThought Leadership CoE Netherlands Flood ManagementGIO Report on Oceans and Water CoE Ireland Marine Environment andhttp://www.ibm.com/ibm/gio/water.html Water Quality CoE Burlington US Industrial water CoE Montpellier Using supercomputers for water flow modelingIBM Water Management Pains Summary Report CoE Venice Tourism & Waterhttp://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/gbs/bus/pdf/ibm-water-pains-report-jan09.pdf30 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  31. 31. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water Management…and the expertise of our business partners! IBM and ESRI deliver Smarter Water Management solutions integrating advanced analytics w/ Maximo asset management software with the Esri GIS mapping applications Cape Fear Public Utilities DC Water AuthorityIBM is developing complementary solutions City of Corpus Christiwith expertise in areas such as architecture Sacramento Area Sewer Districtand water management, devices includingvideo cameras and smart meters, and cityservices software – Among the BusinessPartners working with IBM are AECOM, IBM has developedBadger Meter, esri, Telvent, Veolia Water Interfaces into BadgersNorth America and VirtualAgililty wireless meter reading and leak detection applications to be used at a customer location, or in a cloud with IOC BusinessCustomer Care and Billing/Intelligent PartnersMetering - Combination of OracleSiebel and Revenue Managementapplication with IBM services to provide IBM and SAP deliver aefficiencies in meter reading, rating and refreshing solution forbilling Fairfax CountyCity of AustinSydney Water Terna deployed a unified communications and eMeter EnergyIP software collaboration solution with IBM and IBM BP bundled on the IBM WebSphere Cisco that provides tools to help employees Application Server running Tivoli efficiently communicate and share information from Monitoring helping companies on disparate locations Smart Grid application31 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  32. 32. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementInnovations from IBM – Leveraging the power of Community Creek Watch: Smarter Water Cures from the deep through Citizen Science Scientists at IBM and the  Exploration into using mobile A global network of PCs devices to capture ―citizen University of Aberdeen can "see" the structure of a marine science‖ data/photos compound from 35,814 feet  Partnering with University of Virginia  Collect simple environmental below sea level, using an atomic model to predict effects of data about waterways force microscope commercial development, fishing and agriculture on Chesapeake Bay  IBM Research developing application in consultation with  Developing effective & efficient the California Water Board and water filtering by simulating flow volunteer watershed groups through carbon nanotubes with Tsinghua University (China)  Enabling Inforium Bioinformatics & FIOCRUZ-Minas (Brazil) to seek cures for schistosomiasis Connected citizens contribute – and that can make many things smarter!32 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementWe‘ve only just begun to uncover what is possible in a Smarter Planet The world will continue to become smaller, flatter and smarter. We are moving into the age of the globally integrated and intelligent economy, society and planet. By systemically managing water and energy use, as well as carbon emissions, smart organizations will realize true sustainability while achieving real business benefits— driving growth at the individual, organizational and population levels. Let‟s work together to drive real progress in our world!33 © 2011 IBM Corporation
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  35. 35. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementThe bottom line is still top priorityAlthough the global economy is on the road to recovery,many organizations may still be: Concerned about the high cost of acquiring and maintaining technology Keeping a close watch on their IT investments Demanding that every investment provide a quick return Conserving capital wherever possible Favoring short-term over long-term initiatives “The economic downturn has rewritten the rules of IT investment, and IT organizations will need more-rigorous investment management practices in order to adapt. Only then can IT organizations meet the business requirement to continue to improve IT efficiency, while increasing the value delivered to the enterprise.” —Gartner Research, New Realities of IT Investment, September 27, 201035 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  36. 36. Let‘s build a smarter planet: Government – Smarter Water ManagementIBM Global Financing can help IBM Global Financing helps companies acquire the IT solutions they need, more easily and cost-effectively, so they can: – Preserve cash for strategic business needs – Obtain the solutions they need— potentially without cutting back We are the world‘s largest technology financier, providing services in more than 55 countries We work with more than 125,000 clients, from small businesses to large enterprises, including roughly 80% of the Fortune 100 Our decades of IT expertise give us an exceptional understanding of a company‘s 55+ 125,000+ technology and financial needs countries clients36 © 2011 IBM Corporation
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