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Community Environmental Action


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Let's clean our own garbage first.

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Community Environmental Action

  1. 1. EXPRESS REAL PAGE 5 MUMBAI I SEPTEMBER 25, 2011 Managing metal stand and covered fordable price. And now, peo- “But our focus is on edu- Waste is a matter which is had produced themselves, it with a lid which is clasped ple all across the city are us- cating school children and mostly approached with changed their views,” said from both sides. It can ac- ing them in areas including the college going youth who slight hesitation and even Pereira. “This is a way in commodate waste from five- Charni Road, Byculla, Kalina, in turn will convince their aversion, says Rego but the which each individual can six families, which is about 5 Andheri, Goregaon, Malad families and carry this tradi- attitude of people has been contribute to reducing the Waste to 10 kg per day. “Since it has and even in Vasai and Karjat. tion forward and save the en- shifting gradually. “We did waste and feel free of the a tight lid, there is no smell at Infact, my friends in Delhi vironment,” said Rego, face some resistance earlier crime of adding to environ- all. You can put any kind of and Pune have started it too,” adding, many schools have but once people saw the first ment degradation,” kitchen waste, including said Pereira. now started the practice. batch of compost that they added Rego. meat and bones, tree waste such as dry wood and Fed up with the mounting heaps of garbage in his branches as well as industrial waste like saw dust, paper area, Christopher Pereira, conceived the idea of a and wood shavings in it, and all of it will turn into rich ma-compost tumbler, which turns biodegradable garbage nure,” said Denzil Rego, Pereira’s partner in the initia- into high-grade compost without any smell tive. One batch of waste can give you a tub full of com-AAKRITI VASUDEVA post, which is sold in the market for as much as Rs 120FED UP with the mounting a packet. However, non-heaps of garbage in his area, biodegradable waste such asChristopher Pereira, decided glass, metal and plastic can-to take matters into his own not be used.hands. “The main purpose of The form of composting isan ALM is effective waste aerobic, with holes at the up-management through segre- per end for ventilation and atgation and composting. But the lower end to drain outwe realised that despite our water. “It is a simple and easyALM setup, we weren’t doing process which requires veryenough because composting less space. All you need to dowas seen as a filthy and is deposit your waste in thestinky process, “ said Pereira. tumbler and turn it twice aHe decided to change that day and you’ll get compost in 10 to 30 days,” Rego said. Swish They visit each site once a week to provide support and Set maintenance. For larger hous- ing societies, Pereira has de- signed a compost bin, which has a capacity of 440 litresand thus the compost tum- and can cater to the waste ofbler was born. about 40 families a day. Pereira is the architect of From just an idea on pa-the compost tumbler, a prod- per a little more than a yearuct which turns any kind of ago, the compost tumblerbiodegradable garbage into and bins have come a longhigh grade compost without way to now being quiteany smell. “Most societies sought after.make composting pits, which Denzil Rego, above, and the architect of compost tumbler “Earlier, it was just a solu-smell and are sometimes in- Christopher Pereira DILIP KAGDA tion to our ALM’s problems infested with rodents and Bandra. But after seeing thepests. We studied various more practical way of com- about,” said Pereira. results, people started ap-models, including those posting. That is how the idea The tumbler is a plastic proaching us and we made itabroad, to find an easier and of a compost tumbler came drum that is pivoted on a available to them at an af- BOOK SPACE Meet Vibha Kamat, Sonal Bimal and Vaishali Shende who have given a new lease of life to a library near the Bandra Gymkhana.SUKANYA SHETTY The three are concerned about the funds. “We haveTHE sprawling 4,000-sq ft li- space for a few thousandbrary has been there for more books. Help and sup-nearly a decade but could port have been pouring in,have been easily missed until but we need funds to sustainjust a few weeks ago. The the project,” says Vibha, aspace, provided by the civic French teacher.body to non-profit trust Ma- Maharashtra Mitra Man-harashtra Mitra Mandal near dal had entered into a con-the Bandra Gymkhana, has DILIP KAGDA tract with the BMC in 2003got a new lease of life — with rising by the day. We just re- to run a library for 30 years,new shelves, Warli paintings ceived another bunch of 50 but it had not really made aon walls, colourful seating books,” adds Sonal, an ap- breakthrough. “I had beenspace, Tin Tin and Nancy parel consultant. The library, scouring for some space toDrew. they say, is not just the cre- set up a library for a long Three friends — Vibha Ka- ation of three people coming time. When I visited thismat, Sonal Bimal and Vaishali together and pulling in a few space, I knew this was it,”Shende — had brought about more adults. “Kids have Vibha beams. The trio alsothe much-needed shown equal par- plans to have a space forchange to infuse movers & ticipation in our movie screening. “Would notthe reading habitin children. The li- shakers venture. It’s heart- ening to see a child it be fun for kids to know how Charlie’s chocolate fac-brary, located on the ground come up and donate his/her tory actually looks like? Wefloor of Princess building, will books to us. Many children plan to have an informativenow be an exclusive space for have given us their prized and intellect-stimulating filmchildren. possessions,” Sonal says. library too,” Sonal says. The trio, belonging todifferent backgrounds, hasone thing in common — acraze for books. “As a kid, Inever cared what the booklooked like; if it was newlybound or in a tattered con-dition. I would just pickthem up and start readingthem feverishly,” saysVaishali, who freelanceswith a NGO on disastermanagement. Just two months intothe project, the library is al-ready home to as many as2,500 books. “The count is