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Unlock the power of emotions (#NTKY2012)


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Unlock the power of emotions (#NTKY2012)

  1. 1. @geert_martens Unlock the power of emotions @geert_martens, competence leader customer experience, 4C Consulting Brussels, 15th May 2012 Prepared for “Nice to Know You 2012”, by SAS Institute
  2. 2. @geert_martens 4C Consulting  |  Service portfolio g | p C t Customer E Experience M i t Management Naïve‐to‐Natural  |  Emotional Signature  |  Moments of Truth  |  Multi‐channel Strategy  |  Unique Customer View  |  CRM Roadmap Marketing Excellence Sales Excellence Service Excellence • Marketing Maturity Assessment • SFA Management & Automation • Customer Service Automation • Campaign Management & Automation • Sales Portfolio Management • Self Service Strategy & Management • Campaign Management Outsourcing p g g g • Sales Middle Office • Complaints Handling p g • Marketing Resource Management • Training & Coaching  Customer Insight Management Intelligent reporting  |  Data Quality  |  Data Integration  |  Advanced Analytics 2
  3. 3. Book us for customer experience inspiration:• Conference speaking• Inspiration workshopsHire us for customer experience transformation:• Customer experience statement• Emotional Signature l• Moments of Truth transformation• CeX training & coachingGeert Martens, competence leader customer experience• Mobile: +32 477 365 166• Email:• Twitter: @geert_martens• Linkedin: p // / / g• Slideshare:
  4. 4. @geert_martens The age The age of the customer the customer
  5. 5. Age of the Customer Power comes from engaging on an emotional level with empowered customers Age of Information g Connected PCs and  supply chains mean those who control the  information fl i f ti flow dominate Age of Distribution Global connections and  transportation systems i make distribution keyAge of Manufacturing of ManufacturingMass manufacturingmakes individual power houses successful
  6. 6. @geert_martens 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
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  8. 8. @geert_martens
  9. 9. @geert_martens When your customer are emotionally engaged, they... When your customer are emotionally engaged they Forgive Pay a price Cost less to Promote Buy more Stay loyal operational p premium serve your brand y hiccups Emotional E ti l Customer Engagement
  10. 10. @geert_martens What is a is a customer experience?
  11. 11. @geert_martens A customer experience is em j jou orga g otio rn nizati ns ey on How a customer a journey of  with and about feels and remembers interactions an organization
  12. 12. AffectionAngerAnnoyanceAnxietyApathyArousal ImpactingAweCared for the way the way you feel ContemptCuriosityBoredom i about  DepressionDesireDespair i iDisappointmentDisgust At  At The brand  DreadEcstasyEmbarrassment each i iEmpathyEnergized interaction,  The EnvyEuphoria emotions company  FearFocusedFretfulFrustration are  i iGratitudeGrief evoked The  productsGuiltHappinessHatredHopeHorrorHostility  i  i The  serviceHurriedHysteriaIndifferenceInterestIrritationJealousyLoathing  i  i The peopleLonelinessLoveLustMisery ValueNeglected receivedPamperedPityPleasedPrideRage Other gRegret customersRemorseSadnessSatisfactionShameShockShynessSorrow YourselfSufferingSurpriseStressedTrustValuedWonderWorrySource:
  13. 13. @geert_martens         Make or Break moments Break moments  “Moments of Truth”      
  14. 14. @geert_martens What is a is a great customer g experience?
  15. 15. @geert_martens Deliberate D lib t Valued on an emotional level Great customer p experiences Perfect on all Moments of Truth Consistent across touchpoints & custo e ecyc e & customer lifecycle
  16. 16. @geert_martens
  17. 17. @geert_martens
  18. 18. @geert_martens
  19. 19. @geert_martens Reason Conclusions Emotion ActionThe essential difference between emotion and reason isthat emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusionsDonald Calne
  20. 20. @geert_martens“Emotions color Emotions color  pthe experience and,more importantly, how the experiencehow the experiencewill be remembered”Donald A. NormanD ld A NSource:
  21. 21. @geert_martensPeople will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, people will forget what you did,but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou
  22. 22. @geert_martensSource: @ColinShaw_CX , @MicahSolomon and @geert_martens
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  24. 24. @geert_martens
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  26. 26. @geert_martens
  27. 27. @geert_martens Consistent across touchpoints & lifecycle
  28. 28. @geert_martens Next practices
  29. 29. @geert_martens
  30. 30. @geert_martensYou can’t stop the waves,but you can learn how to surfb l h fJon Kabat‐Zinn
  31. 31. @geert_martens Build a CeX statement Define & measure KPIs Break‐down the CeX statement into:  +/‐ emotions, traits & desired behavior Calculate ROI Customize for core segments & Define  touch points code of conduct Identify improvement opportunities Id if i ii Define fit‐gap & identify quick wins 1.Define 4. Measure 4. Measure 2. Design Design implementation roadmap &  D i i l i d & 3. Implement 3.  3. Implement implement Quick Wins Design behavioral principles  per business unit Implement the Moments of Truth Map the customer journey  f h t for each core segment Communicate. Repeat. Identify the Moments of Truth (MoT)  for each journey Train & coach Design the MoT: emotions, behavioral  Design the MoT: emotions behavioral principles, processes, tools & KPIs
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