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Manns music #3 -rev. 3-11-14

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Manns music #3 -rev. 3-11-14

  2. 2. To See It Is To Want ItTo See It Is To Want It
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE GUITARWHAT IS THE GUITAR MUSICAID SLIDERULE?MUSICAID SLIDERULE? A unique, hand held instructional tool. A resource from which the guitarist can: – see the notes – learn the notes, and – finger placement of notes of the scales by fingering transparent openings on the slider.
  4. 4. What features does the GuitarWhat features does the Guitar Musicaid Sliderule contain?Musicaid Sliderule contain?  A guitar fingerboard card and a two color slider with transparent openings that reveal the: – names of the 6 guitar strings – names of open & fretted guitar notes – fret positions for each note – fingering sequences for major & minor scales – key signatures for each major & minor scale – fret starting positions for each scale – whole & half step relationships between scale notes – names of notes in major and minor chords
  5. 5. How does the Guitar MusicaidHow does the Guitar Musicaid Sliderule Work?Sliderule Work?  Moving the slider across the fingerboard allows the guitarist to select a scale, read a fret starting position, or to review a key signature for sharps or flats through transparent openings in the slider.  The arrow to each successive note provides a path for the guitarist to follow to finger the scale selected.  By setting the slider so a major or minor chord name appears in the scale window the guitarist can find the names of the notes in chords – the 1st ,3rd , & 5th notes of the scale.
  6. 6. Guitar Players in General willGuitar Players in General will benefit by the Guitarbenefit by the Guitar Musicaid SlideruleMusicaid Sliderule – Helps guitar players of all ages learn to play the guitar. – Eliminates the element of frustration by providing a quick and easy way to master notes and scales up and down the fingerboard. – Compact design lends itself to be carried anywhere, i.e. shirt pocket, notebook, backpack, purse, or guitar case.
  7. 7. Teachers will benefit from theTeachers will benefit from the Guitar Musicaid SlideruleGuitar Musicaid Sliderule – Instructional aid that is used to provide students with a quick and easy way to learn to play notes and scales up and down the fingerboard. – Captures the attention of the student minimizing their temptation to play their guitars during oral instruction. – Reinforces instruction outside the classroom.
  8. 8. The Guitar Musicaid SlideruleThe Guitar Musicaid Sliderule Is Priced At:Is Priced At: $15.99 Available now at the following store locations: Guitar Center-Block at Orange, 20 City Blvd. W., Ste. 907D, Orange, CA Guitar Center-Brea, 606 S. Brea Blvd, Brea, CA Guitar Center-Fountain Valley, 18361 Euclid St., Fountain Valley, CA Guitar Center-Lake Forest, 2381 El Toro Rd., Lake Forest, CA Guitar Center-La Mesa, 8825 Murray Dr., La Mesa, CA Guitar Center-San Marcos, 712 Center Dr., San Marcos, CA
  9. 9. In SummaryIn Summary  Demand for a learning tool with the features the Guitar Musicaid Sliderule provides continues to grow among guitar players of all ages.  We believe that the Guitar Musicaid Sliderule is a product that has a lifetime appeal.  The music genre may change, but the skills a guitar player needs to master their instrument is timeless.
  10. 10. Contact InformationContact Information Gail Mann, President – Bruce Mann, Research and Development – Mann’s Music Capistrano Beach, CA 92624 (877) 218 - 1950