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Characteristics Of Life


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This is a presentation on the Characteristics of Life I put together for my 7th grade life science class.

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Characteristics Of Life

  1. 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF LIFE Defining what it means to be alive 7th grade science Mr. Ardito
  2. 2. Metabolism The total of all chemical reactions and life processes that allow an organism to take care of itself. Everything that happens in your cells is a set of chemical reactions.
  3. 3. Regulation: Responding to the environment Living things can monitor (perceive) and respond to changes in their internal and external environment. Sometimes they can adapt to these changes, sometimes they can’t.
  4. 4. Locomotion The movement of an organism towards food, water, shelter, mates.
  5. 5. Synthesis Organisms build big things from little things They make large molecules that they need from smaller building blocks.
  6. 6. Transport Movement of stuff within the organism Like blood through our arteries and veins
  7. 7. Respiration Burning food for fuel sugar + oxygen ---> carbon dioxide + water + energy
  8. 8. Nutrition Living things obtain energy from their environment. Photosynthesis is key: Sunlight carbon dioxide + water -----------> sugar + oxygen + water
  9. 9. Growth More cells and bigger cells Humans start as 1 cell and grown and develop into an organism of about 50 trillion cells.
  10. 10. Excretion Getting rid of waste 4 types of excretion urination (peeps) defecation (poops) exhaling sweating
  11. 11. Reproduction Living things come from other living things. Living things make copies of themselves. Asexual reproduction - only 1 parent Sexual reproduction - two parents
  12. 12. A Way to Remember M R L S T R N G E R
  13. 13. A Way to Remember Metabolism Regulation Locomotion Synthesis Transport Respiration Nutrition Growth Excretion Reproduction
  14. 14. How will you remember them? A song A poem A poster Flash cards ???