Chapter 3 1 take 2


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Chapter 3 1 take 2

  1. 1. Hi everyone, and welcome back to The Four Legacies! Here, have a picture of a random toddler for a titleslide!Sorry this took so longer, but February got really busy for me. Combine how busy I was with how long ittakes me to write a chapter and there was just no chance of me actually updating, which brings me to apoint: I’m changing how I document these legacies.I explained why I was thinking of doing it at the bottom of this LJ post, but it basically boils down to it takingme too long to write a chapter when I’m never fully satisfied with the end result, so I decided in the end toswitch to something I could put together a lot easier and quicker: Picspam updates!
  2. 2. Yes, the updates are going to be pretty much just pictures now. No plot or storylines, no staged pictures (orvery few – let’s see if I can kick my staging addiction), just pictures. And yes, these updates are still going tobe uploaded through Slideshare, just because I find it easier than any other method.I should be able to get updates out a lot quicker this way, rather than once a month if I’m lucky. Let me knowwhat you think. If this doesn’t work out or people don’t like it then I’ll switch back.Anyway, let’s get on with this.
  3. 3. Caleb Jacobs, with his boyfriend. I cant remember his name
  4. 4. Rosemarie St Julien-Brown, Harrys wife
  5. 5. No prizes for guessing what happenedhere. Waylon Scares Harry
  6. 6. And again
  7. 7. Then it was Bayleys turn
  8. 8. Harrys turn again!
  9. 9. Bayleys turn again
  10. 10. Rosie and Knut remained safethroughout the night. Yes, it was just onenight.
  11. 11. The guy Lydie married, Richard Beckett. Hes a popularity sim, but I cant really remember much more than that
  12. 12. After surviving two rebuilds as an elder and countless fights with Grim, Kaylynn finally died. Her precise ageis unknown, but I suspect she was somewhere in the nineties. She was survived by five children (Todd, Ivan,Amelia, Galahad and Nev), seventeen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, with another seven great-grandchildren on the way at the time of her death.
  13. 13. Lydies pregnant! Generation 4 is on the way!
  14. 14. Meanwhile college is boring and nothinghappens. Well, almost - Noah got abducted byaliens, but that was it
  15. 15. Erin, Henry, Ally and James all had theirbirthdays. They should live a long time - allfour of them were permaplat.
  16. 16. I did shoot some things for this chapter before I switched styles - this was part of it. BasicallyNoahs pregnant with gen 4. He drops out.
  17. 17. Luke move back into the homestead and immediately invited fiancee Marsha Trimble over andthey married. Marshas a romance sim who had a slight breakdown at the ceremony. Shes finenow
  18. 18. Mels ghost finally showed – I was ecstatic! I’d been waiting for this for a while. She didn’t doanything interesting like scaring people though 
  19. 19. BUMP! Babys well and truly on the way!
  20. 20. Life continues on in the Brownhousehold, no signs of a baby yet 
  21. 21. May I introduce the oldest member of generation four (at least in the main houses), Bethany Jacobs. She’swhat you’d expect an alien baby to look like: green skin and black eyes, but with her father’s brown hair.We’ll see soon what she looks like.
  22. 22. Everybody? Meet Caspian Merton, who had his father’s colouring.
  23. 23. So... guess whats happening here.
  24. 24. Quinn showed up! And reminded me I deleted her old hair when I was cleaning out myDownloads folder. Oops?
  25. 25. Henry wanted to retire, and because the phones on the lot were glitched they got a new housein the process.
  26. 26. Cute Bethany is cute! I resisted taking too many pictures though, so theres no Beth-overload
  27. 27. Caspian grew up two! He looks a lot like his dad, but with his mothers nose.
  28. 28. Meet Nathan Brown – he’d got black hair from his grandfather, dark blue eyes from Harry and a skin tonefrom… somewhere. I have no clue.
  29. 29. Meet Lauren Jacobs. So far she just looks like her sister, Bethany.
  30. 30. Marsha and Luke had twins – both girls. I’m notcompletely sure who is who, but I think the one onthe top left is Astrid and the one on the bottom leftis Starla. I really have no idea though.
  31. 31. Ross: still around and terrifying his pregnant granddaughter
  32. 32. Bethany grew up, and shes cute! Beth looks alot like Noah - more than I thought she did,actually.
  33. 33. Astrid and Starla’s birthday! Aw crap, now I actuallyhave to remember who’s who.
  34. 34. Okay, I’m pretty sure that Astrid is on the left with the pink shirt and the shorter hair. Starla is on the rightwith the blue sleeves and the longer hair. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to see they didn’t lookanything alike unlike, oh all the freaking kids from last generation from each family.I may or may not still be annoyed by that.But anyway, I’m pretty sure Astrid is on the left and Starla is on the right.
  35. 35. Caspians birthday! With random cousin (possibly second cousin?) in the background
  36. 36. Caspian grew up cute! So I kinda stalked him with the camera for a little while
  37. 37. Guess what time it is! That’s right! Toddler birthday time! Nathan’s growing up!
  38. 38. I may have stalked Nathan with the camera a little bit too...
  39. 39. Laurens birthday!
  40. 40. Green snow! Yes, this is one of the more entertaining graphical glitches I get. The rest of themare just annoying.
  41. 41. Lydie went into labour while she was outside. I was so excited – finally! She was going to give birth to the lastkid of the generation and I could hardly wait.Then my game crashed.
  42. 42. Labour, take 2!
  43. 43. Another set of twins! Lydie had a girl (Hazel) and aboy (Dylan). I believe Hazel has green eyes andDylan had grey, but I’m not entirely certain.
  44. 44. That’s it for now! Sorry about the delay, but like I said February got super busy for me and March hasn’tbeen much better.Let me know what you think of this format. It is a lot faster since I’m now pretty much only limited by howfast I can play. The downside is I can’t do plots or any of the fun stuff like this. So what do you think? Keepthis up or switch back?