Chapter 2 6


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Chapter 2 6

  1. 1. And welcome back to The Four Legacies! For those who don’t remember last time stuff happened. What?You want details? Ivy got arrested, Nev got drunk and Lydie gave Gav some advice. If you don’t know whatI’m talking about then you’re probably better off going back and reading the earlier chapters.Anyway, now that’s out of the way let’s get this show on the road!No, I didn’t hold back on posting this chapter a few days just so I could post on Christmas Day! I don’t know what you’re talking about!
  2. 2. Declan Joseph Brown had a dilemma. He had to make a decision – a major decision that would affect theirentire familys future: he needed to choose an heir.It was something that had been on his mind for some time now. Back when the kids first became teens hedsaid he would make a decision by the time they went off to college. Hed thought he would have plenty oftime for that – it was years away! But unfortunately those years had passed in the blink of an eye. There wasonly a couple of months left before the kids left, and he was still no closer to making a decision on heir.
  3. 3. Dec wandered the empty yard for a while ago, thinking briefly that they should probably do somelandscaping at some point. As it was there wasn’t anything out there save for the four tables from the kids’last birthday and their latest addition, the mausoleum.The building work had only finished a few short weeks ago. They’d built it to be as grand looking as theycould, to be a fitting resting place for all of the heirs of the Brown line.Well, eventually. Right now it was just a big room with only his parents’ graves inside.
  4. 4. He stepped inside and shucked off his coat. Walking slowly across the room, Dec stared up the portraits ofhis parents. They’d been painted not long after he and Ed were born, a whole forty years ago. Dec couldscarcely remember a time when they had looked so young. The pressures of raising five children, with twosets of twins, had aged them rather rapidly. He and Knut had probably aged just as quickly raising their four.
  5. 5. Dec let out a sigh and sank down onto the floor, leaning back on his hands.“I wish you guys were still around,” he said sadly. “You could help me make a decision.”
  6. 6. Dec stayed on the floor, staring up at the portraits as he thought everything over. It was hard, trying to figureout who should take over. He had to think hard on it all – something he’d never been too great at – andactually look up all the good and bad points of each of the kids. No wonder his mother had left it up to themto figure out. It was hard!Knut wasn’t much help. He said it was Dec’s choice, that he would be happy whichever of the kids camehome. Knut had suggested that Dec make a list of pros and cons for each of the kids and decide from thatbut that hadn’t worked. It had only been a big long list of pros for each of them, and no cons at all.It all, Dec supposed, came down to what Dec wanted for the future of the family. Each of the kids would leadthe legacy in completely different directions.
  7. 7. Flic had the strongest independent streak of the four kids, and Dec had no doubt that Flic would forge herown path, either for herself or for the family as a whole. She wouldn’t bow to pressure from anyone, andwouldn’t conform to what people expected of her – and that could be a bad thing.
  8. 8. Harry was the most protective of the four, and Dec could trust that he would fight for the best future for thewhole family. Dec’s expression darkened momentarily – if the simself Charlie and the others told him abouthad followed them from the canyon then they would need that. Harry could be overprotective though, notknowing when the back away and let the others deal with their own things. Maybe Harry would mellow withage, maybe he’d get worse.
  9. 9. Eliza was the quietest of the four kids, the smartest too. She had a way of looking at situations, of sittingback from them and figuring out how best to fix everything before acting. That was good. She’d also ratherspend her time with her nose buried in a book – not a bad thing, but Dec didn’t know if Eliza would be able totear herself away from her studies.
  10. 10. As for Gavin… Dec knew Gav would usher in an age of prosperity for the whole family. He was motivated anddriven, but Dec also knew that Gav was trying to figure some stuff out, and Dec wasn’t sure if he would beable to handle to added pressure of the heirship on top of it all.
  11. 11. Dec sat there on the floor of the mausoleum for some time, letting himself mull everything over in his mind.He had just about come to a decision when the sounds of the school bus pulling up outside jolted him fromhis thoughts. He looked up at his parent’s portraits one last time, before nodding.“I’d best go announce my heir,” he said, before turning and pulling his outerwear back on.
  12. 12. “Can I talk to you?” Dec asked as he walked into the teen’s room. He received a nod of ascent. “Look, youkids all know I’ve been trying to work out who should be heir for a while now. It’s not been easy, let me tellyou that. I –”“Dad, cut to the chase.”“You’re my heir.”
  13. 13. “Who, me?” Harry asked. Dec nodded, smiling as his purple son’s face lit up. “Oh man, Dad! I am not goingto let you down, I promise!”
  14. 14. That very same evening over at the Merton house Ivy lay next to her boyfriend in his arms on her bed."I should be doing homework, you know," she muttered, making no attempt to move."I should probably be going anyway," Oliver replied, also not moving an inch. “Hey, we’re having anotherprotest on Saturday. You can come, right?”“I don’t know,” Ivy said reluctantly. “The Mum’s are still pretty mad I got myself arrested last time. They thinkit’ll hurt my chances of getting into college.”“You mean you haven’t told them yet?”
  15. 15. “Told us what, Ivy?” Ichelle asked as she stepped through the open door.“Oh, err, nothing,” Ivy replied. She short a sharp look at Oliver before sitting up. “What is it, Mum? Is dinnerready?”
  16. 16. “Your mother won’t be home for another couple of hours, so not until she gets back. Will he be staying?”Ichelle said nodding at Oliver, her eyes narrowed at him. Ivy fought the urge to wince. Oliver was a sorepoint with her mothers, her grandmother too.“Actually I’ve got to go,” Oliver said rubbing the back of his neck. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow, yeah?”
  17. 17. After kissing Ivy goodbye Oliver left, pulling the door shut behind him. As the door clicked shut, Ivy lookedup at Ichelle.“So what is it, Mum?” she asked.“Oh, I just wanted to check how your college application’s going,” Ichelle said, smiling tightly. “The deadline’scoming up, and you’ve been pretty quiet about it.”
  18. 18. “Yeah, about that…” Ivy let out a nervous chuckle, trying to keep herself from glancing at the huge piles ofhomework on her desk. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get into college.”“Of course you will, sweetie. You’re a bright girl – you get straight A’s!”“Um, yeah, well my grade have been slipping a little lately.”“Well I’m sure it’s fine, Ivy. The admission’s office won’t hold a few B’s against you.”“It’s more than a few B’s.”“That’s still not awful-”“I’m failing.”
  19. 19. “WHAT‽”
  20. 20. Ichelle’s yell was loud, and although Lydie’s room was a few doors down from Ivy’s it was still more thanaudible. The three girls’ conversation stopped abruptly as Ichelle’s voice carried in.“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE FAILING‫” ‫‬ ‽Lydie’s face went blank. She looked over at Nev and Eliza, and said, calmly as anything, “Either of you twofancy a walk?”Neither Nev nor Eliza answered straight away. It didn’t look like they were going to until they heard Ivyyelling.“THERE’S MORE IMPORTANT THINGS THAT COLLEGE, MOTHER!”The three were out the front door in less than a minute.
  21. 21. A couple of hours had passed since Ivy broke the news, and Ichelle was still furious. After an hour longscreaming match with Ivy Ichelle had finally had enough. After ordering Ivy to pull her grades up she hadmarched downstairs but as everyone else in the house had left or was at work Ichelle had no one to talk herdown from her fury. It had festered, only getting worse until Amelia got home.“Can you believe her, ‘Melia?” Ichelle ranted. “She’s doesn’t want to go to college! A knowledge sim! Andshe says college isn’t important!”
  22. 22. “It’s that Oliver’s fault, you mark my words! She’s become so – so – ridiculous since he came along! Weshould ban her from seeing him. Yeah, that’ll work! We’ll ban her from see that Page boy and she’ll bring hergrades up and she can start college a year late. It’s a perfect plan!”
  23. 23. Amelia didn’t say anything, keeping quiet as she had done from the moment she realised what her wife wasranting about. She merely looked up from her book and raised a single eyebrow at Ichelle. Ichelle seemed todeflate a little as some of her anger left her.“Okay, so it’s a stupid plan,” she muttered, throwing herself down on the sofa next to Amelia as Amelia putthe book away. “What’s wrong with her?”
  24. 24. “You know, it’s really not the big deal you’re making it out to be,” said Amelia as Ichelle pressed her lips intoa thin line.“She’s a knowledge sim, Amelia, and she doesn’t want to go to college!”“There’s nothing wrong with not going to college. You didn’t, my parents didn’t. Millions of sims the worldover don’t go to college, or they drop out. I’m sure there’s plenty of knowledge sims who don’t want to go tocollege.”Ichelle scowled. “But she wants to be a doctor. How can she be a doctor if she doesn’t go to college?”“There’s other ways.” Amelia shrugged her shoulder. “Look, I’m not happy about it but it’s her decision. If Ivywants to go to college later in life then there’s correspondence courses but forcing her to go now won’t gowell.”
  25. 25. “Fine,” Ichelle muttered, a frown marring her features still. “I suppose we had better get dinner started.”“Probably – I’m starved!”
  26. 26. Lydie, Eliza and Nev walked for some time, just going where there feet would take them and chatting as theywent until eventually the grassy neighbourhood gave way to the hard concrete of downtown.“So how is that first aid class working out?” Eliza asked, glancing around nervously.“Pretty good, actually. Mr Mathesson says he’ll be shocked if I don’t get an A+,” Lydie replied with a grin.“Why?”“Yeah, why?” Nev chimed in, shooting a playful smirk at Lydie then looking over at Eliza. “You’re not scared,are you?”“Any sensible person would be,” Eliza said, not rising to Nev’s bait. “Downtown isn’t renown for being safe atnight.”
  27. 27. “Coward!”“I’m not a coward!”“Then you won’t mind if we stop here for a few minutes, at the good old House of Fallen Trees.”Eliza paled dramatically as she looked behind her. “This place is haunted!” she gasped.“Um, yeah. So are both of our houses,” Lydie pointed out. She exchanged a grin with Nev. “This place hasbeen empty since the Tricou’s died, right?” Nev nodded, and Lydie got a got a look on her face that hadn’tbeen there for a long time – at least since the incident with the tree in the park. “Wanna go explore?”
  28. 28. “What? Guys, that’s breaking and entering!”“Oh come on!” Nev rolled her eyes. “There’s no one living in there! It’s not breaking and entering if no onelives there, Brown!”“I don’t think it quite works like that, Guinevere!”“You’re just scared.”“No, I have common sense, which you lack.”
  29. 29. “Come on, Eliza,” Lydie cut off the argument before it could properly begin. “Just five minutes, I swear, thenwe’ll get out of here.”“I don’t know…”“It’ll be perfectly safe!”“The last time you said that you broke your arm.”“It’s still breaking and entering.”“Please, Eliza?”
  30. 30. “No! I’m not going inside. That goes from unsafe to plain illegal! Nothing either of you can do or say canpossibly convince me to go inside!”
  31. 31. “I can’t believe you convinced me to go inside.”
  32. 32. As Nev walked further into the dilapidated room to inspect it further, Lydie turned to Eliza.“What’s the matter with you today, Eliza?” she asked. “You’ve never fought so hard to get out of doingsomething crazy before, and going into an abandoned old house is far from the craziest thing we’ve everdone.”Eliza swallowed hard, refusing to meet her friends eyes. “I don’t know,” she admitted, rubbing her hand upher arm self-consciously. “I just have a bad feeling about this place, is all. Can we go yet?”“Is that all?” Lydie let out a laugh, ignoring Eliza’s question. “I told you, nothing bad is going to happen, andyou’ve got to admit that this place is pretty cool.”
  33. 33. Well, Lydie had her there. This place was kind of cool. There were paint splatters covering every inch of floor.Each of the doors were filthy and covered in so many cobwebs Eliza half-suspected that they couldn’t beopened. All of the wallpaper was peeling from the walls, in places showing off the same patches beneath,and Nev was busy examining a huge graffiti eyeball on the wall over the fireplace.Still, there was something that was definitely putting Eliza on edge. Maybe it was how there was stillelectricity powering the lights, or the piano by the far wall that wasn’t even dusty, or maybe it was the brandnew sofas and rugs not too far away, but there was something that Eliza didn’t like about the wholesituation.“Hey, guys!” Nev called out suddenly, her voice echoing around the silent house. “I just rememberedsomething about this place – there’s a basement! We should totally go down there!”
  34. 34. “Yeah, because the monster never lives in the basement in horror movies,” she muttered.Neither Nev nor Lydie paid her any mind. The pair of them were already trying – and succeeding at openingthe door. As it creaked open Eliza huffed and rushed after them. If there was anyone in the house, well shedidn’t want to be found alone, did she?
  35. 35. “Oh wow!”“This is so freaking cool!”Both Lydie and Nev seemed impressed with the basement – a huge thirty-forty hole under the house, withstairs leading down to a dirt floor with only some lights down at the bottom.“You have got to be fricking kidding-”“HEY! What are you kids doing down here?”
  36. 36. Both Lydie and Nev leapt back from the railing as though it burned, their reactions to being caught in troubleinstinctual now. Eliza was not quite so fortunate. Despite the years of friendship she had with Lydie, andacquaintanceship she had with Nev, she always managed to avoid trouble.Eliza jolted forwards in surprise at the sudden yell. Her hands slid against the rough, splintery old wood. Herbelly came into contact with the railing and –
  37. 37. Before anyone could react Eliza landed with a sickening thud on the ground, thirty feet below.
  38. 38. For one horrible moment the world was still and silent, too much so. Then all at once the sound came backand Lydie found herself running. She shoved Nev hard into the wall as she forced her way passed – she’dapologise for that later – and all but leapt down the stairs, taking them three at a time.She heard someone yell at someone to call an ambulance. It was hers, but it sounded strange, far off likeshe’d left it at the top of the stairs when she’d started to run to Eliza.
  39. 39. It was late, Lydie didn’t know how late exactly. She didn’t have a watch, her phone had run out of battery awhile ago and this hospital had a disturbing lack of clocks. She knew it was late though. The ambulance gotthem got them – Eliza, Nev and herself – here around ten and… Lydie really didn’t have a clue how muchtime had passed. Time had just slowed so much since the – well, just since. She honestly didn’t have a clue ifit had been five minutes or five hours since she got here.Everything that happened after they’d arrived was a blur. Eliza, still unconscious from the fall, had beenwhisked off to get treated and assessed and x-rayed. Nev was… somewhere, Lydie didn’t know whereexactly, and Lydie had fled deep into the bowels of the hospital. She’d discovered the deserted canteen andshe hadn’t left since. She just couldn’t face Eliza’s family and the blame they would rightfully place on hershoulders – or, perhaps worse, being told the accident wasn’t her fault.Yeah, it wasn’t the most rational of things, but then Lydia Merton had never been accused of being the mostrational of people.
  40. 40. Needless to say Lydie was distracted, so distracted that she didn’t notice her mother until she pulled up achair next to Lydie, making her jump.“You okay, sweetie?” Amelia asked as she sat down.“I guess,” Lydie replied, looking down. “When did you get here?”“About half an hour ago. I spoke to Dec then came straight to find you. You can hide really well when youwant to.
  41. 41. “You spoke to Eliza’s dad?” Lydie asked, looking up at her mother. “Did he say how she’s doing.”
  42. 42. “I’m not going to lie, Lydia. Eliza’s pretty battered up,” Amelia said. Lydie looked down, biting her lip. It washer fault. “However– none of her injuries are that severe. She’s got a few broken bones but they will heal.Eliza was lucky in that respect, but she did hit her head fairly hard. Dr Jacquet doesn’t think there’s any braindamage however the longer she’s out the more worrying it is.”“What does that mean?”“The sooner she wakes the better,” Amelia said.Lydie nodded, biting her bottom lip as she tried to take it all it – it was hard. She shifted in her seat, fightingoff a yawn. She was exhausted, but Lydie didn’t want to leave until she could see Eliza.“Honey, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” Amelia said after a moment of silence. “I want totalk about what you did tonight.”
  43. 43. Lydie gulped. She knew this talk – she was in trouble. She was used to being in trouble. Lydie had beengetting into trouble ever since she could walk. But still, this was a first – this was the first time she did evenwant to try and get out of it.“It’s all my fault,” Lydia said, looking up at her mother with wide, green eyes. “Eliza said we shouldn’t be inthere, but me and Nev didn’t listen and-”
  44. 44. “That’s not what I’m talking about, Lydie – although you’re right. You shouldn’t have been in there and you’llbe grounded until you leave for college. Just… this grounding try not to break any bones like when you werea child?” Amelia interrupted. Lydia smiled sheepishly at her. “I’m talking about what you did after Eliza fell.The plantsim couple who own that house told the paramedics what happened.”“Did… I do something wrong? I mean, I wasn’t thinking it through it anything, I just kind of acted,” Lydieadmitted. Her eyes widened suddenly. “Oh Wright! I didn’t make things worse for Eliza, did I?”
  45. 45. “What? No! Lydia!” Amelia stared right into her eyes. “You did all the right things. You got someone to call anambulance straight away, you didn’t move her and didn’t let anyone else move her, and you did all the basicfirst aid you could do.”“I just did what I could,” Lydie shrugged, looking away. She didn’t know why her Mum was bringing this up –it wasn’t like it was a big deal. Anyone with any sense would have done that.
  46. 46. “Not really. Plenty of people would freeze in that situation – your Aunt Nev did,” Amelia pointed out beforeshaking her head again. “That’s neither here nor there. You know I’ve been thinking about who should moveback home once you and your sister’s finish college for a while now, and after hearing what you did tonight Imade my decision about the heir.”“I’m not it.”“What?”
  47. 47. “I’m not your heir,” Lydie repeated, though she was less certain this time. “I mean, I’d be a terrible choice –tonight alone I broke into a house and caused one of my best friends to end up in hospital. Who’d want thatfor an heir?”“Lydie! I would!”“Huh?”
  48. 48. “First what happened tonight was an accident – a terrible one, but an accident nonetheless. Second, Lydia, Iwant you to be my heir. I’ve been leaning towards you for a little while now, and tonight just proved to methat you can handle yourself in a crisis if need be.”“Really? Me?”“Yes,” Amelia said, before adding with a slight smile, “Admittedly your heirship won’t be the smoothestwe’ve ever had, but I know you’ll do everything you can to protect this family if you ever need to.”
  49. 49. Lydie looked away. Well, that certainly wasn’t what she expected her mother to tell her. In fact, it was thecomplete opposite. She still wasn’t entirely sure she believed it. She glanced back.“You’re sure?” Lydie asked.Amelia nodded. “I’m not going to force you to take it, but if you want the heirship then I want you as my heir.You do want it, right?”
  50. 50. Lydie thought it over for a moment. Did she? She had been convinced from the moment she had realisedshe could become heir that she wouldn’t. All three of her sisters seemed like a much more obvious choicethan she was. If anything she still thought they were. But if her mother thought she would make a good heir– and she had never known her mother to be wrong about the big things like this – then maybe…“Okay,” Lydie finally. “If you want me then I’ll do it.” She paused, thinking. “Hey, Mum? Do you know whereNev is?”
  51. 51. “Oh.” The smile left Amelia’s face. “One of the nurses said she’s pretty shaken up by what happened tonight.Galahad and your grandmother are talking to her about it right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suggestshe sees a therapist.”“Because of tonight? Shouldn’t I see one too, then?”“If you want to talk to one we can arrange it,,” Amelia said, looking hard at Lydie. “Tonight’s not the onlyreason why they might to suggest a therapist to Nev. Coming back from the dead is – presumably – a verytraumatic experience and it happened when Nev was old enough to know what was happening but not oldenough to deal with all the emotions it would have brought up. You probably noticed that her behaviour’sbeen getting more and more erratic as she’s gotten older, and we suspect that it’s down to that. Tonight justforced us to face facts.”
  52. 52. It was early the following morning when Eliza awoke. She was a little confused how she got here, and shecouldn’t remember anything after she, Lydie and Nev stopped outside that house last night, but apart fromthat she was okay.Despite being, for the most part, okay, her fathers decided it was best to keep her off school for the rest ofthe week – and after assurances that one of her siblings would bring her the work from the classes shemissed and that she would almost certainly be healed up in time to head off to college with the others shestarted happily spending her time either studying for scholarships or just relaxing by watching TV with herleg propped up on some cushions.
  53. 53. It was only a couple of days after Eliza got out of the hospital when Alana sat awkwardly on the Brownscouch opposite Harry, but it felt like it had been an eternity. The pair looked at each other, neither quite sureof what to say. It had been like this a lot lately. Although the pair of them had been together a couple ofyears at this point never before had they had any trouble filling the silence before – either with conversationor, more likely, with making out. In fact, they had been doing less and less talking the longer they weretogether, and more and more making out."So…" Alana began after one long moment, searching desperately for something to say. “How’s Eliza doing?Lydie said she dropped by yesterday after school but apparently Eliza was sleeping.”
  54. 54. Alana saw Harry clench his jaw. “How do you think she’s doing?” he replied tersely. “She fell forty foot ontothe hard ground and broke her arm and her leg. She’s doing just peachy.”“All right, sorry I ask-”“And the worst part is she wouldn’t have been there if it hadn’t been for your family.”
  55. 55. “Excuse me?” Alana narrowed her eyes, anger flashing over her face. “What did you just say?”Harry gave her a stubborn look. “That it’s your family’s fault my sister got hurt.”Alana took a deep breath, fighting back her instinctual reaction to yell at the person who was insulting herfamily. The only reason she even bothered with that was because it was Harry, but that didn’t mean that shewas going to let him get away with it.“I know you’re upset about what happened to Eliza, so I’m going to give you one chance to take that back,”she said through clench teeth.
  56. 56. “No. It’s true,” he replied stubbornly. “If it hadn’t been for Ivy arguing with your mother then they wouldn’thave gone out, and if it hadn’t been for your sister and your aunt then they would have gone inside thathouse in the first place.”“It wasn’t their fault,” Alana said.“It was someone’s fault.”“No, it was an accident – and if you’re going to play that game then maybe you should put a little blame onEliza for going in there in the first place.”The moment she said it she knew it was too far, but Alana found she didn’t care.
  57. 57. Knowing there was nothing more to say, Alana got up and made for the door. She hardly got two steps whena hand on her arm made her pause.“This is it, isn’t it?”Alana didn’t need to ask what he meant. Her mind flashed back over the past few months – the past year,even. They had been spending less and less time around one another to the point where they hardly sawone another at all. When they did, well they weren’t exactly talking even if their mouths were involved.“Yeah,” Alana replied, surprise she didn’t actually feel all that sad about it.
  58. 58. The two of them stood their awkwardly for a few moments longer, neither sure what to say to the other forthe moment.“I’m… going to go,” Alana said after a moment.“Yeah,” Harry replied, scratching the back of his neck. “I’ll, uh see you around.”
  59. 59. A couple of weeks after the accident an incredibly Luke sank down on the Jacobs’ sofa as Ambrose joinedNoah at the pool table.“She’s getting worse!” he said.
  60. 60. Ambrose and a recently teened Noah exchanged looks. They didn’t need to ask who he was talking about.There was only one sim who could get Luke this wound up: Lorelai.“What’s she been doing now?” Ambrose asked, staring down at the pool table as Noah bent down to takehis shot. “Did she tell you how to dress again?”“No.”“Did she ask you to comb your hair again?” asked Noah, trying not to smile as he remembered the last timethat had happened, just a couple of days ago.
  61. 61. “Worse! She tried to attack me with a hair brush!” Luke said, his arms flailing then scowling at the otherteens as they chuckled. He crossed his arms and huffed. “It’s not funny! I only just got out the hour beforeshe could get me!”
  62. 62. “She’s not that bad,” Ambrose said as he gave up on the game of pool and flopped down on the sofa next toLuke.“She is too,” Luke replied stubbornly.“No she’s not. She’s actually kind of cool – not to mention cute.”Luke let out a groan. “Don’t tell me you’ve got a crush on Lor, Ambrose. She’s insufferable – worse! She’s mysister!”
  63. 63. “What can I say?” Ambrose shrugged his shoulders. “She’s cute, she’s nice, we’re both popularity sims andwe match turn ons.”“Eugh, dude!” Luke made a noise of disgust in the back of his throat as Noah came to join them. Luke lookedover at Noah desperately. “Please back me up on this!”“Erm, I kinda agree with Ambrose,” Noah shrugged his shoulders sheepishly.“Noah! How could you fancy her too? I mean, Ambrose is an idiot-”“Hey!”“- so I can understand it, but you? I thought you were smarter than that, mate.”
  64. 64. “What?” Noah squawked, his eyes wide then turning red at his brother’s loud laughter. “I didn’t – that’s notthat I meant! I didn’t mean it like that! She’s – I’m a family sim! Our aspirations are completely incompatible!Enough to completely repel each other!”
  65. 65. “So what did you mean?” Luke asked, his lines pressed into a thin line and still feeling more than a littleannoyed.“Just that she’s a pleasant person,” Noah answered quietly, before glaring momentarily at Ambrose who onlysmirked back at him. “Lorelai’s not my type. I don’t really get the appeal of girls.”“Oooh, so you’re gay then?” Luke said. “That’s cool.”“What? Where did that come from?” Noah asked, looking between Luke and his older brother’s knowingsmirk. “Why would you think I’m gay if I don’t like girls?”“Because that’s what it usually means, doofus!” Ambrose laughed at the confused look on Noah’s face thenturning back to Luke. “We just got Zombie Smasher 62. Wanna play co-op?”
  66. 66. Luke finally got home late in the afternoon. His parents were still out at work but – Luke let out a quietgroan, his good mood vanishing immediately. As soon as he stepped inside he could hear the sounds of thecommentators on some stupid fashion show his sister was watching. She was in the living room too, whichmeant there was no way he could possibly get to his room without her noticing.Resigned, Luke stepped into the living and hoped that his sister wouldn’t bother talking to him.
  67. 67. “Hey, Luke,” Lorelai said, she didn’t even need to turn to know it was him.He sighed. “Yeah, Lor?”“Are you sure you won’t let me give you a make over?”“I’m sure.” Luke rolled his eyes. “You keep asking me that.”
  68. 68. “I know, but I could make you look so handsome,” Lorelai replied, standing up eagerly, not noticing the lookLuke gave her. “Please, Luke? I know just the look for you, and-”“Lorelai!”“Please?”Her eyes were wide, and her bottom lip quivered as she pleaded. Luke rolled his eyes. That might work ontheir parents, but Luke knew her better than that. He’d used to make that face too, back when they werelittle kids, and he’d seen it from Lorelai often enough that he’d grown immune a long time ago.
  69. 69. “No,” Luke told her, voice firm. “I don’t care how I look, and frankly you’re way too worried about how youlook. Now I’m going to go play video games. I’ll see you at dinner.”
  70. 70. Without another word Luke turned around and walked into his room, shutting it behind him as he ignoredhis sister. Mere moments later and the sound of his favourite video game could be heard from inside.
  71. 71. Lorelai watched her twin go, her enthusiasm draining away at his abject refusal to even talk to her. As thebedroom door clicked shut behind him she had down onto the sofa, her head in her hands as she sighed,ignoring the fight on TV.As she rubber her forehead she thought back, back to when they’d been little. Back before they’d startedschool they’d been so close – they had an entire photo album of them playing together and sleeping on thesame mat as toddlers. Hell, the night before they both started school they’d both snuck out of their roomswith their blankets and fallen asleep in the hall outside their rooms.Then they’d started school.
  72. 72. As soon as they became kids their interests diverged massively. They’d each found completely differentgroups of friends, and between that and school work and homework, they’d just… drifted apart.Lorelai hadn’t noticed until recently. It was only when her friends all disappeared, all too busy with theircollege applications to hang out, that she spotted that what had once been a small divergence in interestswas now a huge, gaping crevasse between them. It looked like it would only get bigger too – it might still bea few years away, but when they finished college only one of them would be coming back home to carry onthe legacy.
  73. 73. Lorelai didn’t know how to fix it either. Speaking to her twin now, it was like trying to talk to someonewithout a common language. Luke was obsessed with those stupid video games and Lorelai… if pushed, shewould have to admit she was probably a little too into fashion and appearances. There was no commonground between them, not really.She turned the TV off and got up slowly. As she walked to her room Lorelai supposed that there was a slimchance that the pair of them would get close again when they went to college in a few years, but Lorelaidoubted it. They’d probably never be as close as they were again.
  74. 74. And that’s the chapter over and done with. The next chapter should be out sometime in the next month, orso I hope and will have the first batch of kids (the Browns and the Mertons) head off to college.Anyway, just before I’d end up I’ve thought I’d introduce you to all of the heirs for generation three – andyes, they’re decided! Harry and Lydie were both voted as heirs a litle while ago and announced in thechapter so you already knew those, and since I find heir declarations extremely tedious to write, I’ll justannounce the other two here!
  75. 75. I put up the poll for the Stantons with the last chapter, and Luke won by a not-insignificant margin! Thatactually kind of shocked me – I thought for sure that Lorelai would get more votes. I’m not complainingthough. I like Luke! He’s fun to play!
  76. 76. And finally the Jacobs heir is Noah! No, you didn’t miss the heir poll, there wasn’t one for the Jacobs. It’s justthat the plot I’ve got planned for Noah is more interesting than any ideas I’ve had for his brothers. Plus hewas actually born in this hood, so he carries all the right recessive genetics as in facial features whichAmbrose lacks.So there you have it! Lydie, Harry, Luke and Noah will be taking over their families’ legacies as soon as theygraduate college.So that’s it for now! It’s a bit shorter than I’d hoped it would be, but oh well. Hopefully the next chapterwon’t take too long though. I’ve promised to get at least 12 updates out by my next legaversary and I’ll needto write pretty quickly. 1 down, eleven more to go.And on that note, Merry Christmas if you celebrate, Happy Holidays if you celebrate something else this timeof year, Seasons Greetings even if you don’t, and above all: Happy Simming!