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Germany and the nazis


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Germany and the nazis

  1. 1. Germany and the Nazis Events and policies of importance
  2. 2. Nazi Popularity Votes for the Unemployed in Nazis Germany
  3. 3. Seizure of power  Appointed Chancellor (PM) in Jan. 1933 (largest party in the Reichstag)  Asks for new elections  A fire in the Reichstag stokes fears of a communist takeover, Communists banned
  4. 4. Seizure of Power  After the election, Nazis continue to stoke fears  Hitler asks for power to rule as dictator through the Enabling Act  Using threats to intimidate and bribes to encourage he gets the 67% vote he needs to become dictator
  5. 5. Seizure of Power  All political parties banned  Political opponents forced into concentration camps  Intimidation of ‘minority’ groups begins in the open
  6. 6. Knight of the Long Knives  To assuage the army Hitler determined to get rid of the SA  He also used the opportunity to kill other political opponents  No trials or judgments allowed
  7. 7. Nuremburg Laws  Forbid Jewish participation in government jobs  Restrict the economic activities of Jews  Force Jewish population to identify themselves
  8. 8. Night of the Broken Glass  Kristallnacht  Jewish shops and synagogues attacked  Jewish population forced into restricted areas (ghettoes) or into concentration camps