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Preview Full Color South Africa: Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg


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Encounter giraffes, zebras and rhinos, magnificent valleys, and unique people and culture with South Africa - Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg. A next-generation guidebook written for the independent traveler and those who plan their trip with a tour operator.

Visit the nature reserves and wildlife parks in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg with outstanding hiking opportunities that can compete with other top destinations in South Africa.

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Preview Full Color South Africa: Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg

  1. 1. Front 5.5” x 8.5” (139.7 mm x 215.9mm) Paperback Book Cover Template 5.5” X 8.5” Book (139.7mm X 215.9mm) White Paper 0.77” Spine Width (19.448mm) South Africa Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg With GPS Tracks, Planning Tools and Hiking Maps Katz & Maassen Planning Tools GPS data Website ImagesMaps Tutorials
  2. 2. 2 | Katz & Maassen Copyright © 2017 Katz & Maassen No part of this hiking guide may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the authors, except when this is allowed under a particular license as indicated in this hiking guide, in the case of brief quotations embedded in articles or reviews and when appropriately acknowledged. Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors ( and Maps licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0. Every effort has been made in the preparation of this hiking guide to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. However, the information contained within this hiking guide is sold without warranty, either express or implied. Neither the authors, their families, nor Katz & Maassen, Wandel Guides and their dealers, distributors and resellers, will be held liable for any damages however caused or alleged to be caused either directly or indirectly by this hiking guide. The authors have endeavored to provide trademark infor- mation about all companies and products mentioned in this hiking guide by the appropriate use of capitals and trademark references. However, the authors, Katz & Maassen, cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. CamelBak is a registered trademark of CamelBak, Inc. Google and the Google Logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Corporation. Uber is a trademark of Uber Technologies Inc. TripAdvisor is a registered trademark of TripAdvisor LLC. The Magaliesberg Canopy Tour is a registered trademark of Magaliesberg Canopy Tours Pty Ltd. Somabula is a privately-held nature reserve near Cullinan, Pretoria. Zebra icon by Isabel Martínez Isabel, ES through licensed under CC BY 3.0 US. Other animal, waterfall, museum, wood bird house, sunny landscape, carriage wheel, farm building, windmill, caravan, cottage, gate and tree icons designed by Freepik from Flaticon distributed under the Flaticon license. Other icons by Google distributed under Apache License Version 2.0. These firms and service providers are not associated with this hiking guide.
  3. 3. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 3 Hard Copy Edition Graphic Design ISBN-13 ISBN-10 Website Email Cover Image Printed by Published by Wandel Guides, October 2017 Martin Smit, 978-1973873891 1973873893 On the trail at Somabula Nature Reserve, by Katz Maassen CreateSpace, an Company Katz Maassen South Africa Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg Hiking in South Africa
  4. 4. 4 | Katz Maassen Acknowledgments Kranskloof Hiking Trails We are grateful to our graphic designer Martin Smit for his outstanding work creating the layout of this book and producing the hiking maps. We are also thankful to the members of the editorial board for proofreading and critiquing drafts of the guidebook: Mike and Terri Scadron, JoAnn Bordeaux, Judy Macaluso, Thomas Carson, Andrea Conrad, Fran Paver, Dan Pelletier, Paulette Fried, Prof. Bill Kosar, Jane Mahoney and Chris Lehmann. A special thanks goes out to Michael Green and other board members of the Day Hiking Club for allowing us to explore many hiking destinations in the company of outstanding people. We would like to thank Brian McCotter, Susan Smith, Queen Mohale and Penny Ndlela for joining us on numerous hiking trails. We would also like to thank you, the users of this book. By purchasing this book, you not only make it possible for us to develop more hiking guides, but more importantly, by hiking in South Africa, explor- ing its beauty and interacting with its communities, you substantially contribute to the sustainable devel- opment of the country. Janet Katz and Gregory Maassen
  5. 5. 8 | Katz Maassen Preface South Africa is one of the world’s great hiking destinations. As a former captain for South African Airways who flew jetliners for nearly 30 years, I have had the privilege of seeing my country from the sky in every possible way. Looking through my cockpit window, the majestic Magaliesberg Mountain Range and the lakes near Pretoria and Johannesburg always welcomed me home after a long journey abroad, while also bidding me farewell as I departed for distant lands. The country’s unique diversity and unparalleled natural beauty are major reasons why millions of tourists venture to my country every year. While many visitors come to see the Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and the Garden Route, more and more visitors are realizing that visiting Pretoria and/or Johannesburg is an exciting opportunity to experi- ence the heart of South Africa through its incredible hiking trails, game walks, and adventure tourism. South Africa: Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg is an invaluable resource for those who would like to explore and learn more about South Africa’s rich history, cultural diversity, and outstand- ing flora and fauna. With over 120 trails in 56 nature reserves and national parks, this book is an essential hiking guide to unlocking the potential of Gauteng, the province home to Pretoria, Johannesburg, and the many of the region’s most picturesque towns and cities. Northern Farm
  6. 6. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 9 Full of up-to-date trail maps, hiking guidelines, and discerning information about nearby monuments and historic sites, this guide offers you access to a wide variety of nature and wildlife hikes. Ranging from short walks with giraffes and wildebeests across grassy plains to more strenuous, rugged hikes into the mountains, this guide captures some of the best trekking South Africa has to offer. I invite you to please join my fellow hikers and me on a journey you will never forget. A warm welcome to South Africa and happy trails! Michael Green, Chairman, Day Hiking Group, Johannesburg.
  7. 7. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 15 | Introduction 01 Footprint Hiking Club: An active hiking club that organizes a variety of hiking trips. Participation requires membership: The Johannesburg Section of the Mountain Club of South Africa: This organization “actively fosters and facilitates mountaineering. This incorporates climbing, trekking, mountain walking and related activities, and promoting fellowship between people with these interests who are committed to the con- servation of mountain areas.” With a few exceptions, the trails in this guidebook are well-marked and easy to follow. We nevertheless recommend that you bring a handheld GPS device or GPS-enabled smart phone with the E-trails from our collection to save time planning your holiday. The trails in this guidebook have been grouped into the following geographic areas: • Pretoria and surroundings; • The Magaliesberg Mountain Range (northern and southern slopes); and • Johannesburg and surroundings. The trails are normally within a two-hour drive from Pretoria and/or Johannesburg and can be explored as day trails. The vast majority of hiking trails are circular day walks and can be easily reached by car. Most trails are in private reserves or municipal/na- tional parks with access control and are near a major tourist attraction, good restaurants and/or local farms and wineries/breweries. Even if hiking or walking is not your cup of tea, many trails are worth exploring as they are near interesting attractions and good restaurants. We identified many stunning trails that are accessible without hiking club membership. A few hiking areas in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range are only open to members of certain hiking clubs. These trails The Hiking Trails
  8. 8. 16 | Katz Maassen Introduction  | 01 are not included in this edition of the guide as the open-access trails are equally stunning and so much easier to explore independently. Included in the guide are hikes and walks that: • Are in fenced-off areas with a good security reputation; • Have access control; • Do not require an overnight stay in a reserve; • Are in reserves and farms that welcome day visitors; • Do not require a hiking club membership; • Can be visited without an invitation of a club member; • Do not have predators roaming around within the hiking areas; • Can be reached by car; • Are within a 2-hour drive from the center of Pretoria and/or Johannesburg; and • Do not require complicated permits. As several trails are on private grounds and access is controlled, you may need to call or email ahead of time to apprise park management of your hiking intentions. We classify the trails in the guidebook either as a wildlife or nature hike/walk. A trail can be easy, moderately difficult or best suited for advanced hikers. Wildlife Hikes/Walks: The wildlife hikes and walks in the guidebook are in reserves where you may see zebras, antelopes, ostriches and wildebeests from the hiking trail. Some reserves have giraffes. Although not all reserves have all these species in stock, we classify a trail as a wildlife hike/walk if we know wildlife is in the reserve, although wildlife viewings are not guaranteed. The Wildlife Hiking Trails and Nature Walks
  9. 9. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 17 | Introduction 01 Nature Walks: A trail described as a nature walk in this guide, means you may see small mammals, warthogs and monkeys on a good day. Easy: These trails are appropriate for the novice hiker. They are usually short and easy to follow along a track or road with an abundance of trail signs and rest stops. Grades are gentle and relatively few obstacles will be encountered. If you can shop for one to two hours in a shopping mall, you should physically be able to enjoy these trails. Most trails in this guide- book are classified as easy. Moderate: These trails are appropriate for interme- diate through advanced hikers. The terrain is steeper and/or the trail is relatively long with fewer rest stops. You need to be able to walk 6 to 10 kilometers or more to enjoy these trails, even when they are shorter as you may be in steep terrain. Advanced: These trails are recommended for experi- enced hikers only. Terrain may be difficult and steep, and routes are not always obvious. You should be able to navigate and must be self-reliant. You need to be in good shape physically and be well-prepared. Going for the first time to the gym a few days prior to the hike after months of being a couch potato, in the hope you can easily hike these trails, may not do the trick. Most advanced trails are in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range. These are often short, but in steep and difficult terrain. Combined with serious altitude differences, they are rewarding, but hard work, even for the physically fit. Remember: It is a sign of courage and wisdom to return to base if the experience of hiking becomes unpleasant and exhausting. Call it a day and return to the car with someone to relax while others finalize the trail. Hiking is not a rat race. Follow your own tempo, enjoy the scenery and nature. There is no reason to hike beyond your capabilities.
  10. 10. 18 | Katz Maassen Introduction  | 01 Pretoria 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 1417 22 23 24 26 27 25 28 30 29 42 31 36 32 33 34 3537 38 39 40 41 43 44 45 46 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 1 1 1 3 4 17 12 Johannesburg Vereeniging Rustenburg Trail overview: Hiking in South Africa.
  11. 11. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 19 | Introduction 01 Pretoria 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 19 21 22 43 47 50 54 1 3 4 17 12 Johannesburg eMalahleni
  12. 12. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 21 | Introduction 01 hectares of mainly open grassland, is a fine example of a reserve with a five-zebra wildlife viewing rating as hikers are almost guaranteed to encounter giraffes, large herds of wildebeest, zebra and buck. Other large reserves, with a low wildlife density per hectare, may present a challenge to hikers to spot wildlife. You increase the likelihood of seeing wildlife from the trail by following a few basic principles: • Select trails from the guidebook with high wild- life viewing potential; • When you walk, stop frequently and look around through the bush. If you look at the bush, you will see only the bush and not wildlife; • Look through the bush and scan the area as far as your eyes let you. Wildlife often has smelled, heard or seen you before you are aware of their presence and tend to keep their distance; • Look for unusual colors, forms and shapes in the bush; • The wind direction determines whether wildlife smells you. If the wind blows in your direction away from wildlife, the viewing distance can be shorter; • Wildlife is normally less afraid of cars and quad bikes than hikers. If you want to be very close to wildlife, consider adding a game drive to the day’s itinerary. Wildlife tends to keep a larger distance from human beings as it may mistake hikers for a predator; • Listen for calling signs from birds, monkeys and other wildlife as this often indicates that you have been spotted and wildlife is around; • Ask the park rangers where they have seen wild- life on the day you hike; and • Bring binoculars on the trail. Sometimes, reserves and parks offer visitors the possibility to pet wildlife and even walk with lions. As we believe that lions and other carnivores are not pets, we refrain from participating in these activities. The lion cubs, once they have grown up with humans, Walking with Lions: What You Should Know
  13. 13. 24 | Katz Maassen Introduction  | 01 have a very low success rate of surviving in the wild and they may end up in the hands of trophy hunters in hunting farms after 6 months of age when they become too dangerous to handle. This practice is called canned or captive-bred hunting which, according to the WWF and other organiza- tions, provides no conservation benefit. For more information:, www. All trails in this guidebook are on private or public land that is fenced-off with security and access control. We have only included trails and walks in areas with good security and where we and our South African friends feel safe and protected. Visitors to South Africa are made welcome and assistance is always forthcoming when requested. Based on our own experience traveling extensively in South Africa for several years, the danger of violence toward tourists is low. The greatest risks you are to encounter are related to traffic accidents and petty crime, especially during Christmas and New Year when opportunistic crime peaks in South Africa. Being prepared, knowing where to go, using common sense and by hiking in groups, precautions you should always take no matter where you are in the world, should keep you as safe as we have been. The hiking trails included in this guide are popular with the locals who would not be on the trail if it were not safe, as most South Africans are very conscious of their safety. The hiking industry is growing in significance in South Africa and is an important source of income for local tourism operators. They have well-established interests in keeping you happy and safe on the trail as word quickly spreads through social media if things go wrong. Hiking Safety
  14. 14. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 29 | Introduction 01 As with all wildlife, please do not touch, pet or dis- turb it, and observe animals from a safe distance. Take pictures avoiding flash photography and do not collect skulls, horns and bones. If you want to eat game, do so only in restaurants as we do not want you to end up in jail and on the cover of a newspaper for poaching and consuming protected wildlife. We also strongly recommend that you refrain from buying any products that include wildlife artifacts, especially at the airports, including ivory, hides and other bio materials. Stick to ostrich leather bags from a licensed and genuine production farm if you happen to also visit the Garden Route and Oudtshoorn, the country’s ostrich epicenter. Travel Advisories: Before traveling, we recommend that you check with your embassy or ministry of foreign affairs to educate yourself about the latest travel advisories for South Africa. Many countries have a “Smart Traveler Enrollment Program”, where you register your trip plans and receive important safety and security announcements. In addition, always consult your physician before em- barking on your hiking holiday. It is better to be safe than sorry as you may not be aware of a condition that may make hiking unsafe (e.g., certain medication). Hiking in South Africa Checklist Drink plenty of water before, during and after your hike Hiking poles Bring plenty of water on the trail in a CamelBak™ or similar system Sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support Protect yourself from the sun with clothing, a hat, scarf and sunscreen Cell phone with essen- tial telephone numbers and local SIM card First aid kit A GPS with our E-trails pre-loaded Space blanket Spare batteries for GPS Flashlight and headlamp A copy of this guidebook Hiking in South Africa Checklist
  15. 15. 30 | Katz Maassen Introduction  | 01 Hiking in South Africa Checklist Spare batteries for lights Food Whistle Extra socks and shoes (in the car) Lighter and/or matches Toilet paper and hand disinfectant Mirror/compass with mirror Park management contact information Pocket knife Pen and paper When hiking, we recommend that you: 1. Prepare. Hike at home and practice, keep fit and know your limitations before traveling to South Africa. Carefully choose and be familiar with your equipment and learn first aid. Before a hike, investigate the terrain, conditions and local weather. 2. Leave your plans with someone. It is always a good idea that you tell someone where you are going, when you’ll return and leave details of your vehicle, phone numbers and group size and composition. 3. Stay together. When you start as a group, hike as a group and end as a group. Pace your hike to the slowest person. 4. Turn back when it is wise to do so. Fatigue and difficult terrain may slow you down. Don’t blindly persevere; stop and reassess your plans. 5. Know how to handle an emergency. Even if you are headed out for just an hour, an injury, severe weather or a wrong turn can be life threatening. Although it is unlikely that emergency services cannot reach you in South Africa, know how to rescue yourself. A variety of resources and planning tools that ac- company the guidebook are available at the Hiking in South Africa website (www.hiking-in-south-africa. com). Safety Summary Online Resources
  16. 16. 32 | Katz Maassen Pretoria 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 12 13 14 1 1 1 3 4 4 17 12 12 Johannesburg Vereeniging burg Emalah Trail Overview: Pretoria. North
  17. 17. 72 | Katz Maassen Pretoria  | 02 In the photo is a white rhino with her calf being fed by park rangers. Male white rhinos (Ceratotherium simum) can weigh 2.1 tons and females up to 1.6 tons. In comparison with the hook-lipped black rhino, white rhinos are square-lipped. The rhinos we spotted in the Rietvlei Dam Nature Reserve are dehorned to combat poaching. Horns grow back over time like finger nails. They are also made of the same material (keratin) as fingernails, which makes it even more sad that the trade in horns continues to thrive. For more information: Your best chance of arranging the tour is to drive to the visitors’ center and inquire if a hike is being scheduled.
  18. 18. 90 | Katz Maassen Pretoria 15 16 17 18 20 19 21 22 23 1 1 4 4 17 12 Johannesburg Rustenburg eMalahleni Trail Overview: Pretoria Surroundings. North
  19. 19. 108 | Katz Maassen Pretoria Surroundings | 03 Giraffes (Giraffa Camelopardalis) at de Wildt 4X4 Game Park can be often spotted on the hiking trail near trail points 10, 11, 12 and 13 as few 4X4 enthusiasts visit this part of the reserve. With a shoulder height of 3 meters or higher, giraffes are magnificent but gentle and friendly animals whose encounters on the hiking trail are truly memorable. They easily weigh up to a ton, or even more, and can survive without drinking water if they have access to green leaves and other vegetation. They are curious animals and observe your movements closely. You cannot outrun them and there is no need to: they easily walk 16 kilometers per hour (10 miles per hour) and can run much faster with a top speed of 59.5 kilometers or 37 miles per hour.
  20. 20. 126 | Katz Maassen Pretoria Surroundings | 03 The Zebra Trail leads through bush, highveld vegetation and rock formations on the hills (koppies).
  21. 21. 130 | Katz Maassen Pretoria Surroundings | 03 On the trail at Somabula Nature Reserve.
  22. 22. 136 | Katz Maassen Pretoria Surroundings | 03 Janet on a stile to climb over the game fence on the Escarpment Trail in the Bateleur Nature Reserve.
  23. 23. 146 | Katz Maassen Pretoria 24 26 27 25 28 30 29 1 1 1 3 4 17 12 1 Johannesburg Vereeniging Rustenburg Trail Overview: Northern Magaliesberg Mountain Range. North
  24. 24. 154 | Katz Maassen Northern Magaliesberg Mountain Range | 04 To enter the gorge, hikers descend on several ladders that lead to the stream and water pools.
  25. 25. 185Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | Northern Magaliesberg Mountain Range Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve Trail 30 Walk to the top of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range in a privately-held reserve for spectacular views of the Hartbeespoort Dam (lake) and enjoy a ride into the valley 350 meters down below with the cable car The hiking trails are situated in the private Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve that lies on the slopes of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range. The 300-hectare reserve is home to giraffes, zebras, impalas, nyalas, kudus, blue wildebeests, and ostriches, among other species. As part of its eco-strategy, management organizes guided walks within the game reserve and to the top of the Magaliesberg. The reserve is well-stocked and close friendly encounters with wildlife on the hiking trail are common. If you walk to the top of the mountain to the cable car, a shuttle will bring you back to the reserve. The cost of the park ranger, cable car and shuttle are included in the price of the hike. The trail starts from the entrance and wanders through bushland where game can be seen. After some 35 minutes in flat terrain, the trail meanders through bush vegetation on the slopes of the mountain range zigzagging to the top. Although the incline of the trail does not appear steep, walking this trail is still hard work as you navigate an altitude difference of 350 meters. The views are worth it. Once at the top, you can relax and drink a cup of tea or eat a snack. The cable car will bring you down to the valley and 30-1 Safari and Cable Car Trail Wildlife Hike ADVA NCED 6.4 km mi 4.0
  26. 26. 186 | Katz Maassen Northern Magaliesberg Mountain Range | 04 See hike description for additional location information S25° 41.713 E27° 53.203 Please book online to make a reservation (also for day hiking)
  27. 27. 187 | Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve Trail 30 Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | a shuttle bus takes you back to the reserve. As you walk under the guidance of a park ranger, this trail is one of the few in the Magaliesberg Mountain Range in the advanced category that is suitable to older kids as our experience suggests that they certainly have the skill and energy to complete the trail. This is an easy walk in flat terrain starting from the entrance. As the reserve is well-stocked, it is likely that hikers see game. We had spectacular encoun- ters with wildebeests and giraffes. It is great to see these animals on the web and in books, but standing face-to-face in nature is certainly a life-changing ex- perience. The park ranger will lead you to where most animals are, so no particular route may be followed. The Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve is the only place in Hartbeespoort and surroundings where you can view wildlife during a horseback safari. All levels of horse riding experience are welcome. R511, Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve, Hartbeespoort Dam, North West Province. Self-catering house. Please contact management to make a reservation (also for day hiking). For more information: 30-2 Safari Trail Wildlife Hike EASY 6.4 km mi 4.0 Horseback Safaris Location Accommodation Access
  28. 28. 188 | Katz Maassen Northern Magaliesberg Mountain Range | 04 A view from the cableway station on top of the Magaliesberg Mountain Range near the Hartbeespoort Dam (lake) at the end of the trail. The elevation difference is 350 meters and it takes five minutes to reach the valley from the lookout point.
  29. 29. 189 | Silkaatsnek Nature Reserve Trail 30 Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa |
  30. 30. 190 | Katz Maassen Pretoria 42 31 36 32 33 34 3537 38 39 40 41 1 1 1 3 4 17 12 1 Johannesburg Vereeniging Rustenburg Trail Overview: Southern Magaliesberg Mountain Range. North
  31. 31. 193 | AfricanSwiss Trail 31 Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | R512, 0240 Hartbeespoort. Look for signs on the R512 road S25° 46.979 E27° 51.342 The location can be visited without prior notice
  32. 32. 194 | Katz Maassen Southern Magaliesberg Mountain Range | 05 The trails afford excellent views of the nearby Hartbeespoort Dam (lake) and the Magaliesberg Mountain Range in the background.
  33. 33. 195 | AfricanSwiss Trail 31 Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa |
  34. 34. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 321 | Trail Overview 07 Trails WildlifeHike NatureWalk Wildlife Difficulty Distance[km] Distance[mi] 50-4 Red Dabchick Trail ■ Easy 4.6 2.9 51-1 Norscot Koppies Walking Trail ■ Easy 2.7 1.7 52-1 Pink Trail ■ Easy 6.1 3.8 52-2 Green Trail ■ Easy 11.6 7.3 53-1 Nature Trail ■ Easy 2.1 1.3 54-1 Bokmakierie Former 17 KM Trail ■ ***** Moderate 12.2 7.6 54-2 Bokmakierie 10 KM Trail ■ ** Moderate 10.6 6.6 54-3 Bokmakierie Combination Trail ■ ***** Moderate 8.8 5.5 54-4 Cheetah Interpretative Trail ■ Easy 3.6 2.3 55-1 Baskop House Hiking Trail ■ Easy 8.3 5.2 55-2 Baskop House Hiking Trail Extended ■ Moderate 11.1 6.9 56-1 Geological Trail ■ Moderate 3.8 2.4 56-2 Geological Trail Extended ■ Moderate 6.0 3.8
  35. 35. Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | 325 | Legal Notice 08 requirements for the accuracy and suitability of the hiking guide including the information provided therein. By using this guide, you agree that any action brought by you will be brought within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and that you agree to adhere to the ex- clusive jurisdiction of the Dutch courts. You further agree that the laws in force in the said Kingdom of the Netherlands shall govern this agreement. Please acknowledge sponsors, copyright holders and authors if you use their work. You cannot sell any of the materials in this hiking guide or use them for any other commercial purpose unless otherwise indicated. All materials in this hiking guide have been included with the permission of copyright holders and/or when allowed under legislation. Please note that we retain full copyright of the text in this hiking guide, the cover design and GPS files. The hiking photos are licensed under the CC BY-SA license. The relevant licenses are displayed in this hiking guide. Any of the above conditions can be waived if you obtain permission from the copyright holder. As with the contents of this hiking guide, the E-trails are protected by copyright laws. Please refrain from posting the GPS files on the Internet. This allows us to maintain high quality standards while owners of this hiking guide benefit from the E-trails and other great resources that come with the hiking guide. We take the protection of our copyright and licenses very seriously. If you come across any illegal copies of the hiking guide, in any form, on the Internet, in South Africa or elsewhere, please provide us with the location address or website name so that we can pursue a remedy. We appreciate your help in protecting our ability to bring you valuable content combined with the additional resources available through the website. Copyrights Piracy
  36. 36. 327Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg - South Africa | About the Authors Janet Katz Gregory Maassen Janet Katz is an international legal consultant who has worked extensively overseas after a career representing the U.S. government. She joins Gregory overseas when they do not reside in Washington, DC. Gregory Maassen, Ph.D., is a management profes- sional who has implemented long-term economic development programs throughout the world. He was born in the Netherlands and is founding owner of Wandel Guides.
  37. 37. 334 | Katz Maassen Index  | 10 valley 37, 41, 42, 43, 48, 58, 81, 93, 95, 105, 106, 109, 116, 120, 125, 128, 137, 155, 157, 160, 179, 185, 197, 198, 218, 219, 221, 227, 232, 236, 243, 252, 253, 289, 290, 300, 301, 306 Van Gaalen Cheese Farm 6, 191, 232, 236, 239, 242, 246 Vergenoeg Farm 243 Vlakfontein 207, 208 Volksraad 41 Voortrekker 42, 210, 300 Vredefort Meteorite 6, 249, 303 vulture 221, 243, 246 vulture restaurant 246 W Walter Sisulu 6, 249, 309, 310 waterbuck 106 waterfall 2, 62, 63, 86, 93, 95, 234, 309, 310 waterhole 106, 109, 166, 168, 197, 234, 300 Weikloof 171, 172, 175, 176, 177 wildebeest 21, 41, 42, 44, 99, 100, 111, 115, 165, 166, 198, 203, 250, 253, 255, 296, 302 Wilge River 254 Witbank 80, 119, 120 Witpoortjie 309 Witstinkhout 219, 221, 319 Z zebra 20, 21, 37, 42, 44, 111, 115, 160, 203, 205, 206, 219, 250, 253, 255, 296, 302, 328 zoo 66, 68
  38. 38. Back 5.5” x 8.5” (139.7 mm x 215.9mm) Barcode Location Size 2” X 1.2” Black Dotted Line = Trim Size This is where your book will be cut to produce the final trim size. Blue Dotted Line = Spine Fold Fold placement may vary slightly. White Area = Live Area Position logos, text, and essential images in this area. Red Area = Out of Live/Bleed Your background artwork must fill the red area. Do not place logos, text, or essential images in the red area. If your artwork does not meet these requirements, it may be rejected. Plan your next holiday with South Africa: Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg With this detailed guide, you can save valuable time when planning your hiking adventure in South Africa. For three years, the authors explored and recorded 837 kilometers (523 miles) of astonishing hiking trails and walks in amazing landscapes, encountering giraffes, zebras and rhinos, magnificent valleys, and unique people and culture. Most trails can be completed in 4-6 hours as day trips from Pretoria and Johannesburg. The more than 120 hiking trails in this guidebook have been grouped into the following geographic areas: • Pretoria and surroundings; • The Magaliesberg Mountain Range (northern and southern slopes); and • Johannesburg and surroundings. The book provides easy to understand custom-made hiking maps and trail descriptions. Owners of the book can download carefully recorded E-trails (1,136 waypoints) to maximize their time on the trail, exploring the hiking grounds using GPS devices and GPS enabled smart phones and tablets. Travelers will find South Africa: Hiking Trails in and Around Pretoria and Johannesburg and its multimedia resources an invaluable “next generation” resource guide to explore the region from a truly unique perspective.