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As offshore wind projects move further offshore helicopters are seemingly inevitable as part of your logistics mix. But, what exactly do you need to know before going down that route?

- What different types of equipment are out there and what are their different capabilities?
- At what distance from shore do helicopters become cost-effective?
- How can they be used during construction?
- Can helicopters take over tasks currently conducted using vessels or are they just a back-up?

Windpower Monthly has put together a one-day event to look at these crucial questions and more so that you can make an informed decision if you decide to use helicopters on your sites.

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Helicopter & Offshore Wind Forum- Event Brochure

  1. 1. Helicopters &Offshore Wind Identifying & assessing different helicopter solutions for successful installation, SAR & maintenanceAs offshore wind projects move further offshore, helicopters arebecoming an increasingly critical part of your logistics mix. Thisforum is where you will discover exactly what you need to knowto ensure smooth implementation of helicopters on your project.Topics on the day include:• Assessing the different types of helicopters & their operational parameters to ensure you charter the right Book Bef vehicle ore 12 April &• Understanding how helicopters can be effectively used Save £10 throughout construction & O&M 0!• Best practice for Search & Rescue (SAR) planning & executionPLUS: Case study from DONG of actual experience usinghelicopters on operational offshore wind farms. etc.venues: Victoria, One16 May 2013 Drummond Gate, London, UK DON’T MISS!Hear from the sector’s most experienced aviationprofessionals for a complete helicopters A-Z for Vessels & Access Forum 2013 Find out the latest about accessingoffshore wind, including: deeper-water, far-offshore wind projects atChaired by: our flagship event. Book along side this Focus Day to save on your entrancePeter Owen LloydGlobal Head of Environmental Protection, Health and Safety fee!Siemens Energy Service RenewablesMatthew Clear Niels Peter Kjeldahl Event Partner:Senior Development Manager Helicopter SpecialistThe Crown Estate Siemens Wind PowerGraham Robb Iain WrightHelicopter Superintendent Aviation SpecialistDONG Energy Wind Siemens EnergyPower Service Renewables Join over 5000 people on LinkedIn & Twitter hearing theBernd Brucherseifer Tony Eagles latest news & views from us:Managing Director and Flight (GA & Rotorcraft), SafetyOperations Manager Regulation Group Windpower Monthly & Windpower OffshoreHTM UK Civil Aviation Authority @WPMEvents #windhelicopters www.offshorewindhelicopters.com
  2. 2. Identifying & assessing different helicopter solutionsThursday, 16 May08:30 Delegate Sign-In & Morning Refreshments • Methods for route planning o finding the easiest route09:10 Chair’s Opening Remarks • Implementing call out procedures • What are the harshest weather & sea conditions within Peter Owen Lloyd, Global Head of Environmental which different helicopters can be used for medical Protection, Health and Safety, Siemens Energy Service evacuation? Renewables • The possible future of UK SAR operations09:25 Assessing Different Types Of 12:10 Networking Lunch Helicopters & Their Operational Parameters Sponsored by Bernd Brucherseifer, Managing Director and Flight Operations Manager, HTM 12:50 Update From The Offshore Aviation • What types of aircraft are being used & what are their capabilities? Group: Working Together To Resolve o response times Offshore Aviation Issues o operational pitfalls o the advantages & disadvantages of different types Matthew Clear, Senior Development Manager, The Crown o costs compared with CTVs & FTVs Estate o what are the possibilities for flying at night? o wind directions & speeds each type can be used in • How are developers & stakeholders working together? o how are helicopters affected by Significant Wave o current situation, various forums & their purpose Height? » Aviation Management Board (AMB) • Systems for getting technicians onto platforms & turbines » Fund Management Board (FMB) o comparing landing the helicopter to winching or » Airspace & Safety Initiative Windfarm Working heli-hoisting Group (ASIWWG) • Do technicians need to be sent to an airport or can the • Introducing the Offshore Aviation Operations Group helicopters come to your operations base? o how much room would be needed to come to your o moving from mainly strategic to more operational site? thinking o planned tasks To join this session please contact rmc@windpowermonthly.com » what work is currently being undertaken & why?10:25 Networking Break o future plans & targets o how to get involved10:55 Update On The Regulatory & Classification Expectations Throughout 13:30 How Helicopters Are Used Europe For Offshore Wind For Scheduled & Unscheduled Tony Eagles, Manager Flight Operations Policy (GA & Maintenance Rotorcraft), Safety Regulation Group, UK Civil Aviation Authority Graham Robb, Helicopter Superintendent, DONG Energy Wind Power • How have regulations developed differently in UK/ Norway, Denmark, Germany & other European • Limitations on helicopter types countries? o helicopter types that can be used for heli-hoist o understanding how this will affect your operations international operations o what are the performance requirements? • What are the classification societies looking for? • Typical operations o approval needs for helicopter platforms o personnel » placing of helidecks o internal cargo • What additional inspections will be needed when using o external cargo helicopter landings on turbines & refuelling? o casualty evacuation • Costs associated with gaining certification & keeping • Where & why would it be beneficial to use helicopters within regulations for scheduled & unscheduled maintenance? • How must wind farm design be adjusted to plan for helicopter use in both construction & O&M? 14.10 How Helicopters Can Contribute To11:25 How Can Helicopters Be Safely & Access In An Offshore Wind Farm Effectively Used For UK Search & Niels Peter Kjeldahl, Helicopter Specialist, Siemens Wind Rescue (SAR)? Power Iain Wright, Aviation Specialist, Siemens Energy Service Renewables • Helicopter performance o time & distance • What are the types of equipment needed for SAR o payload operations? o limitations (fuel/distance/payload & weather) o how are the requirements different to those for non- SAR activities? Book Now! Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  3. 3. ons for successful installation, SAR & maintenance Who Should Attend? • Helicopters effect on maritime operations This event is essential for anyone assessing o helicopters as a supplement to existing crew helicopter strategies for current or future offshore vessel transfer wind projects, especially Directors, Heads, o can helicopters fully replace crew vessel transfer? Managers of: • Managing helicopter logistics o daily helicopter operations & ad-hoc requirements Ü Project o number of passengers, routing & fuel management Ü Site o combined helicopter & maritime operations in the Ü Aviation same area (same WTG) Ü Helicopters 14.40 Networking Break Ü Procurement Ü O&M 15:10 Expert Panel: Can Helicopters Go Ü Installation Beyond Personnel Transfer During Ü Marine Logistics Construction & How? Ü Health & Safety Graham Robb, Helicopter Superintendent, DONG Energy Wind Power Ü Supply Chain Further panellists to be announced • Personnel movement around different construction areas Don’t miss our Vessels & Access Forum taking o moving between arrays place on 14-15 May, alongside this Focus Day. • Lack of surefooted platforms compared with the O&M Speakers are confirmed from leading offshore phase o how can the additional safety concerns be wind organisations including DONG Energy overcome? Wind Power, Siemens Wind Power, Vattenfall, • Can benefits from O&M including part movement be Seajacks, OSBIT Power, ESVAGT A/S & many seen in construction & how? o which parts can be transported more. For more details please visit www. o how much room will be left for technicians? offshorewindvessels.com. Book at the same • How could helicopters reduce construction delays & time as booking for this Helicopters Focus avoid issues with EIA specifications? Day to save up to £400! 15:55 Case Study: Lessons Learned When “ Using Helicopters During Offshore O&M Good speakers & presentations; good Graham Robb, Helicopter Superintendent, DONG Energy Wind Power participants!” Typhoon Offshore • How often are helicopters able to gain access to sites when vessels cannot? o Significant Wave Height vs. helicopter weather limitations Business Development Opportunities o cost & benefits • Where should helicopter landing decks be placed within If you have products or services that could a wind farm? help offshore wind professionals build smooth, o assessing use of the accommodation platform & efficient aviation strategies, sponsoring this substations • Where should a heli-hoist platform be located? event is a great opportunity to make them aware o pros & cons of TPs vs. the nacelle of your business. For more information, please • Technician experience of using helicopters contact Raihan Chowdhury on o space o comfort +44 (0)20 8267 4337 or email o access to work spaces rmc@windpowermonthly.com. • Safety considerations “ o risk analysis o walk to work! • Short video showing actual heli-hoist operations Beautifully organised, very focussed. 16:35 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Focus Day Well worth the time” RES Offshore Book Before 12 April & Save £100 • www.offshorewindhelicopters.com
  4. 4. FEATURING SPEAKERS FROM: Conference Code: 17178131670 Brochure Code: 4 WAYS TO BOOK Helicopters & Please complete one registration form for each delegate. Offshore Wind 1. Book online at www.offshorewindhelicopters.com 2. Fax this completed registration form to +44 (0)20 8267 4486 3. Post the booking form with payment to FREEPOST (LON3727), Haymarket Conferences, 174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JP, UK Identifying & assessing different 4. Call +44 (0)20 8267 4011 helicopter solutions for If you have any problems registering please call: +44 (0)20 8267 4011 successful installation, SAR & maintenance Name of person completing form if different from delegate: 16 May 2013 Please register the following delegate (BLOCK CAPITALS)etc.venues: Victoria, One Drummond Gate, London, UK Name (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) PositionDon’t Miss! Vessels & Access Forum on 14-15 May OrganisationFind out the latest about accessing deeper-water,far-offshore wind projects at our flagship event. Book Addressalongside this Focus Day to save on your entrance fee! Postcode Tel FaxAccommodation is not included in your registration fee. EmailFor nearby hotels please check www.4cityhotels.com. How did you hear about this forum? Book before Book before Book after Industry type Price* 12 April 1 May 1 May Name of department head £549 + VAT £599 + VAT £649 + VAT Job title of department head Helicopter Saving Saving Saving Focus Day Only I agree to the terms & conditions as stated opposite. £100 £50 - Vessels & Access £1749 + VAT £1849 + VAT £1949 + VAT Signed Forum & Helicopter Saving Saving Saving Focus Day Please indicate how you wish to pay: £400 £300 £200 Pre-payments to be made with booking form or, where agreed, payment to be Group Discounts are also available, book 3 places and the 3rd made upon receipt of invoice. A receipted VAT invoice will be issued once payment delegate receives a 50% discount. Group Discounts are not has been received. used in conjunction with the Early Bird Rates or any other offer. I wish to be invoiced. N.B. If your company/organisation uses PO numbers Please contact events@windpowermonthly.com for more please write this number here: information. I wish to pay by credit card Speakers’ Please charge my: AMEX Visa Mastercard £199 Presentations* *All rates will have VAT @ 20% added Cardholder’s name Further Information For Delegates Email: events@windpowermonthly.com Card no. Start Date Expiry Date Security Code RELATED Events Card billing address (if different from above) Future Offshore Foundations 21 March, London, UK www.futureoffshorefoundations.com Cardholder’s signature Data Protection Ports For Offshore Wind By registering for a conference, Haymarket Conferences can provide you with information relating to your booking & other Haymarket related products or services via email, direct mail, fax or telephone. 21-22 May, Aberdeen, UK Please write to the Head of Marketing at the address stated above if you do not wish to receive this www.offshorewindports.com information. We may also make your details available to carefully screened companies who have offers Offshore Consenting Conference that may be of interest to you. Yes, I would like to receive carefully screened & work related emails from third parties. No, I specifically do not want my details to be made available to third parties. 26 June 2013, London, UK www.offshoreconsentingconference.com Book Before 12 April & Save £100 • www.offshorewindhelicopters.com