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Glyn Moody - net freedom or copyright


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Published in: Technology
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Glyn Moody - net freedom or copyright

  1. 1. war on digital sharing glyn moody    
  2. 2. battles No Electronic Theft Act, DMCA SOPA/PIPA European Copyright Directive HADOPI (France); Digital Economy Act (UK); Ley Sinde (Spain); Section 92A (New Zealand); Copyright Act (Korea); US "6 strikes" ACTA, TPP    
  3. 3. collateral damage criminalisation of everyday acts assumption of guilt disproportionate punishments extra-judicial punishments collective punishments loss of privacy loss of freedom of speech    
  4. 4. in the beginning... first CD appeared in 1982  without any kind of copy protection  because it was impossible to copy the CDs 700 Mbytes of data: the 1983 IBM PC XT had a 10 Mbytes hard disc – less than one song  similarly impossible to share it across the Internet: the Hayes Smartmodem, released in 1981, had a speed of 300 bits/s – about 400 hours to upload one song    
  5. 5. ...and then... Moores Law MP3 developed in early 1990s, just as Internet was taking off used computation to reduce music file size to 10% of original modem speed then 14.4 Kbit/s – less than one hour to upload/download one MP3 song: slow, but possible Napster (1999)    
  6. 6. today Mbit/s broadband connection mean that entire films can now be shared P2P networks like BitTorrent make it even easier to distribute those files and share them in the background 1 terabyte hard disc (1000 gigabytes) costs £/€/$50; stores 150,000 MP3s    
  7. 7. tomorrow a 1 petabyte (1000 terabytes) USB stick will cost £/€/$50 and store every song ever recorded in CD quality (no compression) a 1 exabyte hard disc (1000 petabytes) will cost £/€/$50 and store every film ever recorded ultimately be able to share *everything* as easily as sharing one MP3 file in 1995 then what?    
  8. 8. war on digital sharing is unwinnable  Moores Law is war on abundance  artificial scarcity is a war on humanity  most people cant access most knowledge is a war on the future  a few of those people are the ones who will save us    
  9. 9. castles in the air those who talk of "IP" compare copyright infringement with trespass in 20th century, law on trespass radically reshaped by new technology limited by taking away airspace rights    
  10. 10. taking flight we need to allow knowledge to pass freely through the digital space "above" analogue objects no digital copyright  logically inevitable  morally necessary  economically sensible    
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