glyn moody from desperation to inspiration


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glyn moody from desperation to inspiration

  1. 1. ACTA: from desperation to inspiration glyn moody    
  2. 2. January 2012 November 2010: ACTA finalised April 2011: ACTA published October 2011: ACTA signed by Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, & the United States every reason to think the EU and its 27 member states, plus Mexico, would sign sometime in 2012, and then ratify    
  3. 3. 18 January 2012 Stop Online Piracy Act, Protect IP Act (2011) Internet Blackout 18 January 2012 Wikipedia, Google, Mozilla + 115,000 sites went dark/modified Net community: 4.5 million signatures SOPA and PIPA withdrawn that same day    
  4. 4. 19 January 2012 a few hours after SOPA/PIPA were withdrawn, a group of NGOs and activists met with Polish ministries, who announced ACTA would be signed one week later unexpected: it broke an earlier agreement that nothing would be signed until issues had been explored and resolved immediate widespread anger – and soon action    
  5. 5. why Poland erupted Michał Woźniak  Polish government went back on its word  an imminent deadline concentrated minds  Polish activists followed ACTA for a long time  SOPA victory the day before  Poles remembered the Communist years    
  6. 6. Polands protests "spontaneous, grass-roots activities" NGOs took on the role of co- ordinators crucial decision was "no-logo rule": no party, group or similar logos, banners, flags, etc. single, cross-party protest tens of thousands in -30ºC Anonymous joined in    
  7. 7. political reaction (1) "we will not succumb to blackmail" 26 January: 22 EU countries, including Poland, signed ACTA polls showed 64% against ACTA; 1.8 million emails sent to Polish MPs government called for "dialogue" 3 February: Polish government suspended ratification 17 February: asked EU leaders to reject ACTA    
  8. 8. Europe stirs 25 January: MEP Marietje Schaake published her concerns in document on Reddit 26 January: Kader Arif, EP rapporteur for ACTA, resigned; spoke of ACTAs "masquerade" 31 January: Slovenian Ambassador published apology for signing ACTA, under "barrage of questions in my inbox and on Facebook"    
  9. 9. European protests EU-wide street protests organised for 11 February   La Quadrature du Net massive numbers took to the streets  Germany (100,000),Denmark (15,000), Austria (10,000), Bulgaria (7,000), Romania (5,000), Hungary (1,000)    
  10. 10. immediate reactions EU countries halted ratification  6 February: Czech Republic  6 February: Slovakia  9 February: Latvia  10 February: Germany  14 February: Bulgaria  16 February: Lithuania  17 February: Slovenia all suffered under left- or right- wing totalitarianism    
  11. 11. delaying tactics 22 February: European Commission asked European Court of Justice whether ACTA is incompatible in any way with the EUs fundamental rights and freedoms wrong question, and would probably take 1-2 years; clearly betting anger would subside by then Jérémie Zimmermann rejected the idea immediately maintaining momentum    
  12. 12. political reaction (2) 12 April: (new) ACTA rapporteur recommends rejection, as do Socialists in European Parliament 25 April: Liberals and Democrats declare against ACTA 31 May: ITRE (Industry, Research, Energy), JURI (Legal affairs), and LIBE (Civil Liberties) vote for rejection 21 June: INTA (International Trade) also rejects    
  13. 13. victory 4 July: plenary vote on ACTA European Parliament voted down ACTA by 478 votes to 39, with 165 abstentions remarkable majority remarkable rejection of international trade agreement negotiated by European Commission Lisbon Treaty    
  14. 14. lessons to be learned one thing leads to another small pieces loosely joined we have the technology we have the brains the joy of texts publish and be damned keep politics out of it united we stand    
  15. 15. inspiration on Twitter/