How Tech Entrepreneurs Can (And Should) Build A Brand


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My talk from Tech Entrepreneurs Week 2011 on how startups can build a brand. Won't make a ton of sense without me presenting it. Also rehashes (but simplifies) content from my Next11 talk.

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  • Thanks for those, TEW was awesome!
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  • Industrial design. Technology. Branding. Strategy.
  • Your brand is simply what people think of you, and every time they encounter you is an opportunity to shape their impression.
  • This is our thing.We’re an advertising agency, with a strategy consultancy hidden inside.
  • ‘A Plan' is a blockage. Set the vision but allow the route there to be flexible (a 'journey' rather than a campaign).
  • How Tech Entrepreneurs Can (And Should) Build A Brand

    1. 1. How techentrepreneurs can(and should) builda brand.Glyn BrittonStrategy & Innovation Partner, Albion London
    2. 2. ALBION LONDON is a strategy & creative agency.We partner with entrepreneurs andintrepreneurs to create game-changing ideas forbusinesses, brands and communications.We create strategy, branding, advertising,digital products, websites, social mediacampaigns, mobile apps... whatever our clientsneed to build their businesses.
    3. 3. Skype Betfair Innocent£2.75bn £1.5bn £300m
    4. 4. Short term loans Smart Energy Online FundraisingAnti-frustration Crowd sourced P2p business loans software driving behaviour
    5. 5. Social mobile network Online car insurance for for
    6. 6. Saul KleinAlbion Non-Exec & Serial Investor
    7. 7. Founder members and mentors at Seedcamp
    8. 8. Incubating startups in our space
    9. 9. Build a brand.
    10. 10. Organise the world’s Make the world more information open and connected. Free the world’s Music should be conversations easily accessible
    11. 11. Building a branddoesn’t meanadvertising.
    12. 12. Be interesting.
    13. 13. A mobile network based on mutuality...Where customers do some of the work that is traditionally done by the company. This helps keep our costs low and we pass the savings onto them.
    14. 14. Don’t try andbe for everyone. DON’T TRY AND BE FOR EVERYONE.
    15. 15. Be social.
    16. 16. Be Agile.
    17. 17. Mark EarlsLight lots of small firesand pour petrol onthose that take.
    18. 18. “Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.”Galileo Galilei
    19. 19. Tell a story.
    20. 20. Coherence, not consistency Mutuality Free data goodybags Unlocking Illegal Theatre  Coherent and dynamic brand experience across hundreds of ‘little’ activities
    21. 21. In summary
    22. 22. Build a brandwith every touch pointBe interestingEnough that people want to talk to each other about youBe socialNot just a channel but a business principleBe AgileTreat marketing like softwareTell a storyAn ambitious, complex, human story
    23. 23.