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Bis 375 week 4 supply and demand analysis on scm


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Bis 375 week 4 supply and demand analysis on scm

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Bis 375 week 4 supply and demand analysis on scm

  1. 1. A+ tutorial you will find here This archive file includes BIS 375 Week 4 Supply and Demand Analysis On SCM Presentation Business - Management Learning Team Supply and Demand Analysis on SCM Resources: An industry selected and approved by faculty in Week One and the Learning Team assignments from Weeks Two and Three Prepare a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes using the industry selected in Week One. The presentation must cover the following: Differentiate between customers, suppliers, and partners, and explain their roles and responsibilities as related to the organization. Identify several of the organization’s customers and suppliers. Analyze the effects of customer demands on suppliers. Define various ways suppliers may prepare for customer demand changes. Define various ways customers may prepare for supply interruptions or changes. If you are planning your college career you should first focus on learning about many different topics. This will cause you
  2. 2. to be well rounded and will help guide you towards your dream job. If you do not try new things how will you know what you are really meant to do....