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Project enviroment jg

1 picture: In the first picture we can see a mighty healthy river surrounded by trees, but in the next picture we can see as the river has turned dirty by the trash that people thrown into the river.
2 picture: This picture is the result of the warming global effect.
In the first photo, taken in 1928, it is considerable to see a frozen glacier with mountains covered of snow, but in the next photo, taken in 2004, we can see how the ice has defrosted and become water, due to rising temperatures.
3 picture: First of all we can observed a mountain high enough, it contains some snow whereas in the second photo we see the same picture but this time without snow, since has been dissolved.
4 picture: Finally we see a black and white image of a mountain, in this picture you can observed some mountains on bottom of the picture while in the picture below you can see how the mountains have become blocks of flats due to globalization.

One regret: If people weren't so dirty and they didn't throw trash in the river, rivers would be so much clean.
One hypothesis: If humans keep our ecosystem clean by using less our cars, the ozone layer won't warm and pole systems won't defrost.
One prediction: If we keep damaging the environment, in a near future we won’t have our trees, our rivers and our fields.

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Project enviroment jg

  1. 1. Gisela Lozano José Manuel Fernández