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Glowstik Social Marketing Partner Handbook


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Everything you need to know about working at Glowstik.

As you read and look at the pictures, try to think about how you're going to put these things into action.

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Glowstik Social Marketing Partner Handbook

  1. 1. is this asketchy path?
  2. 2. your guide to opportunity.glowstiksocialmarketingpartner handbook
  3. 3. When adoor opens,take theopportunityand run.
  4. 4. this is going to be big.
  5. 5. Every brand says they standfor something.
  6. 6. This is us.We are different.
  7. 7. We are a ragtaggroup of misfits.We want tochange the world.
  8. 8. We are shameless innovators.We are young. And our youth is the onething we have on our competitors. Everyoneelse is on a journey to happy retirement. Weare on a journey to create the next big thing.We are willing to take bold actions that riskour business, our reputation, and our bloodpressure. We are willing to put it all on theline for the intrinsic thrill that we get, frompushing a brand to its limits.We refuse to play it safe. Or rather, wecannot afford to play it safe. Right now, weare a little goldfish in a shark tank. If wedon’t think differently, we get swallowedwhole.
  9. 9. We are bursting with energy. They do their work. We have fun with our work.
  10. 10. We are a team.We are a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are ateam. We are a team. We are a team. We are a team. We Coming together is aare a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are a We are a team. We are a team. We are a team. Weare a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are a Keeping together is a team. Weteam. We are a team. We are a team. We are progress.are a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are ateam. We are a team. We are a team. Weis a team. We Working together areare a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are a We are a team. We are a team. We are a team. Weare a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are ateam. We are a team. We are a team. We are a team. We -Henry Fordare a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are ateam. We are a team. We are a team. We are a team. Weare a team. We are a team. We are a team. We are a team
  13. 13. A strong piece of experiencefor your résumé.
  14. 14. A chance to learn business,consulting, and marketingby actually doing it.
  15. 15. A chance toexpand your network.
  16. 16. A chance to be a part ofsomething huge.
  17. 17. Our promisethat you will geteverything youneed tosucceed.
  18. 18. how to be a successful Stikkie.
  19. 19. Candor.Am I opening up?Speak your heart. We asked you tojoin our team because we believe inyou, your insights, and your judgments.However, don’t confuse candor withnegativity.Negativity is realizing what’s wrong,voicing it, then moaning and groaningabout it. Candor is realizing what’swrong, voicing it, then thinking aboutactions to make it right.
  20. 20. Team player.What am I doing to contribute to theteam in the next week and can I domore?Every partner’s actions affect thesuccess of our team and everyindividual on it.Make every effort to cooperateand collaborate with yourteammates. That’s the only waywe can create somethingincredible.
  21. 21. Commitment. Can my work be better? We work hard to make every project we assign you to as enriching and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will make every effort to take advantage of this opportunity. Stay on top of your assigned tasks and meet deadlines. Most of all though, get pumped. Not only is this the experience of a lifetime, but it could be the next big thing.
  22. 22. Creativity.Am I destroying, annihilating, andtaking a baseball bat to the statusquo?Adults are richer, moreeducated, and moreexperienced than us. But I seethis as a strength.We have the energy andboundless imagination tocreate the ideas that cansupercharge a brand andchange the world.
  23. 23. Initiative.What else can I do to makemyself and Glowstik moresuccessful?Do what you thinkneeds doing. Always.Nobody will be mad.
  24. 24. Growth Stuff you mightcommunication some do at•Growth and expansion research (intraand ultra) Client Logistics •Company registration •Financial reporting point. •Initial email•Recruiting and hiring •Sending frequent reports of•Finding good training and career •Ensure legality of actions •Find ways to get grantsgrowth material and events actions and plans •Devise contract for•Capital opportunities (venture capital, •Relaying goals and successes clientsgovernment grants) •Asking the client what more •Organize events•Developing profiles on new he/she wants •Create systems fortechnologies that can be used and that •Communicating pricing efficiencyclients want us to use •Asking for referral/following •Review performance and•Social awareness and charity research up make suggestions •Deliverables and monthly reporting for clients WebsiteMarketing of Glowstik•Online marketing of product to clients •Website content•Facebook page for our company Client work innovation•Design for promotional print material •Graphic design for landing •SEO and web•Managing the blog pages promotion•General marketing and branding for •Facebook/Twitter page •Programming forGlowstik management (posting) Facebook pages/client•Competitor/market research to •Forum posting web pagesdetermine pricing and differentiation •Videography •Searchstrategy •Ideation and brainstorming engine/directory•Public relations (get on TV, speaking •Creative work submissiongigs, print media gigs, etc.) •Customer interaction ETC.
  25. 25. To the unsatisfied, Ambition. Society views it as an abstraction- some sort of trait or characteristic. You either have it or you dont. Some people just dont have the same determination to succeed, they say. I disagree. I believe it is in our essence as humans- as much so as our need for oxygen, food, or belonging. Every person is born with this psychotic thirst to shed the tattoo that brands us as part of the status quo. A letter from In the eyes of the world, you become a statistic the moment you are born; the hospital fills out some paperwork and puts you in a filing cabinet. You are the founder. just another uniformity in 7 billion. You are probably- no, definitely- destined for mediocrity. You are not special. These days, the typical is not only accepted, but embraced and fervently sought after. "Motivational" speeches repeat the same genericContinued on next slide themes: be nice, stay in school, and dont do drugs.
  26. 26. Is it not disturbing how low standardshave become?I’m sure you feel the same way I didwhen I was looking into the world foropportunity. There are so many thingsyou can work at, but your heartwhispers that the typical isn’t enough.Every single person can be remarkableat something. Why waste your time andeffort trying to be the same?An opportunity to be the same is not anopportunity at all; it’s a dead end. WhenI founded Glowstik, I wanted to sprintpast the dead ends that have floodedour world.And adults called me a wannabebigshot.At first, I was hurt. But as I thoughtabout it, I do want to be a bigshot. Whydoesnt everyone want to be a bigshot?Continued on next slide
  27. 27. And although Glowstik is a small group ofwannabe bigshots, and we may encounter somemore talented marketers, we will win withdetermination and an inherent urge to be more.Will you join team different?Onward,jerry zhang
  28. 28. Former wannabe bigshots:Bill GatesHoward SchultzMichael JordanLady GagaWill SmithSergey BrinLarry PageWarren BuffetSidney CrosbyDrakeJeff BezosAlbert PujolsBarack ObamaRonald ReaganMark ZuckerbergRoy HalladayMegan FoxJ.K. RowlingWalt DisneySteve Jobs
  29. 29. Current wannabe bigshots: (Write your name)
  30. 30. Our mission.
  31. 31. To change the worlds perceptionof who and what a marketer issupposed to be and mean.
  32. 32. Our marketingWith the work we do, we hope to capitalize on the potential thatflows through any and every brand. We will galvanize the souland meaning of our clients business, by focussing on its corevalues.The world ANDWe are not your typical marketers; ingrained in our nature, is agenuine desire to lead the change that needs to happen in our THATworld. The feeling of helping another human being will alwaystrump anything we accomplish in marketing.Our partners ISOur partners are the catalysts of innovation and the lifeblood ofour organization. We strive to give them opportunities to learn, WHOgrow, and succeed, within an electric environment that harboursendless creativity. WEOur attitudeDare to be different. ARE.
  33. 33. A few ground rules.DON’T: DO:Throw potentially painful projectiles (both Ask questions. A lot.literally and metaphorically). Be spontaneous and romantic.Run with scissors. Even if they are safety scissors. Be a weirdo, wackjob, and creeper.Leave others hanging. Find loopholes.Say it can’t be done. Be funny and have fun.Micromanage. Look at the big picture. Forget Plan B. It’s only an excuse for theSuck. losers who can’t execute Plan A. Be stubborn.
  34. 34. We’re nottrying tomake money.We’retrying tomakechange.
  35. 35. TALK TOUS. Email: Email the CEO: Website: Anonymous Suggestion Box
  36. 36. or is it abeautifuljourney?