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A look at Lewisburg, Tennessee

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Why Lewisburg Bullet Points

  1. 1. Lewisburg Works!
  2. 2.  Location, Location, Location—  Lewisburg is perfectly situated 50 miles south of Nashville, TN and 50 miles north of Huntsville, AL along the Interstate 65 corridor  Tradition in Industry—  Lewisburg has long been the envy of communities for its ever-expanding indus- trial base in the Lewisburg Industrial Park located less than 9 miles from Exit 32 on I-65  Progress in Industry—  Lewisburg has developed the Lewisburg Business Park just 7/10 of a mile from Exit 32 on I-65, Home to U.S. Tank and Cryogenics, Autom Church Supply and soon a new 60,000 sq. ft. Spec Building  Deal Ready—  The Lewisburg Business Park is Certified Deal Ready by MTIDA and WTIDA and one of only twelve sites in Middle Tennessee Certified Deal Ready  PILOT Program—  Lewisburg offers a variety of PILOT programs and other incentives to all pro- spective industries  Leadership and Cooperation—  ECD Director Terry Wallace and his staff along with the Lewisburg City Coun- cil, City Manager, Mayor, Industrial Development Board, Community Develop- ment Board and the Planning and Zoning Commission work hand and hand to make sure Lewisburg is Business Friendly, Business Savvy and always looking to do Business  Education is Key—  Lewisburg is home to a Columbia State Community College Satellite Campus, a Tennessee Technology Center Satellite Campus and an Adult Learning Center. The Marshall Education Foundation is an organization committed to continue raising the bar for Marshall County’s students, elementary to college. The Mar- shall County School system consistently rates above the State Average in Educa- tional Test Scores and sends many of its best and brightest to universities, col- leges and vocational institutions across the state and beyond.
  3. 3.  Health Care—  Lewisburg is home to the Marshall Medical Center, the Marshall Medical Com- plex and the Marshall County Emergency Medical Service facility as well as Air Evac service from the Ellington Airport providing 24-hour, 7-day a week ad- vanced life-support services for all of Marshall County  Emergency Management—  Lewisburg employs a Class 6 Fire Department servicing all of Lewisburg and a Level A Certified Haz-Mat Team servicing all of Marshall County  Ellington Airport—  Lewisburg features the Ellington Airport—a 211-acre site conveniently located three miles from town on Highway 431 North. The runway is 5001 feet long and useable on both ends. Services are offered for both the corporate aviation community and the light general aviation enthusiast. Commercial charter aircraft are also based here with skilled and highly experienced pilots.  Recreation—  The Lewisburg Recreation Center is a sports complex featuring indoor/outdoor swimming pools, Fitness Gym, Tennis Courts, Raquetball Courts, Basketball Courts, indoor/outdoor walking trails, 9-hole golf course, convention hall and classrooms for community activities  More to See and Do—  Lewisburg provides other recreational fun from 54-holes of golf at four golf courses in the county, New Lake Park, a beautiful nature trail, picnic and fishing lake, Rock Creek Park, a beautiful park with a greenway, farmer’s market, picnic areas and home to the Goats, Music and More Festival each October  Arts and Culture—  Lewisburg is home to artists, musicians and actors who perform at the Marshall County Community Theatre located on the Lewisburg Square in the historic Dixie Theatre
  4. 4. Business & Industry Marshall County Works with Three Industrial Parks Marshall County has been the hub of industry and business in Southern Middle Tennessee for more than two decades and continues to grow. The newly created Lewisburg Business Park joins the Lewisburg Indus- trial Park and the Cornersville Industrial Park adding even more land and available buildings for industrial growth. The Lewisburg Industrial Park is located on the eastern portion of Lewisburg along Highway 431 (Fayetteville Highway), just 8 miles from Exit 32 and Exit 37 of Interstate 65. It is home to more than 30 in- dustries with room for more including available buildings. The Lewisburg Business Park is home to U.S. Tank and Cryogenics and Autom Church Supply Company. There is close to 100 acres still available and a 60,000 square foot Spec Building is currently under construction on 10 acres of property. The Lewisburg Business Park is a Certified Deal Ready Site located just 7/10 of a mile from Exit 32 on Interstate 65. The Cornersville Industrial Park has several acres available to develop industry just 3/10 of a mile from Exit 22 on Interstate 65. Marshall County is home to 43 Industries employing from 1,100 to 2 employees and interest from new industries continues to grow. The amount of industrial jobs helps to bring 4,600 employees from surround- ing counties. Marshall County Works!
  5. 5. Marshall County has…  3 High Schools including Cornersville and Chapel Hill  5 Elementary Schools including Cornersville and Chapel Hill  9 Daycares in Lewisburg The Graduation Rate in Marshall County is 88% - The State Goal is 90% “I came here with the goal of making the Marshall County School System a top ten school system in the State of Tennessee. The infrastructure is here, the leadership is here, the teachers are here and the children are here to make that happen.” - Director of Schools, Dr. Stan Curtis
  6. 6. Recreation & Parks Lewisburg Recreation Center Henry Horton State Park 1551 Mooresville Highway 4201 Nashville Highway Lewisburg, TN 37091 Chapel Hill, TN 37034 (931) 359-2482 or 1593 www.lewisburgtn.com (931) 364--2222 or 7724 The Lewisburg Recreation Center boats a facility Henry Horton State Park rests along the banks of that is second to none with indoor/outdoor swimming the Duck River (pictured above). It offers an outdoor pools, fitness center, racquetball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool, tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, 9-hole golf course, children’s playground, walking trail, picnic areas, children’s playground, basketball gymnasium, convention center and more! courts, pavilions, convention center, skeet range, archery range, horse stables and more! Rock Creek Park Lewisburg Lake Park 101 Old Farmington Road 1675 New Lake Road Lewisburg, TN 37091 Lewisburg, TN 37091 (931) 359-1544 (931) 359-1544 www.lewisburgtn.com www.lewisburgtn.com Rock Creek Park is home to the annual Goats, New Lake Park is a scenic beauty located just Music and More Festival held the second weekend of outside the city limits of Lewisburg. It is a great spot each October. Located along the banks of Rock Creek, for boating and fishing, picnicking or walking the it is also home to the Farmer’s Market Pavilion, a beautiful nature trail that surrounds the lake. greenway walking trail and picnic areas.
  7. 7. Fore!!! Play 54 Holes of Golf in Marshall County Lewisburg Recreation Center 1551 Mooresville Highway Lewisburg, TN 37091 (931) 359-2482 or 1593 www.lewisburgtn.com Henry Horton State Park 4201 Nashville Highway Chapel Hill, TN 37034 (931) 364--2222 or 7724 Saddle Creek Golf Course Hazelburn Golf Course 1480 Fayetteville Highway 2470 Lynnville Highway Lewisburg, TN 37091 Cornersville, TN 37047 (931) 270-7280 (931) 293-4653 Hunting & Fishing Marshall County is rich in wildlife for hunting & fishing. Cast your line at New Lake or the Duck River or set your sites on game at several private hunting grounds throughout the county! Other Activities Canoeing- Duck River Canoe, 4448 Nashville Highway, Chapel Hill, TN 37034, (931) 364-2969 River Rat Canoe Rental, 4361 Highway 431, Columbia, TN 38401, (931) 381-2278 Bowling— Fun Time Lanes, 804 W. Commerce St., Lewisburg, TN 37091, (931) 359-7935 Movies — Highway 50 Drive-In, 1584 Fayetteville Hwy., Lewisburg, TN 37091, (931) 270-1591 Theatre— Marshall Co. Comm. Theatre, 110 W. Church St., Lewisburg, TN 37091, (931) 270-7529 Paintball—M.A.S.H., 1966 Franklin Pike, Lewisburg, TN 37091, (931) 359-7131 Off Road– Wooly’s Off Road Club, 2000 Mooresville Road, Lynnville, TN 38472, (931) 703-3129
  8. 8.  Get to Know Lewisburg Better—Q&A  What are the Local Celebrations?  Goats, Music and More Festival  Chapel Hill Lions Club Super Pull of the South  Lewisburg Lions Club Octoberfest  Lewisburg Rotary Barbeque Cook Off  WJJM Summer Nights and Colgate Country Showdown  American Cancer Society Relay for Life  Lewisburg Lions Club Lawn Mower Race  Kiwanis Club Golf Tournament  Child Development Center Golf Tournament  J.R. Moon Classic Golf Tournament  Christmas on the Square  Christmas Spectacular at Marshall Co. Community Theatre  Lewisburg Rotary Club Christmas Parade  MCHS Homecoming Parade  Lewisburg Rotary Club Miss Lewisburg Scholarship Pageant  Lewisburg Rotary Club Little Miss Lewisburg Pageant  Chamber of Commerce Fourth of July Celebration  Chamber of Commerce Miss Marshall County Pageant  Chamber of Commerce Little Miss Marshall County Pageant  Chamber of Commerce Junior Miss Marshall County Pageant  Henry Horton State Park Step Back in Time Celebration  Tennessee Walking Horse Shows  What is the Parental Involvement with the schools?  Each School has its own Parent Teacher Organization. Parents are encouraged by teachers to stay involved with their children and the schools through activities and reminders from checking homework nightly to volunteering with school projects.  “We moved to Lewisburg from Michigan due to my husband’s job and we love it. Everyone gets involved with the kids, everyone knows each other’s kids and we don’t have to worry about them walking the streets or playing in the neighborhood. We know they are being taken care of and watched after and the school system is very supportive to parents who want to be involved in the education of their children.”  - Lorie Longchamps, parent
  9. 9.  Get to Know Lewisburg Better—Q&A  How Many Churches, What Faiths, Percentage Attending and Building/Expansion Projects?  There are 93 Active Churches in Marshall County  Faiths include Church of Christ, Church of God, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Catholic and Jehovah’s Witness  70% of the population has some interaction with one or more churches through service or need  45% of the population attends a church each Sunday  A Ministerial Association oversees projects and cooperation between churches  Each provides counseling to members and non-members  Several Churches provide some humanitarian service from food banks and food kitchens to missionary work home and abroad  The United Methodist Church is building a new daycare center and community center  Several churches are expanding their buildings to accommodate more members and more community service centers  What Community Projects are Underway? Private or Government funded?  The Greenway walking trail at Rock Creek Park is expanding to become a 5 mile walking trail along Rock Creek.  Highway 373 is being widened to a four-lane highway from the bypass to Exit 32 on Interstate 65 by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Start date is scheduled for February, 2009.  The City of Lewisburg is initiated a Downtown Alliance Organization whose goal will be to revitalize economically and aesthetically the Lewisburg Square  The City of Lewisburg has completed Phase One of a Curbside Recycling Pickup Program. The program is expected to be available citywide by April 2009.  The Three-Star Beautification Committee continues projects to develop the ap- pearance of Lewisburg
  10. 10.  Get to Know Lewisburg Better—Q&A  What Businesses have closed in the Past Five Years and Why?  Tec Air, Agri-Energy and NuForm  Tec Air was a plastics injection molding facility serving automotive plants in the region. A loss in customer base following a plant closing forced the company to move its operation back to its headquarters in Chicago, IL. “It was a mistake in my opinion. We had training here, good workers here and the city was a very good partner with us. Factors in the industry forced our hand but I would recommend returning to Lewisburg were certain circumstances to change.” - Ricky McGear, Tec Air Executive  Agri-Energy was a biodiesel plant that operated for two years. A bad batch of soybean oil coupled with the rising cost of soybean oil resulted in their inability to make the operation profitable.  NuForm, a steel-rolling plant servicing automotive plants in the region, were ex- clusively manufacturing for Magna. NuForm requested more funding from Magna and due to a pricing despite, Magna came and returned its equipment.  What Businesses have come to Lewisburg within the Past Five Years?  U.S. Tank and Cryogenics—CEO Jim Brown moved his operation from Florida due to the increasing cost of doing business in that state along with the better lo- cation of Lewisburg for transportation to his customer base  Autom Church Supply Company—The Company moved its operations from Phoenix, Arizona and two manufacturing plants from New York to Lewisburg in order to better distribute its products to its customer base
  11. 11.  Get to Know Lewisburg Better—Q&A  Does the Community have any homeless issues/shelters?  There are no homeless issues in Lewisburg or Marshall County.  There are shelters for substance abuse, domestic violence and troubled adoles- cents.  What do People Do for Entertainment?  The Lewisburg Recreation Center welcomes 6,000—8,000 visitors a month.  Athletics, from youth to adult, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, leagues abound.  The Hi-Way 50 Drive-In is one of the oldest operating drive-ins in the state and showcases the newest movies each weekend during the spring, summer and fall.  The Marshall County Community Theatre provides quarterly shows, adults and children.  Hunting and Fishing are popular activities  There are 54 holes of golf available in Marshall County  Henry Horton State Park and the Duck River provide several avenues of enter- tainment for the whole family  There are several festivals and events held throughout the year in Marshall County  Lewisburg is located just 35 miles from Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin, TN  Lewisburg is located just 50 miles from downtown Nashville, TN  Lewisburg is located just 55 miles from Huntsville, AL  Lewisburg is just a 2-hour drive from Chattanooga, TN
  12. 12.  Get to Know Lewisburg Better—Q&A  Clarify the average “total compensation packages” of existing industries (starting, 5-yr experience, retirement, medical, etc.)  Wages: Paid Vacation: $8—$10/hour (Labor) 1yr—5-7 days $10 -$12/hour (Line Leader) 2yr—10-14 days $14—$15.50/hour (Set up) Paid Holidays: $15—$18/hour (Process Tech) 9-14 days Health Insurance: Medical/Dental/Disability/Long-Term/Short-Term: Company Pays 80% - Employee 20% Retirement: 401K — Company match up to 3-5%  What Aspects of a company attract associates/causes associates to want to work for and stay with your Company?  Good Wages  Good Benefits Package  Good Working Environment  Good Leadership  Accessible Career Advancement Ladder  Where does air conditioning fit within the company as a need, want, or a nice to have? How much is it worth above $/hour?  Many industries currently located in Lewisburg do not have air conditioning in their plants; however, it may be a necessity for some industries that need climate control due to their processes, such as instrumentation assembly. Otherwise, air conditioning should not be a factor for attracting employees or in assessing wages for those employees.
  13. 13.  Get to Know Lewisburg Better—Q&A  What are the positive characteristics associated with your company locating in each community?  The positives for your company locating in Lewisburg include: Our location on Interstate 65, Our Work Force and Labor Pool Market, Our Incentives pack- ages, Our Quality of Life for employees, Our local leadership and Our attentive- ness to the needs of Industry based on three decades of recruiting and working with industry.  The positives for Lewisburg having your company locate in its community in- clude: Increase in good paying jobs, increase in local economy, increased expo- sure for other industries seeking a location, another step toward achieving our goal of being the number one location for industry and commerce in Southern Middle Tennessee.  Quality of Life aspects of the community (crime, schools, private school op- tions, conveniences within or near the community, housing, available housing, entertainment, large box stores, malls, etc.)  Lewisburg ranks among the lowest of cities in Tennessee in its violent crime rate and ranks among the lowest of cities in property crime. The Marshall County school system ranks among the high-middle tier of school systems in Tennessee with a graduation rate of 88% and test scores at or above the State Averages in all subjects. Lewisburg is located just 35 miles from Cool Spring Galleria and is less than an hour’s drive from the night life of Nashville. Lewisburg is home to Super Wal-Mart, Super Dollar General, Walgreen’s and many local and chain operated commercial and retail ventures.  The available housing market in Lewisburg includes 69 homes ranging in price from $60,000 to $100,000. From $100,000 to $200,000, there are 165 homes available and over $200,000 + there are 78. Entertainment opportunities range from the Lewisburg Recreation Center that features outdoor/indoor swimming pools, walking trail, 9-hole golf course, tennis courts, sports complex, gymna- sium, fitness center and more. Lewisburg also boats Saddle Creek Golf Course, a beautiful 18-hole golf course, Hazelburn Golf Course in nearby Cornersville and Henry Horton State Park just a ten-minute drive away. Lewisburg has bowl- ing, paintball, canoeing, fishing, hunting, 2 parks at New Lake and Rock Creek Park, ball fields, youth and adult athletic leagues, Marshall County Community Theatre and the Hi Way 50 Drive-In and Woolies Off Road Adventures Park and much more.
  14. 14.  Get to Know Lewisburg Better—Q&A  What type of person/family is attracted to each community?  The type of person who is attracted to Lewisburg is one who wants a hospitable, healthy and safe place to raise a family. A place with tradition, culture and faith, a place where kids can walk down the street and play in neighborhoods together and a place where neighbors look out for each other. A person looking for small town hospitality with big city opportunities is looking for Lewisburg.  Gain an understanding of the state and local taxes that an individual would see (state taxes, sales tax, real estate, others, etc.) Local City County Property Taxes Rate Per $100 Value $1.36 $3.09 Ratio of Assessment Residential and Farm 25% 25% Commercial/Industrial 40% 40% Personal (Equipment) 30% 30% Inventory Tax (Raw Materials Only) Bonded Debt $12,841,268 $43,595,221 Assessment Valuation $243,231,692 $540,912,936 School Tax 0% 0% Sales 2.25% 2.25% Hotel/Motel Tax 0% 7.0% State Sales Tax—5.5% tax on Food and Food Ingredients; 7% on all other tangible personal property unless specifically exempted Income Tax Personal—6% on Interest & Dividends Corporate Excise Tax—6.5% of Tennessee taxable income Franchise Tax—.25% of the greater net worth or real and tangible prop- erty in Tennessee. The minimum tax is $100 Unemployment Tax: New Employers—2.7% of first $7,000
  15. 15. Marshall County and Lewisburg on the Web Log On City of Lewisburg— www.lewisburgtn.com Lewisburg ECD— www.lewisburgtnecd.blogspot.com Town of Chapel Hill— www.townofchapelhilltn.com Town of Cornersville— www.cornersvilletn.com Marshall County— www.marshallcountytn.com Chamber of Commerce— www.marshallchamber.org Imagine Marshall— www.imaginemarshall.com Marshall Co. Schools— www.mcs.marshall.k12tn.net Spot Lowe Vocational Center— www.slvc.marshall.k12tn.net Marshall Co. Solid Waste— www.marshallcountyrecycles.com Lewisburg Gas Dept.— www.lewisburggas.com Lewisburg Housing Authority— www.lewisburghousing.com Duck River EMC— www.dremc.com Goats, Music and More Festival www.goatsmusicandmore.com Chapel Hill Lions Super Pull— www.united.net/superpull Lewisburg Rotary Club— www.rotaryoflewisburg.org Marshall Co. Comm. Theatre— www.mcctkids.org HiWay 50 Drive-In— www.hiway50drivein.com TN Walking Horse Breeders HQ— www.twhbea.com Marshall County Tribune— www.marshalltribune.com WAXO Radio/TV— www.waxo.com WJJM Radio— www.wjjm.com Marshall Co. Little League— www.mclittleleague.com Wooly’s Off Road Club— www.woolysoffroad.com River Rat Canoe Rental— www.geocities.com/riverratcanoe Church St. Church of Christ— www.churchstreetchurchofchrist.org First Cumberland Presbyterian www.fcpclewisburg.com Westvue Church of Christ— www.westvue.org LifeSong Family Church— www.lifesongfamily.org Creekside Estates— www.creeksidehomesites.com Saddle Creek Golf Club— www.saddlecreekgc.com Century 21— www.c21buddytankersley.com David Jent Realty— www.davidjentrealty.com Grover Collins Realty— www.grovercollins.com RE-Max Realty— www.remax-realestatepartners.com