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Tech Keys to Literacy by Gail Lovely in Lincolnshire IL


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Slides to support a presentation for the public in Lincolnshire Illinois in October 2016

Published in: Education
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Tech Keys to Literacy by Gail Lovely in Lincolnshire IL

  1. 1. Tech Keys Opening Doors to Literacy Gail Lovely
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Me, Gail Lovely Learned to read before anyone knew it. Demanded books.
  4. 4. How did you become literate? Image credit:
  5. 5. Technologies have many roles in developing and supporting literacy.
  6. 6. Motivation Variety Choice
  7. 7. Motivation Success Social
  8. 8. Motivation Support of developing skills and yet-to-be-developed skills
  9. 9. Skills like… sequencing writing speaking Phonemic awareness patterns letter formation listening reading Storytelling story structure spelling inference problem solving point of view vocabulary
  10. 10. NOT about replacing paper-based books!
  11. 11. Robots and Coding
  12. 12. $89.00 (no computer or device needed) Bee-bot
  13. 13. $30.00 (no computer or device needed) Code & Go Programmable Mouse
  14. 14. Robots and Coding • Symbolic thought • Sequence • Tools for Stories • As well as counting, logic, problem solving, dealing with frustration, and some self-esteem and fun for families as well as children!
  15. 15. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  16. 16. Usually through a headset or viewer Virtual Reality
  17. 17. Virtual Reality • Immersion in “places” • Tools for Stories • Experiences • Exploring places we cannot go (yet) • Adding context to books we read • Bringing fiction and nonfiction together A “negative” is it is not usually a shared in real-time experience.
  18. 18. iOS Android Free Apps Cards - $10 Augmented Reality Cards
  19. 19. iOS $2.99 Act out or tell stories, add to books, retell stories, etc. Green Screen by Do Ink
  20. 20. iOS Android $2.99 Augmented non-reality– personalizing the story The Tortoise and the Hare (by Arloon)
  21. 21. Beyond the Screen
  22. 22. Starter Kit is $79.00 Requires iPad (not included) OSMO
  23. 23. Web and free app
  24. 24. Apps
  25. 25. iOS Android $3.99 vocabulary building in context Tacky the Penguin
  26. 26. iOS free Own narration, create own stories, illustrations/photos Collins Big Cat: It Was a Cold, Dark Night Story Creator
  27. 27. iOS $2.99 Switch languages with one touch (English – Spanish) ABC Actions
  28. 28. iOS $1.99 Reader-adjusted reading levels The Strange and Wonderful World of Ants
  29. 29. iOS $4.99 Two points of view here… Goldilocks and Little Bear
  30. 30. iOS $9.99 Illustrations drive readers to learn more Journeys of Invention: Science and Technology from Past to Present
  31. 31. iOS Chrome Free + Soundtracks for books BookTrack (also on web)
  32. 32. iOS Android $1.99 (this week only!) ibooks Custom or Self-made Books Book Creator App
  33. 33. What Matters…
  34. 34. What Matters…
  35. 35. What Matters…
  36. 36. What Matters…
  37. 37. What Matters…
  38. 38. Let’s Talk!
  39. 39. In the end… it is not about the book or the app… it is about the child.
  40. 40. What I am reading… Some good online sources… Joan Ganz Cooney Center Fred Rogers Center TEC (Technology in Early Childhood) Center at Erikson
  41. 41. Gail Lovely Thank you for caring about children, literacy and technology.