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Small Investments Gail Lovely


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Published in: Education
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Small Investments Gail Lovely

  1. 1. Small InvestmentsLarge Returnsfree webtools and resources Gail Lovely
  2. 2. The internet has an amazing collection ofresources, tools, and websites for us to use withour elementary students. This session will introduceyou to some powerful, yet-easy-to-learn websitesfor you and your students so that with a smallinvestment in learning a tool you will have a largereturn in learning. Strategies, tips and even a fewsimple tricks will be shared. A focus on free toolsto use within the curriculum will be maintainedthroughout.
  3. 3. OVERWHELM?
  4. 4. + GREAT TOOLS. Resources for Teachers, Students, and Parents Subscribe to the Classroom Flyer Enchanted Learning Elementary School Teachers...dont miss this website! How to be a Web Hound ”The webhound will show you how to use different types of web search tools. You will be able to identify key elements of a topic search, decide the most appropriate approach, and then... do it!” Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators "Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated often to include the best sites for teaching and learning." Creative Teaching ”Creative Teaching, teaching style, education, creativity, and teachers... The Creative Teaching site is a non-profit site financed by the author to help develop creative teaching and professional enthusiasm. Empowering teachers. Teaching as art. The teacher as artist.” Teacher Created Materials This site has lots of links for teachers including a library of teacher resources and Free Stuff with activities, brain teasers and free lesson plans. Blue Web’n Learning Sites Library Blue Web’n is a library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the web. These sites are rated. Take a look at this part of the site for a break out of the tutorials, activities, projects, lesson plans, hotlists, resources and references & tools. Teacher Tid Bytes “For Bytes of information that will save you time! Teacher web resources, Teacher/Student tutorials, Web-Integration Lesson Plans, …” Teachers Net Lesson Plans for teachers ”The Teachers.Net Lesson Bank is your opportunity to share your most precious asset - your teaching ideas and lesson plans! Now your genius and creativity can be used to touch lives around the world, and to help teachers reach students in ways they had never imagined before! ” KidInfo Students: Homework help, reference resources, fun sites Young Children: Online books and reading activities, Educational Games Teacher Index: Web resources, Tutorials, Lesson Plans Parent Index: Parenting Tips, college, culinary, health, shopping, travel resources, free stuff, and more.
  6. 6. + CRITERIA Easy to learn Use multiple times Easy to generalize or adapt Efficient, effective...
  7. 7. Titanpad use the password letmein
  8. 8. Twiddla
  9. 9. Stixy the password is letmein
  10. 10. Inklewriter
  11. 11. Sly Reply – Sign up Sheets
  12. 12. I fake text
  13. 13. Textivate
  14. 14. Croak it! Also apps….
  15. 15. PhotoPeach
  16. 16. Animoto
  17. 17. Tagxedo
  18. 18. Bubble ushttp://bubbl.us
  19. 19. Voicethread
  20. 20. Little Bird Tales
  21. 21. Ed Canvas
  22. 22. QR Voice
  23. 23. Google Link Shortener
  24. 24. Visioning What’s PossibleTech Integration Matrices  Florida ( )  Arizona ( )
  25. 25. Thanks for sharing your dayWith me! Gail Lovely