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Managing by Gail Lovely


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Materials for a workshop 8.16

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Managing by Gail Lovely

  1. 1. Managing… iPads and Learners… Gail Lovely
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Educational researchers andpractitioners alike assert that thepotential of new technologies forlearning is likely to be found not inthe technologies themselves but inthe way in which these technologies Gail@GailLovely.comare used as tools for learning• (Means & Olson, 1995; Owston, 1997; Valdez et al., 1999). From NCREL:
  4. 4. Key Elements • Appropriate Resources • Engaged Independent Learners • Management Structures
  5. 5. What creates Engagement?• Choice• Social Needs/Groups• Appropriate Challenge• Goals
  6. 6. Provide choicesNot what is learned, but howit is learned and how studentswill show you what theyknow...
  7. 7. What creates Engagement?• Social Needs/Groups• Appropriate Challenge• Goals
  8. 8. Structuring Student Groups
  9. 9. Small
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Pairs and Teams• Focus on Task: similar students• Focus on Process: Random is fine
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Expect and encourage students to help each other. Gail@GailLovely.comNo touching classmates’ computers or technologies.
  14. 14. Second Day of School…
  15. 15. What creates Engagement?• Appropriate Challenge• Goals
  16. 16. Tasks, Not Busy Work• Clearly Defined• Appropriate for the learner• Purposeful• Have a beginning, middle and end
  17. 17. Time There ARE limits… They do not have to be: • The same for everyone • Continuous • Random • Pressure Cookers
  18. 18. Products • May be something to save, print or share • May be something which is recorded onto paper with pencil or crayon • Draw what you saw • Write down the most surprising thing
  19. 19. Shift and Return…