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Great Tools by Gail Lovely


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Materials for a presentation for Tech Forum Texas by Gail Lovely

Published in: Education
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Great Tools by Gail Lovely

  1. 1. Great Tools forKids and Schools by Gail
  2. 2. Web 2.0 Tools… a few. Just a few…
  3. 3. Textivate
  4. 4. Inklewriter
  5. 5. Duolingo Apps are in the works…
  6. 6. Croak it! Also apps….
  7. 7. I fake text
  8. 8. The App Store… Like a box of chocolates…Like a box of chocolate
  9. 9. Some stats…Apps available for download: 659,936Education Category: 65,530 (active)Average App price: $1.99
  10. 10. Price…Free? Really?
  11. 11. Clash of Clans – a “free” app
  12. 12. “All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?” Nicholas Johnson
  13. 13. Educational Criteria• Teach or practice curriculum or skills of value• Create evidence of knowledge or skills• Produce materials to learn with or from• More than CUTE, ENGAGING, FUN.
  14. 14. But, cute is okay too.• Teach or practice curriculum or skills of value• Create evidence of knowledge or skills But• Produce materials to learn with or from• More than CUTE, ENGAGING, FUN.
  15. 15. You HAVE to be Careful…There is a reason 30% of apps are opened only once.
  16. 16. Reading Level MismatchScreenshot from Casey’s Contraptions
  17. 17. Confusing…? Screenshots from Live ABC
  18. 18. Photoshake… really?
  19. 19. Technical CriteriaAbility to get files off deviceScreenchomp (free) – Output to link on their site (with ads) – On the iPad on which it was madeExplain Everything ($2.99) – Output to: Email, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, YouTube…
  20. 20. Screenchomp (free)Fileformats?
  21. 21. Explain Everything
  22. 22. Explain Everything
  23. 23. Apps and Application of Apps Educational researchers and practitioners alike assert that the potential of new technologies for learning is likely to be found not in the technologies themselves but in the way in which these technologies are used as tools for learning (Means & Olson, 1995; Owston, 1997; Valdez et al., 1999).From NCREL:
  24. 24. Additional Criteria• Ability to play well with other files and apps• Appropriate learning curve• Useability
  25. 25. “Don’t bring in an elephant to teach the color gray.” Madeleine Hunter
  26. 26. StoryKit
  27. 27. Book Creator
  28. 28. Format mattersDoes the app consider multiple users?Bluster and Futabaare examples of this…
  29. 29. Pedagogy and Strategy matterDoes the app target the usersappropriately?Toontastic
  30. 30. Lets Look…
  31. 31. Apps I Planned to Share(may be updated after the session)
  32. 32. Drop BoxfreeFilemanagement
  33. 33. AudioBoofreeAudiorecording
  34. 34. Explain Everything$2.99Annotation onalmostanything, andso much more
  35. 35. ZapdfreeAlmost instantimage-richwebsites orblogs
  36. 36. sling Note$2.99capture andannotate partsof websites
  37. 37. Zapper ScannerfreeThe best QRcode readerand creator sofar!
  38. 38. Book Creator$4.99My currentfavorite bookmaking tool.
  39. 39. Collin’s Big Cat Booksfreepicture booksPLUS - recordyour ownaudio, makeyour ownbooks
  40. 40. Futaba Games for Children (upgrade)$2.99A readinggame – worthupgrading topaid version
  41. 41. ArtSet$.99A fullcollection ofart tools yeteasy to use.
  42. 42. Fotopedia - Heritage(free)Amazingimages fromWorld HeritageSites
  43. 43. Tools4 Students$.99GraphicOrganizers forstudents to use
  44. 44. Today’s Front PagesfreeFront pages ofnewspapersfrom aroundthe world andthe nation forthe daysearched.
  45. 45. TourWristfree360panoramasaround theworld… ORmake yourown
  46. 46. Math Doodles$2.99Interestingmath practiceand problemsolving with avariety ofnumbersystems
  47. 47. Wikipedia (Offline)$9.99Wikipedia…offline, justwhat it says!
  48. 48. The EndMade in Art Set
  49. 49. Great Tools for Kids and Schools by Gail Lovely