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Early Literacy Workshop by Gail Lovely


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Slides from a workshop by Gail Lovely at the Early Literacy Conference PAEYC at The Fred Rogers Center October 2015

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Early Literacy Workshop by Gail Lovely

  1. 1. Take a Look at a Book Using Books and Technologies to Enhance, Excite, Inform, and Engage Little Learners Gail Lovely -
  2. 2. Take a Sticky Note… What is one thing you hope to “get” from our workshop together today? Then find a partner (someone you don’t know well) and together choose a book
  3. 3. With your partner Task 1: Look at the book together (1 minute)
  4. 4. With your partner: Task 2:  Choose ONE special picture in your shared book (1 minute)  Use a device to take a picture of your special picture.  Be ready to share why it is special.
  5. 5. Thank your partner. Return the book to the table. Find a NEW partner. Task 3:  Share your picture with your new partner.  Talk how you knew it was special.  Make sure both partners share.
  6. 6. So what?
  7. 7. Still, Books are COOL
  8. 8. Entrypoints.
  9. 9. Post-It Plus iOS Android Free
  10. 10. Sometimes the book has it’s own entrypoints… ABC Music Tacky the Penguin But not the HippopotamusJnr Astronaut
  11. 11. Meeting and Knowing Authors
  12. 12. Skype an Author -
  13. 13. KidLit -
  14. 14. Keeping it real…
  15. 15. Real World -
  16. 16. Affordances Technologies bring new options to our work in literacy with young learners. Doodlecast App
  17. 17. Padlet – iOS Android Web free
  18. 18. QR Codes Download and install this app to read QR Codes… i-nigma Free iOS/An +
  19. 19. Link to Websites
  20. 20. Google Tone Free For Chrome You could also explore “Chirp” (an iPhone app).
  21. 21. Aurasma - (and app) Have an “aura” (the media) Have a “target” (the trigger) Create an aura Free iOS/An Web also
  22. 22. How many Duplo bricks make Brickley? iOS Android Free
  23. 23. Extensions.
  24. 24. Chatterpix Kids - App iOS $$$
  25. 25. Fotobabble - (app too) iOS Web
  26. 26. Self-made Books From the Red Jumper Blog:
  27. 27. Storybird – web
  28. 28. Little Bird Tales - iOS Android Web Free
  29. 29. Book Creator iOS Android $4.99
  30. 30. The magic is in the child, not the tech Gail Lovely ”.“ Gail Lovely Materials from this workshop will be at Suddenly It Clicks by Saturday Midnight… email me if you have trouble finding them.