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Power point

  1. 1. MONEY IDENTIFICATION By Grace Lotrecchiano Grade: Kindergarten 10/15/10
  2. 2. MENU  Content  Posttest Questions  References  End
  3. 3. MONEY  Money is important to our society because it helps people to get things that they need like food, shelter, and water.  Before money, long ago, people would trade or “barter” for these things with other goods. Americans would trade animal skins, including deer and elk bucks!  Each country has different kinds of money. In the US we have Dollars.
  4. 4. COINS  Coins are the smallest amounts of money that we have. They are made at a factory called a mint. Birth of a Coin  There are five different coins that are each worth a different amount of money Penny – Pennies are made of copper and are worth one cent each. One dollar is made up of 100 pennies Dime – Dimes are silver and are worth 10 cents. One dollar is made up of 10 dimes Nickel – Nickels are also silver and are worth 5 cents. One dollar is made up of 20 nickels. Quarter – Quarters are silver and are wroth 25 cents. One dollar is made up of 4 Half-Dollar – The half dollar is fifty cents – one half of a dollar.
  5. 5. COINS  Different types of coins can be added together to make dollars too. – Each of these sets is one dollar: A B C
  6. 6. PAPER MONEY  Paper money is referred to as “dollar bills” or “bills”  Bills come in several different amounts: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100  One dollar is made up of one hundred cents. Coins add up to make dollars. One Dollar = One Hundred Cents
  7. 7. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT MONEY  Paper money is created out of cloth so that people cannot make fake copies.  They used to make a 2 dollar bill! But they stopped making it in 1966 – even though there are no new ones, you can still use old ones to buy things.  The Sacagawea dollar is a gold colored coin that is worth one dollar.  Since 1999, the backs of quarters have been changed to pictures that represent each of the 50 US states. Different ones come out every year.
  8. 8. POSTTEST QUESTION 1  Which set of coins equals one dollar or one hundred cents, A or B? A B 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
  9. 9. CORRECT!  Yes! = 100 cents or 1 dollar!
  10. 10. TRY AGAIN!  Sorry, It does not equal one dollar. Four quarters equals one whole dollar. = 75 cents
  11. 11. POSTTEST QUESTION 2  Do you know how many pennies are in two(2) dollars? 200 pennies 100 pennies 10 pennies One Cent
  12. 12. CORRECT!  There are 200 pennies in two dollars!
  13. 13. TRY AGAIN  Sorry, that is the wrong answer!  Try the question again!
  14. 14. WEBSITE REFERENCES   oneyville/pop5.htm
  15. 15. EXIT End Show