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Gloto - OnMedia NYC 2010


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Gloto presentation by Eric Conn at OnMedia 2010 in New York City on February 2, 2010.

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Gloto - OnMedia NYC 2010

  1. 1. Gloto Brand-Safe Social Media Platform. Eric Conn OnMedia CEO Showcase February 2, 2010
  2. 2. The World We Live In Social media and user-generated content (UGC) are revolutionizing the way consumers and brands interact • Interactive dialogues (many-to-many) instead of broadcast media monologues (one-to-many) Brands and publishers want to reach and grow an audience but need to protect the integrity of the brand and monetize all of the traffic
  3. 3. The Problem We Solve Gloto’s self-serve platform uses advanced technology and automated tools to permit brands and publishers to safely and profitably launch user-centric interactive campaigns on mobile and web We Specialize in Moderation and Monetization of UGC
  4. 4. Without Gloto – Expensive and Chaotic UGC Sources UGC Destinations SMS Smart Phone App (iPhone, Android, …) MMS Mobile Web (WAP) Email Attachment PC Web (iframe) Web Upload Form Flash Widget IM Mobile Messaging Twitter (SMS/MMS) CMS Facebook (Drupal, Clickability, Alfresco, thePlatform) Smart Phone API App (REST, SOAP, JSON) Segmented and Expensive Integration No Control of Brand Integrity or User Experience Limited Opportunity for Monetization
  5. 5. With Gloto – Brand Safe and Profitable UGC Sources UGC Destinations SMS Smart Phone App (iPhone, Android, …) MMS Self-Service Mobile Web (WAP) Email Platform Attachment • Moderation PC Web (iframe) Web Upload • Management Form • Distribution • Monetization Flash Widget IM • Analysis Mobile Messaging Twitter (SMS/MMS) Single Point of Control to CMS Manage All Social Media/UGC Activities (Drupal, Clickability, Facebook across Mobile and Web Alfresco, thePlatform) Smart Phone (A specialized CMS for UGC) API App (REST, SOAP, JSON)
  6. 6. Company Overview • Founded April 2005 by successful entrepreneurs • Previous software products business sold to Fortune 50 company for ~$200M • Headquartered in Wash DC • Cash-flow positive (>500% revenue growth expected in 2010) • Significant IP portfolio – patents awarded and pending • Marquee client list and partner ecosystem • Privately funded
  7. 7. Gloto Customers & Partners
  8. 8. Platform Layers of Functionality Personalization & UGC mashups, smart phone apps, Monetization mobile web, embedded advertising and couponing Analytics, moderation of submitted Administration & content, language/geo filtering, Moderation visual spam detection, legal notices, copyright releases, etc. Real-time ingestion and distribution of UGC multimedia data (mobile, Core Services & web, widgets) Infrastructure
  9. 9. Self-Service Interface - Moderation
  10. 10. Geo-Targeting/Geo-Fencing of All Data
  11. 11. Self-Service Interface – Gallery Widget
  12. 12. Self-Service Interface – Mobile Web Designer
  13. 13. Syfy: UGC iPhone App Highlights • UGC photo upload with commenting/rating • Interactive map view with geo-tagging • Newswire and RSS • Video support • Twitter connection Featured on front page of iTunes/App Store 50,000 downloads & 3.5M mobile page views in first week
  14. 14. Terradax: Citizen Journalism Highlights • Geo-tagged real-time photos and video • Search by “Nearest to Me” • Interactive map view with drill-down • Companion web view • Comments, ratings, and reporting
  15. 15. iVillage: UGC Photo Puzzle
  16. 16. Oxygen: UGC Caption Contest
  17. 17. Universal Studios: UGC Photo Mosaic
  18. 18. Universal Studios: UGC Photo Mosaic
  19. 19. Universal Studios: UGC Photo Mosaic
  20. 20. Universal Studios: UGC Photo Mosaic
  21. 21. Conclusion  UGC increases engagement and drives traffic  Use Gloto to manage and monetize everything For a copy of this pitch: Eric Conn CEO & Co-founder