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Casualties on the front lines civil war paper


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Casualties on the front lines civil war paper

  1. 1. Casualties on the Front Lines Johann Hour 3 Kyle Gloss Civil War
  2. 2. As I was playing cards with my buddy Jim, I heard the colonel walk by on the squishy, wet mud. He walked up the creaking wooden stairs up to the podium. I had a royal flush, and right as I was about to throw it down on the table, the colonel shouts out a speech he had been planning since this morning. It was 11:45 PM. I was just drafted from my home town in new York, though it was my choice. He declared with his loud, low tone voice, “Gentlemen, I have seen our brothering fall and I have seen them rise, but never have I seen them turn against us. In the next month or year, or however long it takes to accomplish victory, we will give it our all in order to take our power to the top, and defeat the confederacy. Though some of you may fall and some of you shall shatter into pieces watching some of your great friends, and your allies crash to the ground before you, you all will give it all you have and go into battle thinking you will not survive, but think also that your soul will live on in the memories of your comrades. If you shall live, think yourself lucky, that you may live on and remember those people who fell before you and seeing the pain that you will endure throughout this war, you will no longer know fear, but fear will know you.” He stepped off the podium and the candle lit lantern next to him was blown out by the wind as he stomped his large black boot into the soft ground. We had gotten tired throughout the speech, therefore I crept into my nice soft cushy bed in the nice felt tent, yeah right, I wish that would be the case. I steadily woke up and lifted my head up through the dense fog filled air. I looked to my right and my vision was still blurry. After rubbing my eyes, I saw the rest of my platoon and they were all still sleeping. I got up, got into uniform and already had my boots filled with water and muck. It wasn’t the best thing to start the day with. I went by the fire to dry my boots off and I had gotten some bread and beef to make a hot sandwich. A flat rock made a great frying pan. As I enjoyed my sandwich and slept a little more, Jim had woken up as well. He did not notice me for his eyes probably were not working at their fullest yet. I gradually began to see his silhouette walking through the tents, and finally he came down by the fire to warm up. It was May, but it had still been cold. My bitter hands were in my pockets and trying to warm up as I talked to my friend. The colonel came out and said it was going to be a good day, not too good I thought, any day in war would end in a bad result in my eyes. After all the people in the platoon had woken up, we tore down the shelter made of felt and branches of a pine tree. One of the
  3. 3. needles pricked across my skin and felt the wet dew of the previous night. There was no telling what was going to happen next, but we followed orders, and that’s all we had to do. We started to head out, none of us were looking forward to this day. It was three hours into our hike, uphill and down, through rough waters and calm, we slowly approached the battlefield. Vicksburg was what we wanted. It was right next to the Mississippi, this was going to be a big battle. We climbed over the next hill and saw the wall and the river running off to the right and left. We slowly scampered to it and as we came closer and closer, we could see the confederacy. We weren’t going to attack yet, we had not nearly enough people, 237, this was not nearly enough. As we set up camp and waited for the others, they gradually walked out of the brush and I could see them clearly. We were suppose to have over 75,000 people here. A month past and we could see a giant mob of our troops, we could see the confederacy still inside of their base, bracing for the attack. It was July 4th, and we had not seen this many people ever in our life. They had their 33,000 troops on their side, we knew we were going to win. As we marched to their wall and saw how it got taller and taller as the minutes passed, we had finally reached it and began to breach. It was a long process, not long enough to keep us off though. It had taken us only a day. As we charged in, guns blazing everywhere, the calm streams of the Mississippi brought me back to my family and the good old days . I was a simple factory worker, it had been much more pleasant there than here. As I came back to reality, there was all my allies running forward into the flames and wreckage. A giant foxhole on the ground from a cannonball shot provided me with much cover. The battle had lasted a long time, for a battle. At the end, we had been the victor. We had walked out with no more than 4,835 casualties, for the fact that we had 77,000 troops, we had been pretty good about this. They did not do so well. Out of their 33,000 troops, they had lost 3,200 and the other 29,000 had been captured. It was a surprising result and we were all glad for the outcome. Not only have we won, but it was open of the biggest battles in the war. The colonel had come up to the make-shift podium and began his speech but this time it was not so long. “ Well done”, he had said, and walked away. Coming out the victor of this battle, we had gained even more confidence than we had ever had. We marched down south for the next objective and we had no do doubt in the back
  4. 4. of our minds we were going to lose. And thus with that said, we got ready for the next chapter in the war, and we had marched onto victory. Many days and month and years went by. As we charged onward towards the end, it was reassuring what we had done in the beginning and see what king of things we can change. Lincoln had become president again and slaves had been freed. As the long trip back to New York passed, we reconfigured the timeline in our head and had thoughts of the good times we had together. I rode up to my house and saw my wife and two kids come out. They were so grown up. It was amazing how things change when you don’t focus on it. This story was about the Siege of Vicksburg and what had happened after the war. It was also resembling the life of a soldier in the Union and how things can change when you are preoccupied in war. The Siege of Vicksburg was over the Mississippi and how it changed the war. It cut off all of the supplies for the Confederate for they had all of their supplies delivered via the river. It had also cut the Confederate in two pieces, using the Mississippi as the divider. The battle itself had lasted only a few days while the entire performance of the idea of the battle had taken more than a month for the Union needed more people in order to take over Vicksburg.
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