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Area 51


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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Area 51

  1. 1. Kyle G UFO History Military Secrets The research of America goes on, whether it be known or not. Many people may assume Area 51 as an alien testing facility. In reality, what is it actually? The government has been hiding what’s in this top secret base for decades, now people are curious what is inside. In the western United States in Nevada, 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, not many people know about this secret military experiment. Nothing can be proven about this mysterious base, but nothing can be disproven either. While the curiosity of this country grows and the technology advances, the demand of new things also grow. While some things may still be hidden, even to the government and to the rest of the world, we are still trying to figure out the secrets to advancement, space and the technology of the universe will help. Many people think of an alien testing facility when people say “Area 51”. The truth is, it is not. Area 51 is just a nickname that was made for a military base in the southern portion of Nevada. The real life story of Area 51 is when Lockheed needed a place to test their U-2 Stealth Plane. Groom Lake was a World War II bombing and artillery testing facility. It was abandoned until April of 1955. A perfect place to test their project. This is when Area 51 was created. In just 3 months they had made a 5000 foot long runway, supplying what they need to test their aircrafts. There is testing with Lockheed ever since then. These stories are very true, suspicion rises as more things about the universe is discovered. While this is what Area 51 is claimed to be, many people think that they are hiding things form them. They think that they have “UFO’s” hiding in the base somewhere and they don’t want anyone to know about it. While this may be true or not, they still do not know that much about UFO’s themselves. Due to many conspiracy theories and the testing of many different aircrafts, people are getting very curious what might actually is going on here. Strange stuff has been going on at Area 51 in the past couple of years. There are many strange theories about what is going on in there. Some think that they
  2. 2. have captured alien space crafts and alien pilots, dead or alive, and studying them immensely. Many say that this should be announced to the public if found, yet again, the public does not need to know right away. America is to be advancing in the global war for power. Not worrying about things beyond that. Area 51 may be the answer to this and to discovering the history of space and the population of it. One specific example of this is called element 115. Element 115 is what they claim to a be an element with 115 protons in it. When traveling in an alien spaceship, shooting another proton into this element creates massive power and makes the craft as fast as the speed of light. We have not been able to comprehend this until now. This also may lead into the idea of time travel, teleportation and invisibility. Since light is the key in order to travel in time and to other places in the universe, this is a big thing that America can use in order to figure this out. This is just one of the claims that people have thought or known about for a long time. There is a list that never ends that we could do with these discoveries and technological advances. Though many of these may not be true at all. The are many theories and pictures that try to prove that Area 51 is an alien testing facility. Though, there are many things that can disprove those theories as well. When people see an unnecessary amount of light in the air shining down upon them from the clouds, they think UFO right away. Well, there are many things to make them wrong. One thing that would be very common is sprites. Now when that is said, you would probably think of a satisfying beverage right? Well, a sprite is not a beverage, it is when a thunderstorm is occurring and the lightning excites the electrical field above and it creates a very bright and large flash. While this would explain white lights, red lights and many others may still not be explained. Think about what they make there in the first place, aircrafts right? Maybe those aircrafts have some lights on them. Some of these may be extremely high tech and have some sort of light not many people are familiar with. Different types of lights can detect many things, such as black lights. Infer red lights are lights that are not visible to the human eye. There is however the fact that you can see the light before it exits the bulb or whatever is containing it. Some of this
  3. 3. technology may be used in the future such as seeing better in the dark in enemy territory with a stealth plane. We think of this as a UFO, and we want to know the details behind it. These could all be possible explanations for Area 51. While nobody knows what is in there but the people who work there and the government, facts and theories can be summed up to many different explanations. For all we know, they could be testing UFO’s and studying about historical events of UFO crashes and how we can sue this to our advantage in advancement. Throughout the universe, surprises lurk around every corner. We just do not have the time to handle them. Area 51 is meant to be a military testing facility, but could it be more? Suspicion is rising to know exactly what they are doing in this unknown place. Though we know a lot about many things, alien technology and space is one of the things we just can figure out. The history of this unknown topic is something not many people can come up with. They may not able to handle the truth, or it doesn’t even exist. The world may never know what is inside of Area 51, but we know one thing, they do not want us to know about it and what is in store for us.