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Professional SEO Services by Glorywebs to Help You Enhance Business ProfitsSEO takes into account how search engines work and the terms people use when they search. It's an ongoing marketing process that includes both on site and off site activities.

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Glorywebs Websoltion

  2. 2. Top activities in 2014 SEO  Increase a Size and Content  Target Keyword with Content  Build a off-site links  Social Sharing
  3. 3. Increase a Size and Content  Content Marketing is all about sharing. It is about the idea of sharing content as a means to add value to your audience. This sharing will in turn help to build a relationship with the audience.
  4. 4. Target Keyword with Content  It can help your search position, your traffic levels and your conversion rate. Remember you need all three items to be successful. Search position without traffic provides little benefit to a business and traffic without conversion is meaningless unless all you care about is advertising and you make your money by impressions.
  5. 5.  Long Tail Keyword with Content
  6. 6. Build a off-site links  To gain links from external relevant website provides traffic and can help conversion. Note that a link from another website is a referral from that website. Referrals are very worthy sources of traffic  You may also want to consider long-tail based Landing Pages to help with your optimization efforts and your conversion rate. A well designed landing page will also support gaining in-coming link
  7. 7. Build a off-site links
  8. 8. Social Sharing  People like to share what they find valuable, informative or entertaining. Promote the sharing by creating valuable and delightful content. Produce content worth sharing!  Also, the major search engines and Google in particular will be paying more attention to authorship and if your content is shared via social networks then this boosts up your author rating. Become known as a content creator that provides valuable, insightful and entertaining content that is shared by others.
  9. 9. Social Sharing