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Hi guys in my speech i will be speaking about the ryder cup


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Hi guys in my speech i will be speaking about the ryder cup

  1. 1. Hi guys in my speech I will be speaking about The Ryder Cup. You may interrupt me at any moment to ask questions or make comments. The Ryder Cup is a golf tournament which is held in The United States of America and Europe. It is managed by USPGA and PGA European Tour which are the associations more important in the event. Now move on to the next part which explains who takes part in this competition. Two teams from America and Europe are matched up each two years. Each year the event takes part in a different continent. What about its history? The first official match was held in Massachusetts, US in 1927. Europe has won nine times since 1979 and America seven times. The European team has included players from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden. It has been celebrated from 1927 until 2012. In addition it is based in 16 double matches and 12 individual matches which are played in 3 days. The first ones are held in the first and second days. If you win the match you will get a point. Let’s talk about the players who stand out: Firstly we have Severiano Ballesteros, from Spain. He was one of the golfers more important. His track record includes five Ryder Cups in these years (here you are given the dates) and he was the team captain of the winner European team in the Ryder Cup in 1997. Another golfer is Tom Watson from America. He took part in these years in the competition (here you have); in addition he will be the US captain in 2014. Finally he is Tiger Woods. You probably will know him owing to he is one of the best current golfers in the whole world. He has taken part in these dates in the competition getting records. The players who take part in The Ryder Cup, receive no prize money in spite of being high-profile events that provide large amounts of money in television and sponsorship revenue they only take the cup until the next edition. Moreover the competition has been held 37 times and the player who has participated more times is Nich Faldo with 46 matches. Finally here you have a video which talks about the highlights in the Ryder Cup 2012.