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My evaluation

  1. 1. My Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop challenge or challenge forms and convention of real media products ? Teaser trailerTeaser trailers make the audience aware of a new film that is due to be released they are shorter than a standard trailer andusually provide less information. They pique the interest of the audience and provide a minimal amount from the film in order to‘tease’ the audience My chosen genre was action. Action films and following my research into action teaser trailers, I decided touse the conventions and forms typically found in films of this genre in my teaser trailer as they were effective in portraying thestory, mood/tone and genre.Skyfall teaser trailer teaser trailer the Skyfall teaser trailer the main protagonist is seen in most of the scenes, many of which involve chase scenes and conflict, themain character who is predominately male in action films is key to the film and he is often portrayed as a heroic figure. This is aconvention that I used in my teaser trailer as the plot centred around a male agent who is present in most of the chase scenes.The target audience of my teaser trailer was made up males whom of which make up the majority of those who enjoy watchingaction films, therefore i noted the importance of incorporating various element such as sound, costume and mise en scene in myteaser trailer that would appeal to the male audience. In my teaser trailer I used different variations of up-tempo music toaccompany the action scenes and to add to the pace and movement of the trailer. Most action teaser trailer use various amounts of short and quick scenes which create anticipation and a sense of urgency this Isevident in both the Skyfall and Total Recall teaser trailer and it is a technique that I used in my trailer as used various cuts andtransitions into different scenes.
  3. 3. Ancillary taskIn order for my magazine cover and film poster to be successful in promoting my product I incorporatedvarious techniques during the design process, that are conventionally found in magazine covers and filmposters.When I designed my magazine front cover I used elements found in Total film magazines front covers in termsof my images, texts and house style. The masthead is bold font and is located at the top of my magazine thusallowing it to stand out. The image in my magazine front cover is in the centre and is an image of the mainprotagonist in my film, his positioning allows this image to be the main focus point on the magazine cover,this is also evident in the Skyfall magazine cover. I used a consistent house style in my magazine cover, using the colours red, black and yellow this allows fora consistent look throughout the magazine cover and is a style that was adopted in the skyfall magazine cover.The title of my teaser trailer appears in bold font across the cover, which allows buyers to gain ununderstanding of the film, other information such as the barcode and date and price are small and do notdraw attention away from the main image.In terms of my poster I used a similar main image to my magazine cover as in the skyfakll film poster. Interms of the layout of the film poster I decided to take a different approach, the main image appears on theright hand side and is the main focus point on the film poster, The title of the film appears just below thecentre of poster and is in bold font with the date appearing at the bottom of the film poster. My layoutdevelops from the style of the skyfall teaser trailer as my main image is larger on the page, and the title is boldand larger than the title in the skyfall teaser trailer. Furthermore I added a slogan in order, to give theaudience a glimpse into the story of the teaser trailer.
  4. 4. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillarytexts?I feel that my main product and ancillary texts worked very well as a combination, to promote my teaser trailer.The font and colours that I used throughout were consistent and allowed the main product to be linked to the ancillarytexts. This is evident in the font I used for the name of my teaser trailer. The style of font was similar in my main productand ancillary texts, this is effective as it allows all three products to be related with each other.My teaser trailer was edited to appear in black and white, therefore the images that I used in my magazine front cover andmy film poster where also in black white in order for the theme to be spread our across over all the products, this ishelpful as the audience can identify the teaser trailer to the ancillary texts and they can get a wider experience of whatthe film has to offer.My main protagonist is present in the various scenes in my teaser trailer, and he is used as the main image in both mymagazine cover and film poster therefore the audience are familiar with the protagonist in the teaser trailer and can makeconnections to the ancillary texts, f furthermore the protagonist in both of the ancillary texts is in character, andalongside with the text used in these products the audience can gain an understanding of the genre of the film.
  5. 5. What have you learned from your audience feedback?My audience feedback has been useful in the creation of my products, and my understanding in how I could have improved myproducts. During the research stage of my project I conducted a focus group who viewed a teaser trailer that fell into the genre thatI had chosen for my own trailer. The feedback that I received was helpful as it allowed me to recognise key successful techniquesused in the professional tease trailer, and therefore allowing me to incorporate these elements in my teaser trailer. This included theeffective display of key information such as the date and title, the choice of sound and the effectiveness of the various cuts andtransitions in the different scenes.Furthermore after I had finished my main product, I uploaded it to YouTube, and I asked my friends to watch it and give mefeedback about how effective the teaser trailer was and how well it worked, as well as any improvements that I could make. Thisprocess was very helpful as it highlighted the strengths of my teaser trailer, as one commented noted that the various scenes workwell together and they allow the viewer to understand the story of the film.As well as this the feedback highlighted the improvements that I could make, for example in terms of the sound, another commentnoted the sound used in the action scenes did not flow with the action as well as it could have. This helped me to note thatimportance of matching each scene with the sound effectively to get my desired outcome.
  6. 6. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages?I used new technologies in the various stages of my project. During the research and planning stages I created a blog pageusing word press in which I planned to present all the work completed in my project. Word press enabled me to importimages, add files and embed videos in the blog. I used excel to create graphs from the information gathered from myquestionnaires. I used PowerPoint, to present the designs stages of my teaser trailer, magazine front cover and film poster, Ithen went on to upload these designs on slide share and presented them on my blog.During my construction stages I used Final cut pro to edit my teaser trailer, I was familiar with the programme as I hadused Final cut pro in mu AS year. The programme enabled me to put various scenes together, add effects such astransitions and cuts, add sound and audio, add images etc. For the design of my ancillary texts I used Photoshop, I had notpreviously used this programme before however I used tutorials in YouTube and results from search engines to learn abouthow the programme worked. Photoshop enabled me to add images, manipulate the size and positioning of images, and addtext and effects. I converted my teaser trailer onto YouTube in order for it be in a suitable format for viewing. During myevaluation stages I used slid share to present my evaluation as well as adding images, links and sound to the presentation.
  7. 7. Word press Photoshop Photoshop