Evalution question 3


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Evalution question 3

  1. 1. What have you learned from youraudience feedback ?
  2. 2. Audience feedback has played an important role throughout the different stage of my media task. During the researchstages I conducted a questionnaire to be completed by my target audience. The purpose of me conducting thisquestionnaire was for me to gain an understanding of the interests and lifestyles of my potential target audience, thiswould then enable me to incorporate the ideas and preferences of my target audience in both my main task andancillary texts.What became apparent to me after analysing the data that I had gathered from my questionnaire is that the majorityof my target audience was made up of young males, therefore in order for my product to appeal to this group, I haddecided to use young male actors in my teaser trailers, this way my target audience can relate to my teaser trailer andthis will further increase the like hood of them being interested in watching my film.
  3. 3. Focus groupAnother way in which I received feedback from my target audience was through feedback that I received in the focusgroup that I conducted . In order for my teaser trailer to be effective in portraying my chosen genre I decided toconduct a focus group in which I selected ten members from my target audience to view, the skyfall teaser trailer. Thiswould allow me to see the techniques and conventions used in professional products and see how my target audiencerespond to them. A member of the focus group noted that the sound used and special effects used in action films such asSkyfall was key in the deliverance of such films.This highlighted to me the importance of about the type of sound I used in my Trailer. In order for me to achieve thepace that I wanted in my teaser trailer I incorporated the technique that was used in the Skyfall teaser trailer. A t theStart of my teaser trailer I used a slow beat which gradually began to increase in pace and volume, as the actionbegan, at the end of the trailer I used a sound effect to give my trailer an effective finish. I felt that by incorporating thetype of sound used that proved to be effective to my target audience during the focus group, I have paid attention to theviews of my target audience and this will in turn enable my product to appeal to my audience.
  4. 4. In order for me to gain audience feedback on my ancillary texts, I invited my friends to view my profile on the wordpress blog and to leave their comments on both the magazine cover and film poster. One of the comment s were made byAnna. Anna noted that she liked the colour scheme that I used throughout the film poster, she particularly commented onthe credits that I used at the bottom of the poster, she stated that the font used gave my poster a more professional look.She also added that she liked the simplicity of my film poster by just using one image as it allows those who look at theposter to make clear connections between the image and the title, which suggests that the film involves the main actorbeing a suspect or enemy of another character or group in the film.
  5. 5. Another comment made was by Victor in which he noted that he liked the image that I used for my magazine cover, hesaid that it was really present on the cover and this meant that it was the first thing that he was drawn to when he lookedat the magazine cover. However he also noted that although the image did work well with the style of the cover, he couldnot place my film into a particular genre, he added that although the title gave him that the film could belong to the crimeor action genre this could have been portrayed more effectively through props used by the main character in the imageson the cover or through graphics. Through this feedback I learnt that in order for me to have portrayed my genre moreeffectively I could have used props that are associated with the action genre, for example I could have used props suchas guns or used effects in my background that convey the action genre, these elements would have also been seen in myteaser trailer for continuity. By doing this I would have adopted further aspects of my chosen genre in my products andtherefore my audience would recognise my product as belonging to the action genre.
  6. 6. During the editing stages of my teaser trailer, I uploaded my teaser trailer unto YouTube in order to gain feedback.
  7. 7. The above comment states that they liked the the different shots used in my trailer as they enabled them to get an idea ofthe film , that it was about someone on the run. The comment also noted that the sound that I used at the beginning ofmy trailer did not flow properly when the sound increased to a faster beat, and that I could have improved my trailer byfinding two pieces of music that work well together.
  8. 8. Another comment that was made on my trailer, was by vic k and relates to the transitions that I used. The comment statedthat at the beginning of my trailer I could have made the transition a bit longer as they felt that it was too quick, howeverthey also noted that the rest of the trailer works well, and they liked the costumes and locations that I chose as theyworked well with the storyline. The feedback that I received was important as it allowed me to see the changes that Icould have made to my teaser trailer in order for it to be effective, for example In between the different scenes in myteaser trailer I could have selected pieces of music that work better during the transition and this will in turn wouldenable my trailer to be more effective in portraying my the story of the film.