Small group5-12 members                   Research has shown that there might be an ideal size for a small group.A good so...
all but:Information Sharing Groups    Educational/Learning groups; Focus groupsMembers are extremely         Group beset b...
Teams                            Constructed for a specific task                                 Members have clearly defi...
Chapter 10 communications notes
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Chapter 10 communications notes


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Chapter 10 communications notes

  1. 1. Small group5-12 members Research has shown that there might be an ideal size for a small group.A good solution is risky In which of the following cases will a decision be best done by a group rather than an individualApprehension Small group apprehension varies depending on the nature of the group.Asking questions of others Any group member can improve the quality of group interaction byBrainstorming groups Brainstorming activity and evaluationBrainstorming rules No evaluations in early stages Quantity not quality is goal Combinations and extensions of ideas are encouraged Freewheeling thought is desired After a set period of brainstorming time, ideas are then evaluated according to relevance, workability.Brainstroming Method of discussion involves a process for generating many ideas in a short time and allows members to say what pops into their minds without fear of evaluation?Consensus The decision-making process that leads to highest member satisfaction but that takes longer than other methods and can waste time.Control need Need to improve one’s worth and competence by making effective decisionsDecision by authority Using this decision making method group members voice their feelings and opinions but he leader makes the final decisionDefine and analyze Problem solving sequence is described as a step-by-step form of information processing that allows groups to develop the best decsionDefine and analyze the problem AS they began to assess their groups problem, Jose noted they should first ensure that any solution they selected should not result in an increase in student tuitionDescribe and analyze problem First step for effective problem solving and decision makingDewey’s Problem Solving Define and analyze problem Establish criteria for evaluating solutions Identify solutions Evaluate solutions Select best solution; Authority – majority-consensusEducation/Learning groups Acquire new skills and knowledgeFocus group The roal of the facilitatorFocus group An in-depth interview of a small group whose aim is to discover what people think about an issueFocus Groups In-depth interviewing with a small population of peopleGroup Culture Group Norms; High and Low context culturesGroup Norms Rules or standards identifying which behaviors are considered appropriate. Sometimes explicitly stated and sometimes unwrittenIndividuals work independently At time it may difficult for you to assess whether you are involved in small group interaction. Charactristics that help with such an assessment include
  2. 2. all but:Information Sharing Groups Educational/Learning groups; Focus groupsMembers are extremely Group beset by groupthinkcohesiveNominal group technique Limited discussion, secret ballotNorms Rules or standards identifying which group behaviors are appropriate andOpening Stage in a small group interaction in which someone might say, Does anyone want coffeePower Ability to influence others behaviorPrimary A ___ group exists to associate with othersProblem solving at work Nominal Group Technique Quality circlesProblem-solving group The goals of Shelly’s group was to reach a decision on how to accommodate students with disabilities in the university setting.Problem-Solving groups Meet to solve particular problems or make decision about issue; members must possess knowledge about the problem; members must adhere to a set of norms; expectationsProject team A school district forms a group including a teacher, student, principal and a parent to view the high school English curriculumQuality circles Utilizing workers to investigate and improve organizational functions of environment, proceduresReferent Power that comes from the fact that people like you.Relationship groups Groups that work to fulfill your individual needs for affection, inclusion and affirmationSmall Group Collection of individuals Are connected to one another by some common purpose Are interdependent Have some degree of organization among them See themselves as agroupSmall group communication Face to face communication among a small number of people who share a common goal and objectiveSmall Group formats Round table; panel; symposium; symposium forumSmall Group Stages Opening – Feedforward – Business – feed back – closing. Emphasis shifts from people to task to peopleSmall Groups characteristic Usually 5 – 12 related individuals Share a common purpose Connected by organizing rulesSocial loafingSolutions to the test Poll affected persons; analyze early results; if effective, maintain the course; if ineffective, return to problem solving processSpecial interest pleader Person who manipulates a group in the interests of some other groupSumposium Small group format consists of a series of prepared presentations like public speeches
  3. 3. Teams Constructed for a specific task Members have clearly defined roles Committed to the same goal Content focusedThe more responses the better Which of the following is a guideline for brainstormingTopical pattern Learning group that organized its discussion around major functions or divisionsVirtual groups and teams Helps geographically separated group members communicate via computer or phone connections Social networking sites; connecting with friends socially; business uses, finding jobs, conducting business, solving organizational problemsTask Which of the following categories of group roles would you be serving if you were helping the group reach its objective and goalIndividual Carson’s group was experiencing a lot of conflict as they quickly approach their deadline. To ease the tension Carson tried to foster relationships between members by recognizing congributions and mediating any disagreementsBe individuallyand self minded Carter was asked to help solve his groups participation problem. According to the text, which of the following is NOT a suggestion Carter should provide to help address the issue.Trait approach is context and Which of the following would best represent the trait approach tosituation specific leadership.Situational approach After a new member had become socialized into the organization and began performing his assigned task effectively, his supervisor Robin decided thqt she no longer needed to nicromanage the things the employee. Which leadership approach is being usedParticipating If a leader were to spend most of the time asking followers for their input on decisions facing the group, which of the following types would he/she beDemocratic leader The most innovative, committed and satisfied group memberTendencies for individual and Jayden approached his group members understanding that each had acollective orientation work different orientation toward group work.simultaneously during groujpinteractionIndividualistic culture At he end of the game Natalie looked back at her performance and felt she was primarily responsible for the team’s ability to win.Moderate power distance If you are perceived a large difference between the qualities of those inculture power when compared to the average group member,High power distance culture As the former leader of the group, Zachary worked hard to distribute power across all group members. By empowering his members he felt they would be motivated towork harder toward accomplishing the groups task. Which culture is he following?