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Hello all; I present here a new power point presentation, and this time, it's about Sport Clubs in La Solana, my city. Hope you like it and also I wish it would be useful for you!

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Sport clubs in la solana

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONSport is a very common activity practiced in La Solana. Thereare some different clubs related to different sports: footballclubs, basketball clubs... And inside of them, you can finddifferent modalities. Now, youre going to be informed of somedifferent sports clubs in this small town, but with a greatcapacity of working and playing in groups.
  2. 2. F.C. LA SOLANAThis football team is formed by a group professional footballplayers. Step by step, they’ve become a great family, winningsome different tournaments and having the same illusion asin their beginning. F.C. La Solana is a good example ofcompetitivity and enthusiasm in their favourite sport:Football.
  3. 3. FEMALE F.C. LA SOLANAFemale Football Club La Solana was founded on the 24th May2002.The first match that this team played was against Tarancón, butthey were defeated with a 4-1 final result.In the seasons between 2002 and 2006 this female clubparticipated in the Regional Female League of Castilla LaMancha. In 2006, they won it, so they went up to a FemaleNational First Divison league.From this point onwards, this female club has developed a greatcapacity of competing and also an important value: fight for theequality between men and women.
  4. 4. Since 2008, the club started to organize new inferior categories, like theteam composed by players aged between 13-15 years, and the teamcomposed by players aged between 8-12 years.Since 2009, female football club La Solana has participated in acharitable match in favour of AECC. FS LaThis team has won several prizes and trophies, and for that reason, theFemale Football Club La Solana is a great model and example in ourregion and in every place of Spain. Thanks to every female players toprovide us with this nice capacity of competing and effort.
  5. 5. F.S. LA SOLANAFootball Sala La Solana was born in 1991, created by a group offriends that used to play in the local league. They were calledQuebrantahuesos. Now this team is known as FS La Solana.At the beginning, this team played in the ancient Sagrado Corazónpavilion, until Antonio Serrano’s one was inaugurated.First league matches were celebrated and since this period of time,this club started to have followers, adding in that way, new playersfor the team. By these ages and next to Puertollano or Herenciathey were the most representative teams in the province.After some years waiting for the ascent of category, this arrived inthe 2001-2002 season with coachers like Rogelio Mateos andAgustín Araque.
  6. 6. La Solana has played in different places such as Madrid,Guadalajara, Toledo, Cáceres, Badajoz, Ciudad Real,having a good level of football sala, and of course strollingLa Solana’s name with self-satisfaction.In 2010-2011 the president decided to create a femalefootball sala team.Nowadays, Football Sala team counts with about 100supporters, and a great variety of advertisement whichhelps them economically to get the estimate budget30,000 euros that they need.
  8. 8. BOTTLE CAPS F.C. Bottle Caps football club, is going to be involved for this new season in the following official competitions:  Milenium League.  Cayesma League.  Provincial Cup of Ciudad Real.  Regional Camp ofDIRECTIVE COMITTÉ Castilla- La Mancha.  Double Cup.  Closed Don Quijote de la Plana.
  10. 10. BASKETBALL CLUB LA SOLANAIn a time period when the sport’s world was dominated by football,basketball was in La Solana the same as in every place in Spain inthese ages: something estrange and unusual.At the end of the 19th century the basket sport emerged thanks to thedetermination and effort of some people, being almost all of them,students of a high school. They organized the first local competitions.In this period of time, basketball was only a women sport. The femaleteam was our representative.Antonio Rodríguez-Rabadán was the promoter of the male basketballteam in La Solana, because he wanted that basket male category alsoexisted. Antonio was a basketball coach with only 15 years old.
  11. 11. In 84-85 campaign, the new basketball male club in La Solana inscribeditself in the provincial league, where everyone could see new basketballpromises.Step by step, a great basketball club was formed. The players were soexcited about the team they were forming and in 2007 they went up toa best national category.This club is still with the same illusion as the one they had when it started,making everyday a great effort to be better. The great friendship theyhad is a very important factor, and they’re in that way a nice familyteam.
  12. 12. BIKESOL CLUB LA SOLANAEverything began with a group of friends who liked going outcycling on Sundays. At the end of the year 2000, they formed aclub whose name is still called today: Bikesol Club La Solana.With the slogan: “Let’s fun about the landscape and nature”,they got new followers and people from La Solana who alsoliked going cycling all around the mountains, cycling in differentroutes every Sunday and of course, making new friends. Now,Bikesol Club counts with about 80 associated people.Their first official route was held in 2001.
  13. 13. The main target of this clubis to respect theenvironment, and havingfun with the final effort ofpracticing a sport in thenature.There are some routesconsolidated per year:- Children’s route.- Official Club’s route.- Altar’s route.- Nocturnal route.- Bicycle’s Day Route.
  15. 15. There are three different levels of learning karate in La Solana:One is the adult’s category, and the others are the alevin andinfantil category.