GloPos Positioning Technology


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“With the successful 3G tests,GloPos shows that the thousands of LBS apps, services and devices can be always on and used as originally intended.
This will radically improve the user experience and change the way how LBS services and companies interact with consumers”
-Mikael Vainio

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GloPos Positioning Technology

  1. 1. GloPos Technology A Revolution in Positioning
  2. 2. Industry Game-Changer ”In urban environment the GloPos system matches or outperforms GPS in terms of accuracy” ”The results indoors of the GloPos system are even better than outdoors” Source: Independent test VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland
  3. 3. Mobility and Search drive positioning needs • According to Google searches with local intent increase fast • Facebook entering search will amplify this! • Foot traffic analysis becomes increasingly relevant through indoor positioning GloPos’ new generation self-learning algorithms enable real hyper-local search and accelerate market growth!
  4. 4. Apps economy and PSNS fuel growth! • Increasing amount of Apps rely on ad-model and thus have increasing positioning requirements • As mobile ad clicks increases exponentially = more location queries are made = battery dies faster when connections to GPS, Wi-Fi and phone sensors is needed • Increasing PSNS requirements demand better mobile phone positioning Indoor positioning GloPos positioning solution is ACCURATE and SAVES THE BATTERY as it only needs the 2G or 3G connection which is always on!
  5. 5. Positioning Technology • A patented software-only positioning technology with GPS-level accuracy for all mobile phones using 2G and 3G base-station information only • Works wherever cellular 2G or 3G network coverage is available • GloPos achieves SUPERIOR ACCURACY vs. existing 2G/3G cell-based or Wi-Fi positioning technologies on the market • No additional hardware is needed on the mobile device • Calculates accurate position within 1-30 meters • Makes it finally possible to keep LBS Apps always on!
  6. 6. US and EU Patents Awarded • US Patent Issued to Glopos on Oct. 23 2012 for "Method and System for Refining Accuracy of Location Positioning" • EU Patent awarded to Glopos on Jan 9 2013 • Other patents pending • GloPos patented technology can also be used to further increase Wi-Fi positioning accuracy and to enable 3D positioning EU PCT PATENT International patent class G01S 5/00 (2006.01) G01S 5/02 (2010.01) H04W 64/00 (2009.01) Document number FI/EP2364451 T3 Date of publishing 15.4.2013 Date of granting of European patent 9.1.2013
  7. 7. Achieving 7-13m accuracy in official tests In tests conducted by VTT, the Technical Research Center of Finland, GloPos technology achieves: • Indoor positioning accuracy of 7.7-12.5 meters when 25% of biggest offset values are discarded. • Non-filtered average positioning accuracy of 15.1-23.9 meters.
  8. 8. Conclusions from independent test laboratory VTT Report: “In urban environment the GloPos system when properly filtered matches GPS in terms of accuracy.” “When comparing the GloPos Technology with state-of-the-art cell positioning the average accuracy is at least two times more accurate and in some cases almost 10 times.”
  9. 9. Crowd Sourced 3G Positioning Test Results 3G tests using crowd sourced data mapping show pre-production GloPos Positioning capable of average positioning accuracy of less than 30 meters The static 3G measurements were carried out at 30 points in the test area in Helsinki city center. 67% average of 24.2 meters 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 More points meters GloPos 3G Positioning Test Histogram GloPos Crowd Sourced 3G Positioning Measurements Helsinki City Center 7.7.2013 Average (m) 67% Average (m) 90% Average (m) 100% Min (m) Max (m) 24.2m 33.4m 41.6m 8m 151m
  10. 10. Recognized as a New Category • PTOLEMUS report sees GloPos as a very disruptive technology that could revolutionize the whole positioning market • GloPos patented self-learning algorithm innovations have led to a new category of very accurate 2G/3G cell-based always on positioning solutions. GloPos Category
  11. 11. Low Energy Consumption is the Key! GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the biggest battery killers on cell devices! GPS is turned OFF most of the time to conserve handset battery Energy drain in APPS comes from the device trying to determine its position using GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Inferior Apps experience when battery dies or positioning is off With GloPos Technology the location services, devices and applications can be ALWAYS ON Indoor positioning GPS / Wi-Fi Indoorpositioning GloPos
  12. 12. Power Consumption and Data Traffic One GloPos location query sends only 100 bits of data Data usage for 8hrs of continuous positioning with 3seconds interval requires less than 1MB of data GloPos positioning uses information that the feature phone or smart phone automatically has when connected to the network No additional battery drain makes GloPos technology superior!
  13. 13. Cell Networks are everywhere! Beacon solutions will always be “bubble-gum” solutions, as one needs to globally fit every building with beacons for them to work! Energy draining WLAN-positioning is currently the second best alternative as hotspot coverage is reasonably good GloPos solution using cell networks has global availability indoors and outdoors!
  14. 14. Meets stringent PSNS location requirements 1. Nearly 70 percent of all emergency calls are placed from mobile phones and it is mandatory for the first responders to recognize the position accurately even when the caller cannot convey his location. 2. Location information analysis enables efficient handling of simultaneous calls from people reporting the same incident to distinguish single accidents from multiple events. 3. Public warning systems must be able to locate and send messages to all mobile users within a geo-fenced area. 4. Government agencies use location platforms and data mining systems for border security, critical infrastructure protection and location-enhanced lawful intercept. GloPos technology meets PSNS location accuracy requirements and makes it possible to locate ALL mobile phones, without installed mobile clients. GloPos can position the handset also from the network side, which cannot be done with Wi-Fi or GPS!
  15. 15. Unique and Universal GloPos patented technology provides accurate position within 1-30m wherever cellular network coverage is available Cell-based, GPS-level accuracy for ALL mobile phones. No hardware is needed on the mobile phone or cellular network GloPos revolutionizes the indoor positioning and social location including mobile search and personalized mobile advertising GloPos accuracy meets E911 Phase 2 requirements for governmental lawful interception needs.