Tulasi - The Perennial Health Treasure


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Tulasi - The Perennial Health Treasure

  1. 1. Perennial HealthTreasure Tulasi Ocimum Sanctum
  2. 2. There are 7 types popular as1. Krishna 2. Vishnu3. Lakshmi 4. Adavi 5. Rudra 6. Nela 7. Maruvaka
  3. 3. Krishna Tulasi:Also known as blackTulasi. Small leaves withblack & green colour.Plant grows upto 3-4 feet.Its stem is black. Peopleworship this variety.
  4. 4. Lakshmi Tulasi:Its stem is white. PlantGrows upto 4-5 feet.women perform pujafor this plant. Hindusrear this plant.
  5. 5. Vishnu Tulasi:Plant grows upto 3 feet in hilly &rocky areas. Its leaves arehaving pleasant aroma. It is ainsect repellent. Tribals in hillyregion rear this in their housesas a mosquito repellent . Itrequires little water.
  6. 6. Adavi Tulasi:It is a small shrub. Withvery strong aroma.Seen in Srisailam,Tirupathy & Talakonaforest & hilly areas.
  7. 7. Maruvaka Tulasi:Also known as Maruvam. Usedin making garlands withJasmine, Lily, Rose etc. It is antilice. Its extract is used in hairoils. In beauty parlours used inAROMA therapy. Even today it isa popular scent.
  8. 8. Rudra Tulasi:It also called as “ Sabja”the seeds expand whenput in water & used assummer drink & forconstipation. It savespeople from Sun stroke.
  9. 9. Nela Tulasi:This is mostly used inAyurvedic treatment.Hence it is known astreatment Tulasi.
  10. 10. Wide variety remediesare in vogue since timeimmemorial in ancientcivilizations like India,Tibet, China, Nepal,Sumatra, Java
  11. 11. Tulasi is ‘Panacea’ dueto its wide applications.It is having raremedicinal effects incertain Cancers wherethere is no answer
  12. 12. Skin Problems:Tulasi with lemon juice is veryeffective in variety of skinconditions like scabies,eczema.Stomach Pain in Children:Tulasi juice & dry gingerpowder is very effective.
  13. 13. Phlegm:Lakshmi Tulasi juice & honey 2spoons at a times 3 times a dayfor 1 week gives good relief.Warts:Maruvaka Tulasi juice appliedon warts for 8-12 weeks givesgood results
  14. 14. Poison Antidote:Grind dry tulasi root & makepills & put in airtight containeruse for scorpion bite.Indigestion & Arthritis:Tank handful of tulasi leavesgrind them & take with watergives good relief
  15. 15. Cataract:Maruvaka Tulasi with Modugaseeds applied to eyes underexpertise is very effective.Viral Fevers:Tulasi-Tummi Flowers juice &Maricha powder 3 times a dayfor 3-5 days give good results.
  16. 16. Respiratory Diseases:Dry Tulasi leaves very fine powderas nasal inhalation 3-4 times a dayis a good remedy.Immunomodulation:15 leaves a day improves immunity.Body Heat:Krishna Tulasi leaves if consumedearly morning reduces body heat.
  17. 17. Phlegm:K T Juice taken twice dailycontrols Kapha –Vata - Pitta(Samadosha)Asthma:K T juice cleans blood, improveappetite, controls cough,wheezing & Asthma
  18. 18. Watering in the mouth:KT Juice reduces this &clears constipationStomach Pain:KT Juice, dry ginger andginger relieves cold, andstomach pain.
  19. 19. Whooping Cough:KT Juice, Honey, Dry ginger &Onion Juice controls all kinds ofcoughs including Pertusis.UT Infections:Tulasi seeds decoction is veryeffective in Urinary Tract
  20. 20. Insomnia:Adavi Tulasi juice with sugarbefore going to bed in the nightinduces good night sleep.Eyes Glow:Tulasi seeds powder if appliedwith fresh sterile butter eyeswill glow.
  21. 21. Improving the semen:Soak Rudra Tulasi (Sabja)seeds over night & drink nextmorning for 40 days.Ear Ache:Sabja seeds helps in UTI. Itsjuice when put in ears reducesear ache, pus & bad odour
  22. 22. Migraine:RT Root has to be grinded &apply for MigraineRenal Calculi:T Juice, Honey if taken regularlyfor 3 - 4 months improveskidney function & disintegratesoxalates
  23. 23. For High BP:Tulasi Juice taken daily regularlyreduces LDL (Cholesterol)normalises High BP and preventsheart problemsFor Anaemia:Add few T seeds to your pan for 3-4months improves RBC &Haemoglobin improves Libido
  24. 24. For Pains:T Leaves decoction taken dailyearly morning reduces joint pains,backache, backbone pain andburning sensation in the stomachFor General Health:By chewing & swallowing few TLeaves daily makes you healthy,active
  25. 25. Constipation:T L juice, ginger & honey takenregularly reduces constipation &improves digestionPneumonia:TL Juice & Maricha powder taken 4times/day for 2 weeks is excellentNasal Block & Severe Cold:Take T Juice & Ginger juice and Honeyimmediately clears stuffy nose.
  26. 26. For cold & Fever:TL Decoction with little milkgives good reliefJoint Pains & Free Delivery:T Root decoction taken dailyreduces joint. pains, back-ache helps in free delivery.
  27. 27. For Free Urination:T Seeds soaked over night andthe water is taken in themorningWrinkles on the stomach:T leaves grinded with coconutoil and applied for 2-3 monthsclears wrinkles after delivery
  28. 28. For Cold, Cough & Fever:Take 200 gms TJ & add 125 gmswater simmer it boiling for 1hour then add 500 gms Jagerysyrup mix well & store in aairtight container . Give 5 gmsdaily to children for 40 days inthe mornings.
  29. 29. For painful Heels:Drink dry TL decoction dailyhelps a lot. TL, Castor leaves,Rock Salt make paste & applyfor joint painsChest Pain due to Phlegm:Take TL juice with Jagery, elachigives good relief.
  30. 30. For Blisters & Cracked Heals:Make a paste with TL & Coconutoil & apply on blisters & even forcracked heals.Mosquito Repellent:Dry tulasi stems if burnt is apowerful mosquito repellent.
  31. 31. For Fungal infections of nails:Make a paste of TL & LemonJuice & apply on the nail.For Lice:2 Hibiscus flowers. Handful TLCamphor make pate withcoconut oil apply to scalp leaveover night & wash weekly twice
  32. 32. For Chronic Headaches:Take Karakkaya gandham makea paste with TL and apply onfore head for 40 days.For Yellow scaling on teeth:Burnt TL powder with table saltclean the teeth, they will besparkling white.
  33. 33. For burning in the stomach:TJ with Maricha powder & Cowghee for 1 week is best.For Wounds:T juice with turmeric whenapplied helps in healing.For Piles:T seeds soak in water & take.
  34. 34. For Piles:Eating 10 TL/day for 3-4 months.T juice with dry ginger powder,Honey & onion juice for 40 dayshelps in piles.Palms & Soles Burning:Apply TL & Devadaru L paste onpalms & soles for 40 days.
  35. 35. Abdominal distension:TL powder & Khandasari each 3gms twice daily helps.For Amoebiasis:Take daily 10 TL , 10 VepaLeaves, 5 Maricha, turmericwith Mudgara Juice for 40 daysgives excellent results.
  36. 36. For Malaria:8-10 Maricha & Tulasi Leavestaken 3 times daily works in 3days in malaria.For Sun stroke:Tulasi Juice, Lemon & Aloe Juiceis good for Sun stroke.
  37. 37. For women’s Health:Jeera paste with T juice taken with cow milk for3-4 months is very good for women forhormonal disturbances.For Teeth:Gargling daily T juice will strengthens gums,bad odour and tooth decay. Tulasi for Total Health
  38. 38. TulasiFor Children in many Health Problems
  39. 39. Cold, Cough, Fever & Vomiting:TL Juice with honey dailyprevents all above, with littleginger juice controls stomachache.Toothache:Dry TL powder withpomegranate juice helps
  40. 40. For Muscle & Bone Strength:T Juice with 10 drops & 2 spoonswater daily helps a lotFor worms & Phlegm:Boil glass of milk with 8-10 TL &give for 2-3 weeks.Indigestion:TJ & Beetle leaves juice daily
  41. 41. For Earache:T Juice with warm Gingili oil, put3-4 drops in ear gives quickrelief. T Juice & warm mustardoil, put 3-4 drops in ear reducespain, swelling & abscess.
  42. 42. For more info Bellavistan KovurWellness Consultant 98480 13958Healthxlnc@gmail.com