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Pounded rice


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Glo Herbals is a GMP certified herbal products manufacturing unit based on ancient Indian life sciences.

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Pounded rice

  1. 1. Unpolished Rice PanaceaFor good health
  2. 2. Till late 50’s about 80%Indian homes of ruralfront use to consumeonly stone Pounded ricemade at home which areDARK brown in colour.Even modern doctorssay that they are havingmany medicinal valuesand excellent nutrients.
  3. 3. This home made rice ischeck for lifestyle relatedchronic progressivedegenerative diseases asthey contain many vitalmicro nutrients like Vit.E,Thiamine, Niacin, Vit. B1, B3,B6, Potassium, Magnesium,Iron and many essentialnutrients
  4. 4. They help to reduce bodycholesterol level and helpin heart diseases, Type-IIDiabetes, High BP,Indigestion. Protects fromBreast cancer & Coloncancer as researchproved at CDRI, PUSA Ins,ANGRAU, NIN etc.
  5. 5. When you remove theouter covering of Variis called DampuduBiyyam. To makethem look more whitepolish is given in ricemills are calledpolished rice. Whenthe are polished 67%B3, 80% B1, 90% B6 islost.
  6. 6. Due to polish 50%magnesium, 60%essential fatty acids, 70%of fibre materials are lost.We tend to eat morepolished rice and feelhungry 3-4 hrs addingmore calories. Where asnon polished rice fill thestomach quickly with
  7. 7. 190 Gms non polishedrice has 84 mgmagnesium. Polishedrice has only 19 mgmagnesium. For betternervous coordinationand proper productionof sex hormones oneneeds 80-100 mgmagnesium.
  8. 8. While polishing thebran will be separatedwhich containsessential fatty acidsthat controls bodycholesterol level. Thisleads to IHD, High BP,Diabetes and othermetabolic disorders.
  9. 9. Non polished rice isvery beneficial forwomen from menarcheto menopause helpingin hormonal secretionsas per the body need.Especially they help inmenopause and reducebreast cancer chancesby 52% as per study.
  10. 10. To control over weightnon polished rice playa vital role as it willreduce the craving forfood. Can be taken asrice, gruel, noodles,pongal, upma, idly,dosa with out oil. Ittakes 6-8 hrs to digest.
  11. 11. For variety in eating one canalso prepare at home foods likePudina RiceJeera RiceTomato RiceMix Veg. RicePalak RiceCarrot Rice etc.
  12. 12. You can trycombination with Ragi,wheat, jawar as roti,upma, dosa and gruel insummer cool withbutter milk and inwinter with hot milk.Non polished rice andboiled veg are good forover weight people andin High BP, Diabetes
  13. 13. For more info Bellavistan MurthyWellness Consultant98480 13958