How to avoid Stress and Strain?


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How to avoid Stress and Strain?

  1. 1. Stress andStrain
  2. 2. Is Stress good or bad?
  3. 3. Ancient saying is “No pain, nogain” some amount of stress forshort period is always essentialand helps people to motivate inimproving their mental/physical output. But excessstress for long periods playhavoc and crush our lives.
  4. 4. What is the real answer for Stress Strain
  5. 5. There are 3 main reasons stress& strain in todays World, likeHurry -Worry- CurryThe increased pace in life,domestic goals/ professionalchallenges/ dead lines/ targetswill be digging a person mentally.
  6. 6. Also financial losses,inadequateincome, family disputes, officialworries, driving in complicatedtraffic daily morning/ eveningmake matters worse. Hencemodern life every min. is anxious& every day is a war of struggle toachieve & excel. The impact is on
  7. 7. Now people of almost all agegroups both sexes more urbanand some in rural areas arebecoming victims of day today stress and strain of varieddegree. What are the effects ofstress and strain on the person.
  8. 8. The effects are varied and verymany like psychological,physiological changes arenoticed. The effects are visibledepending upon the age, amountof stress, food habits, life style,family/ friends/ society support tothe person. The environment willplay a vital role.
  9. 9. Stress is like a pest (whiteants) in the body. Idiot Box,Jigsaw Puzzle like traffic,disputes with neighbours,friends, family members,business partners, colleagues,loss of near & dear, financiallosses, violence, deprivation
  10. 10. Sudden changes, responsibilities,complicated life situations,worries, helplessness, despair,personal worries leads to stress &strain for a person. There is noperson who has not experiencedstress in his life time at one time orother. It can be handled. Prolongedstress is harmful
  11. 11. Stress causes many problemsand variety of complications likehypertension, heart problems,obesity, diabetes, variouscancers, prolonged diarrhoea, itweakens body immunity leadingto many diseases, disorders.Hence now stress & strain is
  12. 12. Even children are no exception tothis modern social evil. Childrenwho spend more time lonely in thehouses, parental disputes/ loss attender age, educational burden,unbearable home work, inadequatesleep contributes for stress inchildren. Malnutrition causesstress.
  13. 13. What tension do to body?When body undergoes tensioncausing stress & strain, thebody reacts in many ways to toface the situation. Nervoussystem is stimulated, hormonalsecretions/ functions arealtered.
  14. 14. This is medically termed as“General Adoptive Syndrome” thiscan be seen in three stages in thebody.First Stage: This is like a warningstage. To face it and keep stablebody secretes a hormone calledAdrenaline preparing the body for.
  15. 15. To fight the situation or to escapefrom the situation. In this stagemuscles are stiffened, heart &respiratory rate goes up, eyes areprotruded, abdominal distentionand many more symptoms areobserved. Normally when once wecome out of the stress almost allthe physical symptoms disappear.
  16. 16. If they are prolonged withoutrespite the person will go toSecond Stage.Second Stage:For long-term protection body willtake some actions. To face thestress extra energy is needed, forwhich the level of..
  17. 17. Glucose in the blood has to beincreased, for this the bloodpressure has to go up. Hencebody releases the requiredhormones. The upper portion ofthe adrenal gland releases ahormone called Cortico Steroid.
  18. 18. In this stage the body immunitysystem over works and the chancesof getting various new diseases arevery high. If this situation isprolonged it causes exhaustion,lack of concentration, washed outfeeling, temper tantrums and othervaried problems are cropped up.Hence has to be handled suitably.
  19. 19. Third Stage: In this stage the bodyfeels that it has lost all the bodyenergy reserves and Immunitypower. Adrenaline and bloodglucose levels come down andbody losses the ability to fightstress. This increases the mental& physical exhaustion.
  20. 20. More prone to diseases. Theprotective Hypothalamus-Pituitary &Adrenaline glands loosescoordination and results in hormonalimbalance. This results in tiredfeeling, mental depression. Immunitymechanism will be defunct. Theexcess fat & cholesterol secretedinto blood vessels as a clog
  21. 21. The clog will increase andcauses blocks in the bloodvessels. Some times dependingupon the location these blockswill be fatal. That results inparalysis, IHD, Heart Attack &Brain Stroke.
  22. 22. To avoid this prevention andrelieving the stress is very vital.When we observe the initialsymptoms of stress we must comeout through Food- Dhyana- Yoga-Exercise- Breathing. Among all goodeating habits are easy to follow andwill give very good results. We musttake expert guidance in food intake.
  23. 23. Relaxation Techniques will help alot. Even take the help ofpsychologists/ nature therapiststo over come stress and its badeffects. Please remember thecrucial role of Food in relievingthe stress.What are the symptoms & effects
  24. 24. Altered mental condition:Anxiety, tension, depression, lack ofconfidence, self accusation areobserved. This can be felt by familymembers, friendsBehavioral Changes:Lack of concentration, hurry, lack ofunderstanding, improper planning,unable
  25. 25. to do planned work, unable toexpress the Inner thoughtseffectively, disjointed speech andexhaustion are predominant.Physical Condition:Improper gait, increased heart &respiratory rate, indigestion,constipation/ diarrhoea, insomnia,black circles of the
  26. 26. eyes, anorexia, continuous,nagging, vague aches and pains,head aches, pain in the neck,shoulder, back pain. Excesssweating, loss of libido,hopelessness, weeping, fear, wantsto be alone, withdrawal/ suicidaltendencies are some of thesymptoms.
  27. 27. What are theFoods to be taken
  28. 28. Research have shown that stressis due to many reasons. Whatever may be the reason Food canhelp a lot in relieving Stress.People under stress developliking towards certain foods &aversion to certain foods. Theytend to over eat in stress periods.
  29. 29. Some people under stress takefasting as punishment to familymembers. During stress bodyneeds extra energy, balancedtimely diet to provide the needednourishment for the body understress. Hence food is the biggestremedy for people under stress &
  30. 30. Balanced Diet:People under stress has to takebalanced timely diet. They have toconsume variety of foods. Theyhave to consume clean, fresh foodperiodically.Raw Foods:Raw wheat/ rice, dals, lentils has tobe
  31. 31. consumed more which provideexcellent nourishment to body.Fruits-Vegetables:See that you consume freshfruits and raw vegetables assalads in every day food theyare the stress busters
  32. 32. Water:70% of body weight are due tobody fluids. Consume 4-5 litsof water /day. Avoid water 30min before and 60 min afterfood for better digestion. Takeonly 50-100 ml only with food.
  33. 33. Avoid ice water which reduces theappetite.Fiber:Fiber is the best stress buster, fiberhelps in fighting the othersymptoms due to stress. Itimproves whole digestive tracks,relieves constipation and improvesdigestion.
  34. 34. Vitamins:Under stress B-C-A- Vitamins &nutrients like licopen, betacarotene & selenium are depleted.Hence fruits like orange, Amla, gua,papaya, potato, lime, banana,grapes, sweet potato, tomato,cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, onion,mango,
  35. 35. watermelon, maize, wheat etc hasto be consumed regularly.Aversion:One should not avoid foods forwhich he developed aversion dueto stress & strain. By takingvariety/balanced food you canconquer the stress effectively.
  36. 36. High Fat Diets:Under stress reduce/ avoid highfat foods like cheese, paneer,sweets, lassi, bakery foods, fastfoods, tined foods, pickles, deepfried items, chocolates, coffeewith sugar, ice cream etc. theytrigger & contribute more stress.
  37. 37. Anti-Oxidants:Under stress free radicals willincrease radically. To controlthem we have to take foods withanti-oxidants like fresh leafyvegetables, turmeric, Amla,honey and sunflower oilprovide them in plenty.
  38. 38. Foods toAvoid inStress &
  39. 39. Fried Foods:Fried foods harms body immunemechanism. Under stress theycause more damage to the body.Meat Foods:Meat foods contains animal fatand are harmful for people understress
  40. 40. Coffee:Caffeine is present in highquantities in coffee, tea, cooldrinks, chocolates which increasesthe adrenaline secretion & harmthe body. It will also influencesHypertension & Hyper Cholesterol.Hence consume minimum whenunder stress.
  41. 41. Fast Foods:Under stress people must avoidfast foods like burgers, pizzas,samosa, chips has to be avoided.Alcohol:It stimulate adrenalinesecretions which increasestension, temper tantrums,
  42. 42. insomnia etc. this also weakensbody immune mechanism. Henceavoid alcohol.Smoking:For temporary stimulation,alertness people smoke, but in longrun it leads to various cancers,hypertension, respiratory disordersand heart problems.
  43. 43. Food Habits:Avoid Prolonged fasting,irregular/ improper foods, fastfoods. Take food leisurely inpleasant atmosphere. Don’ttake food in work place. Fastingwhole day & taking excess foodin the night is harmful.
  44. 44. 2 White PoisonsAvoid 2 white poisons- Salt & Sugarwhich reduces adrenaline glandefficacy there by causing mentalinstability and under goingincreased stress. Hence avoid salt-fast foods, pickles, fried/ tinedfoods containing more salt.
  45. 45. What else has to be done apart from
  46. 46. Examine your daily livingconditions. Don’t aspire forimpossible things. Havesatisfaction. Sit back toanalyze reasons for stresscontributing factors in yourlife & plan to correct them
  47. 47. Discuss things with familymembers/ friends/ colleagues.Take up either exercise/dhyana/ yoga/ breathingcontrolling under expert adviseas long term measure.
  48. 48. Help others, elderly, neighbourscolleagues, children withoutexpecting anything in return. Takeup a social activity - join / start anNGO. Donate blood, books, clothes,rice, fruits, items to orphanages/oldage homes. Studies provedpeople who involve in philanthropywill be more healthy.
  49. 49. Ayurveda is having many herbsmentioned for stress & strainin ancient life sciences textslike Charaka Samhita & SusrutaSamhita. Many remedies madeof herbs are available today.
  50. 50. • 5 gms Aswagandha churnawith 50 ml cow milk/ Honey• 30 ml Aloe Juice with 20 gmHoneyTake 2 times daily on emptystomach for 3-4 mandals(120-160 days) is very helpful infighting stress & strain
  51. 51. YOU Stop worrying & Start Living From TodayGood Luck - Happy Living
  52. 52. For Individual counselingBellavistan Kovur, 98480