Benefits of Eating Fruits


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Benefits of Eating Fruits

  1. 1. Fruits
  2. 2. A cardiologist saysif everyone whogets this mail sendsit to 10 people, youcan be sure thatwell save at leastone life.Hope that at leastyouve read this...It could save yourlife !!
  3. 3. "The disease of trying to please everyonewill eat you up. It is better to earn a badname and live a good life than to earn agood name and live a bad life " Please findbelow very useful health tips EATING FRUITS
  4. 4. EATING FRUITS... Its long but veryinformative We all think eating fruits means just buyingfruits, cutting it and just popping it into ourmouths. Its not as easy as you think. Itsimportant to know how and when to eat. What is the correct way of eating fruits?IT MEANS NOT EATING FRUITS AFTERYOUR MEALS! * FRUITS SHOULD BEEATEN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.
  5. 5. If you eat fruit like that, it will play a majorrole to detoxify your system, supplyingyou with a great deal of energy for weightloss and other life activities.FRUIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT FOOD.Lets say you eat two slices of bread andthen a slice of fruit. The slice of fruit is readyto go straight through the stomach into theintestines, but it is prevented from doing so.
  6. 6. In the meantime the wholemeal rots and ferments andturns to acid. The minute thefruit comes into contact withthe food in the stomach anddigestive juices, the entiremass of food begins tospoil....
  7. 7. So please eat your fruits on an emptystomach or before your meals! Youhave heard people complaining —every time I eat watermelon I burp,when I eat durian my stomach bloatsup, when I eat a banana I feel likerunning to the toilet, etc — actually allthis will not arise if you eat the fruit onan empty stomach. The fruit mixes withthe putrefying other food and producesgas and hence you will bloat!
  8. 8. Graying hairbalding, nervousoutburst , anddark circlesunder the eyesall these willNOT happen ifyou take fruitson an emptystomach.
  9. 9. There is no such thing assome fruits, like orangeand lemon are acidic,because all fruits becomealkaline in our body,according to Dr. HerbertShelton who did researchon this matter. If you havemastered the correct wayof eating fruits, you havethe Secret of beauty,longevity, health, energy,happiness and normalweight
  10. 10. When you need to drinkfruit juice - drink onlyfresh fruit juice, NOTfrom the cans. Donteven drink juice that hasbeen heated up. Donteat cooked fruitsbecause you dont getthe nutrients at all. Youonly get to taste.Cooking destroys all thevitamins.
  11. 11. But eating a whole fruit isbetter than drinking the juice.If you should drink the juice,drink it mouthful by mouthfulslowly, because you must letit mix with your saliva beforeswallowing it. You can go ona 3-day fruit fast to cleanseyour body. Just eat fruits anddrink fruit juice throughoutthe 3 days and you will besurprised when your friendstell you how radiant you look!
  12. 12. KIWI: Tiny butmighty. This isa good sourceof potassium,magnesium,vitamin E &fiber. Its vitaminC content istwice that of anorange.
  13. 13. APPLE: An apple a daykeeps the doctor away?Although an apple hasa low vitamin C content,it has antioxidants &flavonoids whichenhances the activity ofvitamin C therebyhelping to lower therisks of colon cancer,heart attack & stroke
  14. 14. STRAWBERRY:Protective Fruit.Strawberries havethe highest totalantioxidant poweramong major fruits &protect the body fromcancer-causing,blood vessel-clogging freeradicals.
  15. 15. ORANGE :Sweetest medicine.Taking 2-4 orangesa day may help keepcolds away, lowercholesterol, prevent& dissolve kidneystones as well aslessens the risk ofcolon cancer.
  16. 16. WATERMELON:Coolest thirst quencher.Composed of 92%water, it is also packedwith a giant dose ofglutathione, which helpsboost our immunesystem. They are also akey source of lycopene— the cancer fightingoxidant. Other nutrientsfound in watermelon arevitamin C & Potassium.
  17. 17. GUAVA & PAPAYA:Top awards forvitamin C. They arethe clear winners fortheir high vitamin Ccontent. Guava isalso rich in fiber,which helps preventconstipation. Papayais rich in carotene;this is good for youreyes.
  18. 18. Drinking Cold water after a meal =Cancer! Can u believe this? Forthose who like to drink cold water,this article is applicable to you. It isnice to have a cup of cold drinkafter a meal. However, the coldwater will solidify the oily stuff thatyou have just consumed. It will slowdown the digestion. Once thissludge reacts with the acid, it willbreak down and be absorbed by theintestine faster than the solid food.It will line the intestine. Very soon,this will turn into fats and lead tocancer. It is best to drink hot soup
  19. 19. serious note about heartattacks HEART ATTACKPROCEDURE: (THIS ISNOT A JOKE!) Womenshould know that notevery heart attacksymptom is going to bethe left arm hurting. Beaware of intense pain inthe jaw line. You maynever have the first chestpain during the course ofa heart attack.
  20. 20. Nausea and intensesweating are also commonsymptoms. Sixty percentof people who have aheart attack while they areasleep do not wake up.Pain in the jaw can wakeyou from a sound sleep.Lets be careful and beaware. The more we knowthe better chance wecould survive.
  21. 21. A cardiologist says if everyone can share this info with 10 people, youcan be sure that well save at least one life.Hope that at least youve read this... It could save your life !! Bellavistan Murthy Wellness Consultant 98480 13958